gennady zyuganov net worth

During the 2011 parliamentary vote in December, Just Russia adopted Alexei Navalny's line, calling Putin's United Russia "the party of crooks and thieves." Zyuganov ran for President of Russia four times, most notably in 1996, when he controversially lost in the second round to incumbent Boris Yeltsin. Russia has lost half of its production capacity and has yet to reach the 1990 level of output. Putin will not take part in any candidate debates during the campaign, his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Jan. 12.

Zyuganov, 67, has been active in the Communist Party since 1966 and its leader since 1993.

This was the second presidential campaign of Zyuganov, who had previously run in the 1996 election (in which he had been a strong contender and had ultimately placed second). A year later, Berezovsky was dead, by what appeared to be suicide but the coroner’s court left an “open” verdict.

He was forced out in September, for which he blamed Kremlin power brokers.

When the election commission announced it would likely be excluding him from the race, Mezentsev raised no objections and said: "The Central Electoral Commission is doing its job.". Yeltsin gained from the elimination of the many smaller parties, as well as the support of Alexander Lebed, and eventually won the two-man showdown by 53.8% against 40.7%. He also proposed cuts to energy, transport and communications tariffs.

He heads the international Union of Communist Parties operating in the republics of the CIS and the Baltic states. Zyuganov has additionally served as the Chairman of the Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union (UCP-CPSU) since 2001, replacing Oleg Shenin. He argued that the collapse of the Soviet Union led to a decline in living standards, that economic power was left concentrated in the hands of a tiny share of the population, that violent crime increased, and that the Soviet collapse allowed ethnic groups throughout Russia to embark on campaigns, sometimes violent, to win autonomy. From 1963 to 1966, he served in a Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Intelligence unit of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Weekly Economics Podcast: How do we win a green recovery? 8, March 2000", "Lee Hockstader, Washington Post Foreign Service", "RUSSIAN ELECTION WATCH No. [14] On 29 November 2008, in his speech before the 13th Party Congress, Zyuganov made these remarks about the state that Russia under Putin was in: Objectively, Russia's position remains complicated, not to say dismal. She argues that, "the authorities did not want Yabloko to get even five per cent because that would have allowed the party's leader, Grigory Yavlinsky, to run for the presidency without collecting the two million signatures that he will now need to appear on the ballot.".

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