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Keep in mind that all 10 bosses need to be unique, as fighting the same boss you have previously fought will not count towards it. MISSABLE Each weapon can be enhanced to [WEAPON NAME]++. To access them, you will need to head to the co-op counter to your right, create a room, then speak to either one of the two receptionists on either side and select Hardcore. - Change Movement Once you and your ArFA-sys defeat the gatekeeper you will be challenged by other characters to become the Squad Leader. On Another Level Step 7: Dissonance of the Nexus XP and weapon grinding and miscellaneous trophies Power Break Shot 4 You will need to purchase a total of 100 skills and/or gadgets. In the case of this trophy, you will need to do this three times in order to unlock it. 91.00% of Max HP Recovered Over 1 Minute Fall of the Uncrowned Queen or A Lost Friend AGI: 115 This will unlock once you reach affinity level 2 with the non-canon characters that are unique to the Sword Art Online games (Premiere, Strea, Philia and Rain). Story Related. Grow close to Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, and Yuuki in Kirito Mode. You can also use the method found in Top Dog to combine farming EXP, affinity and bounty into one trophy. Trader They can be done in any order you wish to do them in and a list of all hardcore co-op quests in the game can be found below, all sorted by the level of each quest. You will need to get one to drop a legendary item and also hope it is a weapon. This trophy will be unlocked in the same manner as Elite Player before it but this time, you will need to reach Level 270, which requires at least 3.8 million EXP when leveling up from 269. There will be one final quest after getting Sachi back where you help Yuna and Eiji and it will award you with the Chic Dress F blueprint and this trophy. Medic Cap To access the Dissonance of the Nexus DLC you will have to have made it to the Lost Forest in the base game then when you are on the main screen select Start Game, select your save file and pick the Dissonance of the Nexus option to be placed in the DLC. Time for Some Shut-Eye Naptime Once you obtain this charm that is the cue you are on the path to the true end. Will unlock after completing the quest in Subway A on The Old South. Once you unlock Kirito Mode log out of the game and instead of pressing continue click on Start Game then select your save file, this will allow you to swap to Kirito mode and participate in the BoB. AED Shot 1 Story Related. Bounty Hunter: Complete every Hunting Quest. See The Ultimate Warrior for the Queen Wasp method. Boosting Thread Story Related You can also use the method found in Top Dog to combine farming EXP, affinity and bounty into one trophy. Try It On? Treasure Quests are quests with the objective of finding a hidden treasure that is scattered around the many fields and dungeons in the game. 10 Premium Cloth - Dropped from AI players in the Forgotten Woods (Extreme) and White Frontier. Peacock 4+ Rank 11 Shotgun Dual Wield Do you have a question about this achievement? Hvis du mener, at dette indhold blev fjernet ved en fejl, kontakt da venligst, Dette emne er inkompatibelt med Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. It should also be noted that if you had already increased their affinity to level 4 while playing in the game's main story, you will just need to start Kirito Mode and talk to the girls at least once until you have unlocked this trophy. Do this with all 3 characters. You can probably find better accessories but you will want high HP regen over a minute and high defense vs mechs. To give an outfit to any of your friends in the game, you will need to reach affinity level 4 with that friend first, afterwards, interact with them and select I have a gift for you. A True Hero Collector Grow close to Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth, Silica, Agil, Klein, Yuuki, Yui, and Argo. This boss is identical to the Freezing Menace, it doesn’t seem to have any other special abilities. Story Related. This boss is semi story related. Color Coordinated After obtaining the second ArFA-sys part, you will have the ability to change the color of your gear from your ArFA-sys. See A True Hero for the list of requirements for the True Ending. Defense vs Mechs +4.01% MISSABLE You Belong to Me! - Shift This will unlock at the end of "Mysterious Ghosts". Oooh, Shiny! MISSABLE The final boss is level 150 on Extreme but I fought it at level 100 with rank 6 weapons and was able to defeat it without much trouble. The game follows your newly made character who was invited to play GGO by a childhood friend Kureha. Dette emne vil kun være synligt for dig, administratorer og enhver markeret som en ophavsmand. Step 8: Update 1.6.0 Keep in mind that the twenty fourth and final quest is unlocked once you have completed the other quests before it and if you have already collected the required item that is needed for that quest, you will automatically complete the quest as soon as you start it.

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