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Giving citizens the choice of having their calls transferred either to another individual or to voice mail when the specific person for whom they are calling is not available. Providing close and convenient community based access to municipal services in Citizen Service Centres and through e-government solutions. This allows GroupWise to display the settings for the user who is currently logged in to the workstation. Click the Password box, type your password, then click OK. Ensuring that public offices and facilities are accessible to those with special needs. On the General page, select Start Notify at Startup. GroupWise . Employment Support and Financial Assistance. Transit This allows the next user to log on to the system with his or her own GroupWise settings. Javascript is required for WebAdvisor functionality and must be enabled before proceeding. Specifically, customer service training includes strategies for serving citizens of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and citizens who may have special needs. Happy Halloween! Help protect yourself and others. Widespread use of face coverings by all persons decreases the spread of respiratory droplets. If you have not specified a password for your Mailbox and GroupWise needs no additional information, you will bypass the Startup dialog box and GroupWise will be displayed. We promote professionalism among all staff. The City of Greater Sudbury promotes a ‘can do’ attitude amongst employees. Log in to the network with your own user ID. Consider printing one of these posters to let people know if you'll be welcoming trick-or-treaters.. Email or Login. Staff are positive and empowered to make effective and pro-active decisions when dealing with citizens. Amion Physician Scheduling. From supporting people who experience disabilities in Canada, to giving children in Ethiopia the chance to overcome a life of poverty, Christian Horizons is there. Christian Horizons is committed to nurturing communities of belonging, both in Canada and around the world, where everyone can use their gifts. Certain exemptions apply. Staff are individually empowered to terminate the provision of service to a citizen or citizens when they judge that their personal safety is at risk or they are subject to violent or abusive speech, behaviours, harassment or discrimination as defined by City's Employment Policies. Here are a few other options to celebrate safely! This can include strategies such as using the vacation rule on e-mail to advise of a return date and updating voice mail messages to reflect absences from the office. Visit the Province’s website for more information. Here are a few other options to celebrate safely! Certain exemptions apply. You can use a startup option to force the Startup dialog box to be displayed when you start GroupWise. Your system administrator might restrict the GroupWise modes you can log in to. If you do not know the required information, contact your system administrator. Go. Register as a new user. Limits do not apply to gatherings in staffed businesses and facilities. Communications Support Request Website change, graphics support, content development. If you use the same workstation for multiple people, it is highly recommended that each user have a separate login for the workstation.

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