green card interview questions 2019

There is actually no predetermined list of Green Card marriage interview questions that you may be asked. Did each of your parents attend the wedding? Where was your spouse living? How, when and where did you meet your spouse? (This applies only to applicants for are already in the U.S., adjusting status.) If so, does he/she use cream and/or sugar? What is the name of your child’s teacher? Did an alarm clock go off? })(); I would have no hesitation recommending Visapro. Expect many more, such as, "How many people attended your wedding," "What did you do for the most recent Valentine's Day?," and "What did you eat for dinner and dessert last night?". Where? Making facts up is the quickest way to sabotage your own efforts. Green Card Through Marriage Document Checklist, Travel in and out the U.S. (as long as each trip is less than a year). Why did you decide to have a long or short engagement? The marriage interview is a critical step in the Green Card process and should be taken very seriously. Could you please show me any photos of the wedding ceremony and/or reception? That’s because marriage is one of the primary ways that fraudulent visas are requested. Which side of the bed do each of you sleep on? How long was it before you decided to get married? If you’ve truthfully answered questions on the immigrant visa application (DS-260), there’s no reason to be anxious.

Which ones? Blank immigration forms with written instructions, including for spousal visas, are available for free at the USCIS website. You may need to get an updated police certificate. What kind of cake or other food was served? How many telephones are in your house? I-485 Approved & Green Card Delivered - Oct9, 2020 Share on: ... PD is May 1 2019 RD July 30 2019 If any questions feel free to ask. The interviewer will normally start by having you stand, raise your right hand, and take this oath. Who is the provider? How many remote controls are there in your house? Did you and your spouse purchase them together or separately? Most officers will understand and move on to the next question. Did the children see him/her this weekend/when?

In other words, they will scrutinize the application more to make sure there’s no marriage fraud. What airline? It’s important to rehearse before your interview, especially if one of you tends to be forgetful. Boundless is not a law firm and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Translations of any document not written in either English or the official language of the country in which the interview will take place. Who feeds it? I was immediately convinced she is the right Attorney I should stick with. What kind of accounts (checking, savings, money market etc.)? Which ones (such as dog, cat, fish, etc.)? They arrived at the immigration office half-hour early on the interview date and brought all relevant documents with them. Have fun!

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