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Eventually, the two meet up with the other villains again and headed out to the city after Tomura received a phone call from Rikiya Yotsubashi to save Giran. As mentioned before, she is attracted to heavily injured men and finds it appealing to inflict further pain upon them. With what little funds Himiko received from the doctor, she bought a winter coat. Sir Nighteye's investigation leads a team of heroes to the Yakuza hideout. For the most of the game she is shown as an old little lady. [6], The next day, Himiko and six other villains secretly arrive at the Wild, Wild Pussycats' forest reserve, where U.A. Birthday. Macke Origin World My Hero Academia Combat Powers Quirk: Transform Weapons Captain Jade's Knife Equipment High Technology Mobile Device (Smartphone) OOC Status Active Face Claim Toga Himiko Player Jade Toward the middle of the exam's first phase, Himiko confronts Izuku alone. After All For One's defeat, the League of Villains scattered all over the place, in order to stay hidden from the police. Das soll das Abstechen von Menschen rechtfertigen, da Jungs, die zerlumpt sind und nach Blut riechen, genau ihr Typ sind. She has headphones on and listens to the news report on Stain's capture. Koku, leader of the Hearts and Mind Party signals the start of the Meta Liberation Army's Revival Celebration. She simply replies that she loves Stainy, along with Izuku and Ochaco. Himiko and Twice get above ground and try to devise a scheme to keep chipping away at the Yakuza. [34] Himiko admits that Twice is the one who made the call because she was busy crushing on Izuku. The Vanguard Action Squad observes the campsite from a high vantage point. She is usually seen wearing a seifuku and a beige cardigan with a red scarf. He wants to use that anguish to destroy everything that exists. She has the power to transform into anyone whose blood she drinks, meaning that her appearance occasionally changes. ✓ Himiko Toga is a majorantagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. However, this all changed when she witnessed a boy attending her school named Saito, fighting at school and getting covered in bruises and blood. Himiko was born as the eldest daughter of the Toga family. Himiko Toga has many traits of a stalker, such as obsessing over particular people and following them anywhere and everywhere. Misato Fukuen (Original), Leah Clark (English Dub). He says he would rather talk after the exam and demands she put some clothes on. With those final words, Himiko and Compress mourn over the loss of their dear friend as the clone melts away. Later on, she and Twice watch as Midoriya battles Chisaki at his full potential, remarking at how strong he is. She changes into Ochaco and pretends to be in peril so that Izuku saves her. Overall, Himiko is a crafty and manipulative villain. The Doctor plays AFO's voice to calm the giant and asks for a minute. If she can tag all three, Himiko can eliminate Izuku from the exam. [49], Once four months pass, Himiko is assigned as a commander for the "Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine" team along with Skeptic, despite her apparent dislike of the latter for trying to murder her and Twice during the previous clash. Chitose suggests a headline about how the high-schooler's fall into madness, but Himiko angrily rejects it.[2]. Compress suggests they call Giran to replace her weapons and his prosthetic, but Himiko asks where they're getting money for that. Psychotic Supervillainess, CamieKen TakagiToga the GangsterYakuza TogaCreepy Demon Child, Member of the League of Villains (formerly)Member of the Vanguard Action Squad (formerly)Lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Knife proficiencyDeceptionStealthEnhanced speedEnhanced reflexes. At a very young age, she found a deceased bird covered in blood. 渡 (ト) 我 (ガ) 被 (ヒ) 身 (ミ) 子 (コ) The heroes can't find Mimic's real body, but Himiko knows he's a weakling who looks down on people from above. He puts his mask back on and asks his master to lend him the ability to force Katsuki into submission. A mysterious person approaches and Himiko is the first to notice. Eventually, Himiko shifts her face to that of Ochaco's and tags Chitose, as well as her followers. Himiko Toga is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. Sie fährt fort zu sagen, dass sie wie Stain sein will, sie will Stain töten, und sie will sich wirklich Tomuras Gruppe anschließen. Probably not! She knows they were unable to capture Eri, but believes the League of Villains can still win by stealing the Quirk-Destroying Drug.[35]. Zivil Like Dabi and Spinner, she was inspired... fair-skinned, the “mask” is actually her mouth it turns into a real mouth with sharp teeth when mad. Himiko sheds her Camie disguise and informs Compress that she got some of Izuku's blood.[25]. Anime & Manga Just For Fun Mha Bnha Toga Himiko. Awakening her repressed "abnormal" feelings and tendencies, Himiko experienced what she believed to be a crush on him. Here Toga expresses her psychotic desire to become like Stain and kill him. They've resorted to stealing from other criminals to stay under the radar and amass funds. Warriors: Gigantomachia | The villains slaughter all of the CRC members and Himiko breaks one of her needles in the process. [5] Sie lässt sich auch von Gefahren nicht sonderlich beeindrucken - im Gegenteil, sie bleibt weiter sie selbst und empfindet die Situation eher als komisch und nicht als gefährlich. The voice of the Doctor Tomura has been searching for plays over the giant's radio. Sie glaubt, dass die Art, wie sie sich aktuell verhält, ihre eigene Normalität ist. The clones attempt to kill Himiko while at the same time try to recruit Twice to join the Meta Liberation Army, but Twice eventually regains his sanity and forms a clone army of himself to save Himiko. Since Himiko's admiration of blood was caused by her Quirk and a natural part of who she was, this only caused her instincts to grow. That is all. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Toga is a supporter of Stain (who she refers to as Stainy) and due to this she aligns herself with the League of Villains. As Himiko attempts to escape, Chitose continues to goad her, promising to go public with the tragic story of Himiko's downfall in order to demonstrate the righteousness of the Army's objective. Three days following the Hero Killer's arrest, Himiko is first seen skipping down a dark alleyway. Kurz darauf verschwand sie und war auf der Flucht vor der Polizei und Profi-Helden. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sie hat gelbe Augen, deren Pupillen leicht an die einer Katze erinnern. Spinner commends her for being such a free spirit. Sie hat gelbe Augen, deren Pupillen leicht an die einer Katze erinnern. She is seen with a smile most of the time and has an extremely effervescent and joyous expression. Just as Himiko drops her disguise, Gigantomachia's hand emerges right behind her to retrieve the remaining active PLF members. The real Himiko wraps herself around Rock Lock's back and stabs him. Tomura attacks and kills Overhaul's mook who suddenly appears to protect Chisaki, and then several Overhaul's followers barge into the hideout, ending the battle. She even asks if Tomura means to destroy everything they love but Tomura explains his allies are excluded, exciting Himiko. But now you can! Number 6, Movies Powers/Skills Himiko appears to be confused alongside the other members listening to Tomura. Einmal brachte sie einen toten und blutverschmierten Vogel mit nach Hause, um ihn ihren Eltern zu zeigen und zu fragen, ob sie ihn nicht auch schön fanden, was ihre Eltern verschreckte und beunruhigte.

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