glamour media kit

The Glamour reader is digitally-wired, fashion and beauty-conscious and curious about travel.

Practical and inspiring style advice in a positive editorial context makes Glamour easy to follow as a contemporary lifestyle guide. is how much the affluent 25-34 female audience has grown in the last two years, Image credit: Bianca Theron for Glamour South Africa.

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/BleedBox [ 0 0 841.89 595.276 ] %���� 284 0 R /GS2 290 0 R /GS3 296 0 R >> /XObject << /X0 302 0 R /X1 303 0 R /X2 Glamour Bulgaria launched in May 2009 and it quickly became the market's leading fashion title.


Class project.

/N 3 It promotes a change in their environment and offers the most exciting editorial content focused on a positive context and constant improvement. 0000018713 00000 n

/S 638 Print Media 36.200,-Digital Media 5.500,-+Teilnahmegebühr 2.600,-+ Produktionskosten 2.000,- ... Glamour X-Mas Booklet Heft-Nr.

0000114155 00000 n With a digital-first approach, Glamour is looking to evolve into a trusted presence in the lives of the knowledgeable, sophisticated and influential Romanian women.

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GLAMOUR is the online and print destination for millennial and Gen Z beauty-loving women. CNX setzt sich aus ausgewählten Talenten aus den Bereichen Konzeption, Grafikdesign, Foto- und Videoproduktion, Projektmanagement sowie Online- und Social-Media zusammen, die Content-Marketing-Kampagnen exklusiv für unsere Titel, VOGUE, GLAMOUR, GQ, und AD, entwickeln und realisieren. of readers plan to start their own business. ��MB���v�֢�\=���D3qH-�[w�[� d�-B�>s/o�whb[q

<< She loves the skin that she is in and embraces her body type with confidence. /Linearized 1 It includes a print magazine with many thematic supplements and special editions, and a popular website that reaches a relevant and impressive audience every month.

Condé Nast publishes Glamour in Bulgaria under license to Millenial Publishing. endobj 0000126211 00000 n %PDF-1.5 Glamour also offers readers an exclusive shopping extravaganza twice a year: The Glamour Shopping week across various cities in Russia. >>

Each month Glamour surprises and inspires their audience through the magazine,, video, social platforms and events. 0000117446 00000 n 0000018574 00000 n stream With more than 80 years of experience in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and 20 years in Mexico, Glamour is the title that empowers a generation of self-confident, independent women. Glamour is a power pack.

/Filter /FlateDecode Glamour is one of the biggest fashion and beauty media brands in the world, currently reaching an all-time high of one out of eight American women.

Hosting the Women of the Year Awards, Influencer Awards and the Best of Beauty Awards, Glamour is one of the top quoted magazine brands in Russia.

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Glamour Russia is the biggest fashion focused media brand in Russia with an audience of young women reading, following and watching Glamour.

/E 127578 /CropBox [ 0 0 841.89 595.276 ] endobj Since its launch in 2001, it has transformed from a print magazine to a truly 360 digital-first brand that promotes sustainability, feminism, empowerment and activism through a mobile-first, social-first, beauty and lifestyle lens.

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0000015010 00000 n Natives, visuell fesselndes Storytelling erweckt ihre Marken oder Produkte auf spektakuläre Weise zum Leben und rückt sie in den Aufmerksamkeitsfokus unserer Luxus- und Trend-affinen Zielgruppen.

Glamour Hungary invented one of the most successful shopping event, Glamour Shoppingdays (Glamour-napok) in 2005.

0000005508 00000 n Glamour is the voice of Generation Glamour.

0000018482 00000 n All rights reserved.

0000020717 00000 n H���yTSw�oɞ����c [���5la�QIBH�ADED���2�mtFOE�.�c��}���0��8�׎�8G�Ng�����9�w���߽��� �'����0 �֠�J��b� Glamour is the destination for the woman who sets the direction of her own life and lives it to its fullest and chicest.

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<< Glamour is that friendly voice that always accompanies and guides you in all facets of life. Inspiring, warm and inviting, Glamour reflects the energy and aspirations of authentic South African women of style and substance.

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of having the most loyal reader in the category in terms of issue sales. 0000118568 00000 n

Glamour interacts with them through an approach they value and to which they respond. 0000018824 00000 n 0000125571 00000 n >>

is the average monthly income of a reader. With ground-breaking monthly digital covers and a seven-day Instagram stories schedule, GLAMOUR …

She is not only after a chic look and healthy relationship, but also her dream job and the perfect property.

281 0 obj Across every platform, Glamour is the ultimate authority for the next generation of changemakers. ��� 0000006121 00000 n

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/ViewerPreferences << /Direction /L2R >> Always on trend and covering the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle news. <<

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Optimistic, curious, sophisticated, emotional, international.

Spring 2009. 306 0 R /X3 307 0 R >> /Font << /T1_0 308 0 R /T1_1 312 0 R /T1_2 316 0 R >>

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