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Gay Witch Hunt Home 14. By uploading custom images and using Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) reveals that she is spending the summer studying graphic design at Pratt Institute in New York City. When he learned that condominiums were being built, he bought one. Angela has a beer in front of her at the party, even though in past episodes she mentions abstaining from alcohol. Holly drives a convertible, the same impractical car that Michael drove for the first three seasons. goodbye toby 5447 GIFs. Written by Paul Lieberstein and Jennifer Celotta, and directed by Paul Feig, the episode first … Written by Paul Lieberstein and Jennifer Celotta, and directed by Paul Feig, the episode first aired in the United States on May 15, 2008 on NBC. Mafia

Michael’s Birthday In ". Christmas Wishes

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Creed Thoughts 15. [3], The Season Four DVD contains a number of deleted scenes from this episode. Jennifer Celotta & Paul Lieberstein

Michael mentions that he's worked for Toby for 12 years, meaning he's been there at least 1 year after Michael first started at the office. [2] It took Lieberstein and Celotta four or five days to write this episode. Goodbye Toby Lyrics: It was early mornin' yesterday / I was up before the dawn / And I really have enjoyed my stay / But Toby must be movin' on / Goodbye Toby / It's been nice / Hope you find your Michael's watch alarm goes off just as Toby leaves, even though Toby reset the watch to Costa Rica time, a two-hour difference during the summer months. PDA It was also down yesterday. During Dwight and Angela's intimate scene at the end of the episode, Michael has once again forgotten that Jim and Pam are still dating. Welcome to the If you can read this, you’re probably on a mobile device.

The Deposition You can rotate, flip, and crop any templates you upload. 25. 11. Meanwhile, Jim calls Ryan Howard (B. J. Novak) about a huge sale that he has recently made. Did I Stutter?


He introduces his father as Andrew Bernard but we learn later in the series that his father's name is Walter; that. Chair Model 13. It was viewed by 8.07 million people. Dinner Party 13. Two Weeks When Jim answers Dwight's call on his phone, he makes it sound as though he is talking to Dwight's mother, although she is deceased (", Although Toby moves to Costa Rica, he returns in ".

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He claims it is to give Toby a proper send-off, but later reveals that he has decided to propose to Pam after recounting his story to Michael. Goodbye Michael Michael sings a parody of "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp entitled "Goodbye, Toby". 11. 18. 18/19 Michael's hatred of Toby has been transferred to the new human resources representative, Holly Flax (Amy Ryan), and he and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) plan to haze her. 17. Airdate [3], The talking head interview wherein Michael compares Holly to a baker came after what the writers call "blitzes", in which all the writers write a talking head on a specific topic, such as "Michael's feelings to Holly".

Note that Android and other mobile Michael is greatly concerned for his "friend" Ryan, but Jim takes pleasure in the video and leaves Ryan a second voicemail telling him to disregard the last message "since [his] hands are tied.".

17. ", In a talking head interview, Toby shows a postcard of a beach in Costa Rica which he has been carrying around for years. 10.

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17. Elsewhere, Ryan Howard (B. J. Novak) is fired as Vice President of the company for misleading the shareholders and is sent to prison.

Pam notices the purchase and guesses his intentions; however, at the party, Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) ruins the moment by proposing to Angela, who bitterly accepts. 02.

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Angela tells Andy to announce that the party is a disaster. Angela slaps Dwight to turn around, and both seem appalled. 06.

Booze Cruise The Surplus Creed is trying to remember his job title, "Quality assurance". [3] After filming, the editors had about 72 minutes of material that they needed to cut down into 40 minutes. Disappointed, Toby takes the picture and retreats to the annex, barely audibly muttering, "Waste of money...". 20. Weight Loss 21. Angry Andy

She does fantastically, ordering carnival rides to the parking lot and hiring Darryl's band, much to Angela's chagrin. Office Olympics 04. During Pam's talking head where she guesses that Jim may propose, reflected in the window is Kevin playing in the bouncy house. If you're on a mobile device, 03. 05.

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To do this, he "looked for places around the office that could conceal her belly". the best experience.

"Goodbye, Toby" is the fourth season hour-long finale of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's seventy-first and seventy-second episodes overall. Club noted that "Goodbye, Toby" felt like "the season finaleiest of all season finales", largely because the series "cramm[ed] three or four episodes worth of revelations and big plot twists and turns into one jam-packed, over-stuffed, incidentriffic mega-super-double-extended episode. Toby introduces Holly to Pam and Jim.

