grumman tiger vs cessna 172

With the free castering nose wheel expect to do brakes a bit more then the 172. img { This lasted until 1994 when the company flat-lined. There is no factory support. Otherwise, it was fast and fun to fly. The saving grace here is the bonded construction with flush rivet heads.

The bonded aluminum construction eliminates the need for rivets, so even sitting on the ground it looks sleek. However, I think the Tiger is easy to land.

The culprit was an improper bonding sealant, American Cyanamid FM-123, known as “purple passion” among production employees. I studied,” Mike said.

The airplane was a bit too hotrod-like for students who were still on page three of their logbook.

Fletchair has a split nose cowl STC, which eliminates the need to take off the spinner and prop to get at the starter, alternator and front engine baffles.

He paid $1,200 for a set for the club’s Cheetah and said he had to look long and hard to find them.

Other mods of note: Approach Aviation ( has a. ram air induction kit; Powerflow ( has a tuned exhaust system; Dallas Metroplex Aviation or DMA has speed mods for the Grumman ( Mike chose the Tiger for its speed and efficiency. Gone were those dangerous sight-gauge fuel gauges that held avgas inside of the cabin. WORLD'S PREMIER INDEPENDENT AVIATION NEWS RESOURCE. Two full-sized bicycles fit well into the cargo bay (front wheel removed) when the rear seats are folded down or removed. This slick canopy makes getting in and out of the airplane a minor challenge if you have stiff muscles.

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I was also asked to do a flight review in the same aircraft (one of the owners friends). Just like Mooneys, Tigers have wet wings and its not uncommon to smell leaking fuel. text-align: left;

It’s a fixed gear, fixed-pitch prop aircraft so there are fewer things that may need repair.

Caring for the engine baffling is a must and many owners advocate engine monitoring systems. It was an ugly climate. The population of Tiger airplanes is an aged batch-born in 1975, so owners were enthusiastic when the airplane went back into production in 2000 as Tiger Aircraft, LLC. It was a rejuvenated remake with some later copies sporting G1000 glass cockpits. This means pulling the wing end caps.

The fuel selector is idiot-proof, although without a “both” selection, it does require switching tanks. Not a big job but needs to be done right. Aero on Demand’s Tiger has an S-Tec autopilot and the Cheetah has a factory-installed Century 1 autopilot, and both are equipped with a panel-mounted Garmin GPS, making the aircraft a good cross country platform in VFR or IFR conditions.

The Tiger was an early pioneer of the current trend toward castoring nosewheels and that means brake pads wear quickly. We wouldnt exactly call the Tiger a Cadillac of the skies.

The Tiger will glide better and will not bleed off speed as fast as some aircraft. Got my Instrument Rating and Commercial License in it. The popular autopilot for the airplane is of course the S-TEC 20 or 30 with altitude hold. It had 150 horses under the cowl and more traditional fuel tanks. { The 1977 and later models have a shock absorber in the nosewheel, which helps, but these make removal of the nose gear a pain in the shorts. “In the Tiger you sit high in the saddle,” Mike said. Admittedly, learning to fly a Tiger after training for 70-plus hours in a Piper Warrior, my first reaction was that they were a bit touchy and difficult to control. A 1976 AD required rivets along bond lines and the problem has since receded. It is a very competent instrument platform.

The spars look like 6" round pipe. The AGAC Tiger already has a split nosebowl, as do the newer Tigers that came from Tiger Aircraft. Grumman owners enjoy one of the best owners groups around, the American Yankee Association. Plus, youll get wet in the rain, but rewarded with excellent ventilation on hot days during taxi (and in flight).

Cowl mods are available from a number of sources that offer better cooling and lower drag than the square inlets native to Tigers. Ive had my Tiger for 12 years now and have flown between 70 and 100 hours per year. The only concern to watch for is a 12,000-hour wing spar AD, but it’s unlikely most aircraft will reach that flight time. The owners have to rely on companies like Fletchair for parts and to maintain support. Weve all seen the ads of pilots with both arms out the canopy in flight grinning like goats.

Options we have added to N50BX include pulse lights, four-probe EGT and CHT, fuel totalizer, Stormscope, air/oil separator and fine-wire spark plugs. Many of these smooth mods made their way to the Traveler to mold the model AA-5A Cheetah (the Cheetah retained the lesser 150-HP Lycoming). He is also looking at a warrior. The Tiger has a predictable stall characteristics, though stall speeds are a bit higher than a 172. 288 There is one at out field that no one will fly for those issues.

