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Grell's mooning over Peter had not gone unnoticed by her bride to be and Victoria conspired to reveal Grell for her 'unnaturalness' during a dinner between the families to both embarass Grell and null the marriage agreement. "[16][17], Grelle confronts Sebastian with their Death Scythe. Außerdem stellt sich heraus, dass Ciel niemals vorhatte, sein Abkommen mit Grell einzuhalten, weswegen auch der Tag der freien Verfügung über Sebastian für sie niemals kam, was natürlich ebenfalls ungeheuer deprimierend für sie zu sein scheint. View any Photo / Video / Audio / Quote / Link / Chat / Text of Tumblr Chasing after handsome men.Fighting. Another Grim Reaper named William T. Spears arrives and states to be there to collect Grell, who is overjoyed by William's appearance. Previous affiliation Laut Yana Toboso ist Grell die zweitstärkste Figur in der Serie. Grell now resides in the Wayne Estate mansion, having relinquished ownership of the empty Phantomhive Estate. Grell Sutcliff has fallen in love with a number of characters from the series. The loss of Borealis utterly devastated her, to the point where she was almost considered an unfit Reaper by the Reapers Staffing Association. [52], Later, Grelle and Othello investigate Sphere Music Hall's facility. Darüber hinaus hat sie, wann immer er/sie etwas vermasselt, die Tendenz überzureagieren und versucht Selbstmord in einem Anfall von theatralischer Demütigung zu begehen. In ihrer "Shinigami-Form", hat sie dunkelrote Haare, spitze Haifischzähne, grüne Augen (Wie es für einen Shinigami üblich ist) und eine rot umrahmte Brille, die mit einer Kette bestehend aus winzigen Totenköpfen geschmückt ist. While Grell did nothing directly harmful to the Wayne Estate following her second attempted murder of Alton, she condoned her residents to do what they'd like to the estate if they wished. Grell is instantly shown to be attracted to men, with her immediately shown to have a crush on the titular butler of the series, Sebastian Michaelis. Grell immediately became smitten with her unexpected progeny, attending to her as a mother would and doting on her in general. Sie findet, dass Sebastian ein hübscher Mann ist und nennt ihn, Sie atmet nicht, wenn sie schläft. It also does not activate when injured by any divine weapon or creature. They were suspended for some time as a result, but are now a fully active Grim Reaper. Grell is shy and clumsy as a Butler in her human form, although, in her Grim Reaper form, she is hyper and flamboyant, and finds guys generally attractive, although it is been noted that she had feelings for Madam Red. Jack the Ripper (with Angelina Durless) They then break free from Othello and charge at Undertaker, ready for a rematch after they lost against him onboard the Campania. [50], Grelle reaps a boy's soul and complains about always getting the most wretched cases. The event shellshocked Grell and sent her into a spiral of depression. With no other home available, Grell took Medusa and Eruka to the abandoned Phantomhive Mansion to live in. Together with Madame Red, Grell acted as Jack the Ripper, one of the most vicious serial killers of the time. In this persona, Grell was able to pass undetected in the human world and continue Jack the Ripper’s killing spree with Madame Red - the two of them butchered several more of Madame Red’s prostitute former patients until they were tracked down by Madame Red’s nephew, Ciel Phantomhive, and his demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Like other Grim Reapers, Grelle has chartreuse phosphorescent eyes. [34] When they ask for a method to stop the Bizarre Dolls, Rian discloses that there is a device in his room that can render the absolute salvation ineffective. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Grell enjoys an indefinite expanded lifespan which can only be cut short if she is killed by a weapon that is beyond the mortal realm's make, which is usually something divine, demonic, or her own Reaper's Scythe. Durch die Zusammenarbeit der Beiden klärt sich auch auf, wie Angelina von einem Ort zum Anderen wandern konnte, ohne bemerkt zu werden. Despite a beautific outer scene, Grell's personal life grew complicated and frustrating. Together, they acted as the infamous serial murderer who came to be known as “Jack the Ripper.”. Type of Villain Despite her new leaf Grell still fancies causing pain and the sight of blood is a turn-on for her as well. [11], When Angelina Dalles began murdering pregnant prostitutes as Jack the Ripper and consequently filling up the soul retrieval list, Grelle followed her and took an interest in her.

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