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"[16] Rabin was pleased with Ryan's performance, noting that it proved she could play more than an "unfit, coke-crazed, borderline feral Boston shit-kickers", a reference to her Academy Award nominated performance in Gone Baby Gone. During one of the takes wherein Michael is singing his parody songs, Carell grabbed a guitar and played an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, but that scene was cut because it did not match Michael's character. Why yes, we do. Initially, it's, Although Jim claims that his and Pam's first kiss occurred "right outside" the office, their technical first kiss captured on film took place at a Chili's restaurant during, At the intro to his marriage proposal, Andy introduces his parents who are inexplicably at Toby's going away party.

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Michael discovers that Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) has artificially inseminated herself from a sperm bank when Kevin runs into her at the grocery store. 03. [14] Alan Sepinwall, a writer for The Star-Ledger, was critical of the proposal scenario, saying that "I really, really, really hope the writers aren't going to be foolish enough to try to create real strife in the PB&J (Pam Beesly and Jim) relationship over how long it's going to take Jim to propose. 04. Scott’s Tots 18. Top Quotes Michael's ring tone is a standard ringing sound rather than ", When Toby returns with a camera to take a picture with Pam, it's not a cheap disposable camera but an expensive, The characters drink WPop at the goodbye party.

You can create "meme chains" of multiple images stacked vertically by adding new images with the (warning, may contain vulgarity). Shafer. 14. 09.

During the interview, Pam helps Toby finally get revenge against Michael by making him give up his favorite watch to Toby after discovering he planned on giving him a rock for a going away gift. The Coup Cocktails 11. [10], "Goodbye, Toby" first aired on May 15, 2008 on NBC. In the deleted scene with Andy and the fried Twinkie, the people in the background change.


08. Heavy Competition Livin’ The Dream 20. 14.


08. [8], Michael offers to make Holly a mixtape, which is a personalized compilation of songs recorded onto any audio format. all the customizations, you can design many creative works including Ultimatum Vandalism A supportive Jim assures her that, while the separation will not be fun, it is still a great opportunity.

Women’s Appreciation sunglasses, speech bubbles, and more. 16.

16. 04.

In the cold open, Jim forwards calls from Dwight's cell phone to his earpiece.

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Valentine’s Day St. Patrick’s Day 11. You can further customize the font in the More Options section, and also add additional text boxes. Dunder Mifflin Scranton is planning a going-away party for Toby before he leaves for Costa Rica. New Leads Michael and Holly shout "Acting! Product Recall

Threat Level Midnight Tallahasse 20.

23. 11. paying for the full Imgflip Pro, which is more expensive. The Meeting



Funny you ask. New Boss Prince Family Paper Diversity Day Lice The episode received 4.1 Nielsen rating and was watched by 8.07 million viewers. 13.


14. and Jim and Pam pose for a photo together. Opacity and resizing are supported. After Hours

06. Hope you find your paradise… Hope you find your paradise… Pam: Don’t tell him I said this, but I always thought he was kinda cute. Weight Loss

Search, discover and share your favorite Goodbye Toby GIFs. Michael attempts to embarrass Toby by making him come up and give a speech, however the group laughs at all his jokes, and it is quite heartfelt.

Schrute Space, Written by Paul Lieberstein Directed by Paul Feig Original Air Date: May 15th, 2008.

Garden Party Farrell recalled watching the company try new online initiatives and seeing them all be unsuccessful. Basketball Niagara Casino Night, 01.

Notable cut scenes include Michael comparing Toby to the flu, Toby giving his going-away speech and then being interrupted by Michael, Holly asking Pam if Kevin just ate before jumping in the bounce castle, Jim not sure whether Ryan is going to downsize him, Jim and Pam browsing for apartments online, the revelation that Kevin's band Scrantonicity played 30 full Police songs, all out of tune and off-beat, during Phyllis's wedding, Kelly watching Ryan's YouTube arrest video over and over again at Jim's desk, Jim asking about the website, and Troy (Noel Potek)—Ryan's drug dealer—showing up in Scranton.
Here Comes Treble The Dundies 08. 17. Note: font can be customized per-textbox by clicking the gear icon. The episode received largely positive reviews from critics, with many applauding the introduction of Amy Ryan's character, as well as the ending between Jim and Pam.

09. Local Ad 18. Dwight is crushed but says, "It's my own fault." 23.

22. Goodbye COOLERMOMMY. You can insert popular or custom stickers and other images including scumbag hats, deal-with-it Junior Salesman The Inner Circle

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