The fuel tanks were housed within a tubular wing spar. It is ALL they do. Air Mods also sells oil coolers and a baffle modification that reduces oil temps by 25 to 40 degrees. Im now over 200 hours in Grumman Tigers, and they are a consistently dependable and simple aircraft to fly. By reading the POH I noticed they are fairly quick airplanes. Experienced Grumman pilots know just the right amount of speed to make the rudder effective for most turns. Most owners will energetically attest to the Grummans sports car-like handling, healthy climb and slide-back canopy that slides back for open-air flight. The one disadvantage is usable load. Maintenance: 4

Older aircraft typically do need parts to replace some of the original ABS plastics, and Ive replaced the horizontal stabilizer on two different aircraft with fiberglass. Burning about 11 gallons per hour at 8000 feet, leaned out, they have almost a four-hour cruise capability (maintaining reserves) on their 52-gallon tanks, of which only 50.5 are usable. The drill for slipping the surlies in the airplane consists of riding the brakes a few seconds until the rudder comes alive after angling the airplane a bit right of centerline. I have read about the stall characteristics as well, but like you said Oilwell, it was the original AA1A wing. The population of Tiger airplanes is an aged batch-born in 1975, so owners were enthusiastic when the airplane went back into production in 2000 as Tiger Aircraft, LLC. Some call them silly little airplanes. There has been talk of putting the Navion back in production as well. The Cheetah has an empty weight only slightly less and a gross of 2200 pounds with useful loads around 750 pounds. TruFlight Holdings LLC now owns the Type Certificate. Among the more lengthy trips my wife and I have taken were from Princeton, New Jersey, to Cody, Wyoming, Fredericksburg, Texas, and last year to Red Deer, Alberta. This isnt chump speed, since the AA-5, by virtue of its slab-sided honeycomb panel fuselage, is hardly slick in the drag department. With full fuel, the payload is about 600 pounds or so – plenty if it’s two people flying with luggage. “Annuals are simple.” There is a company called FletchAir in Comfort, Texas that specializes in Grumman parts and maintenance.

The Tiger is the fastest of the line since the Cheetah makes 12 knots slower, with the Traveler bringing up the rear and slower yet, but will still blow away a 150-HP Skyhawk or older Warrior. The American Yankee Association, the club for all Grumman aircraft, is a great support group, with lots of helpful experts willing to share their expertise and a great annual convention. To this day, the Tiger is the preferred machine and clearly more desirable than the Cheetah to many buyers.

Theres arguably lots of appeal to these little cruisers. ©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Aircraft Spotlight: The Grumman Tiger: Speed and Economy. Major repair and disassembly of the wing to repair. The cheetah is still prohibited from spins, though.

After a year, I realized that we could make good use of an airplane if it were available on our schedule. The Cheetah, with 30 fewer horsepower, can be a dog in hot. These airplanes have a swiveling nosewheel (it doesnt caster all the way around) so taxi is accomplished with brakes. I was asked to ferry a Cheetah for a student pilot since the annual is being completed away from his home base. Aero on Demand has a 2001 AG5B. Like a 172, it’s a proven airframe, they’ve been around since the early 70s,” Mike said. Maintenance (4 stars) At least one delamination occurred in flight in a 1975 Tiger, but no accident resulted. Absolutely and without hesitation. (Not many shops have the manual and readers tell us that improperly performed maintenance on used airplanes for sale is common.). A flight school based at Sugar Land has an Arrow, which club members can rent to get proficient in complex operations – retractable gear, flaps, and a constant-speed prop. We look at the Grumman AA-5 series of single-engine piston aircraft to compare its speed, cost, and flexibility of operation. “And there is a tight following with them too.” Mike couldn’t find a single Tiger owner who had something negative to say about the plane. Flash forward to the late 1980s when the Tiger was born yet again at American General, who introduced the AG-5B around 1990. If your club is looking for an economical aircraft that can serve as a primary trainer and a solid cross-country platform with good performance, the Grumman Tiger is a plane you may want to consider. The FM-123 was used in all Grumman-American aircraft built between April 1974 and December, 1975-including Tigers up through about serial number 125.

If you touch it, it’s going to move an aileron or elevator. Already a member? The 38 gallons you pump into it is good for a bit less than four hours, with reserves.

Ouch! Ive continued to upgrade my Tiger since purchase, adding a Garmin GNS430W, an EGT/CHT gauge (which I consider a necessity), new paint and interior. The best safety recommendation I heard when learning to fly then was: “Dont land these aircraft too fast.” Many C and P brand pilots dont have experience with aircraft with smooth skins, and are more used to the draggy flight characteristics of planes with rivets on the wings and fuselage.

As for handling, proud owners are spot on when they say the Tiger is a sports car of the skies. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('inline'); }); With Grummans, you need to get the speeds right while landing, there were several overrun accidents. IMHO, bringing legacy aircraft that have not been commercially successful in the past is a waste of resources because they simply can't compete with the other designs that a new aircraft purchaser will be considering.

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