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Jacobson bought more real estate, went on expensive cruises, and had countless luxury automobiles in his garage. Her aunt, after all, is Julia Roberts, she of Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, While You Were Sleeping, My Best Friend? The FBI joined McDonald’s in an effort to put an end to it. Mike Mozart/The Toy ChannelCustomers needed to collect winning game pieces to earn prizes, possibly winning up to $1 million. One butcher in Atlanta got involved and had his relative “win” a $10,000 prize, and gave Uncle Jerry a $2,000 cut. Jerome Jacobson was raking in tens of thousands of dollars per prize. In 2018, The Daily Beast reported on a bizzare and complex multi-million-dollar scheme that was virtually unheard of known as the McDonald’s Monopoly scam. Jacobson got a job at a printing company and worked with Simon Marketing, where his job was overseeing the production of McDonald’s Monopoly tickets and sending them off to factories. Not, Since the early origins of the genre in the late 1800s, horror films have mostly been told through a very white lens. Netflix Really Wants You To Stay Home This Fall — & These Movies ... 19 Black Horror Flicks To Binge After You’ve Finished, In A Horror Movie About Hair, The Biggest Villain Goes Unseen. It becomes a little strange when only people in a certain area of the country are “winning” millions of dollars. Beetlejuice. On Aug. 3, 2001, a McDonald’s film crew arrived at the home of $1 million winner Michael Hoover. “What is it like to be a non-straight size, non-white female who is making it in Hollywood? Though he was making a comfortable salary at $70,000 a year, Jacobson became obsessed with “get-rich-quick” schemes and often left work to consult his favorite psychic. During business trips, Jacobson secretly switched the winning game pieces inside the envelopes with “common” game pieces then resealed them with the anti-tamper stickers. The McDonald’s Monopoly heist is retold in the. Another theory is that Ciprio and Richard Grossman had burglarized Ferrara's pastry shop on behalf of Crazy Joe Gallo. He was then forced to fork over $12.5 million in earnings. The six-part docuseries is set to premiere on Feb. 3, 2020. Alessandro Colombo abt 17 Dec 1875 Pitigliano, Grosseto, Toscana, Italia - abt 11 Dec 1943 managed by Susanna Colombo last edited 20 Jun 2019. Colombo, who called Jacobson “Uncle Jerry,” joined the scam as one of his fake winners then began helping Jacobson to recruit others. The now-76-year-old is in poor health and does not respond to media. As acting boss, his consigliere was Ralph (Little Ralphie) Scopo Jr., the son of murdered Colombo crime family capo Ralph Scopo.[1]. Every time Jacobson’s “winners” collected the monopoly prize, he got a portion of it, making him richer with each fake monopoly win.

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