how many cubic meters in a bulk bag of ballast

Below is a table that shows some common conversions between a cubic meter and a cubic foot.

Concrete of this strength is ideal for patio slabs, footpaths and steps. Concrete of this strength is ideal for patio slabs, footpaths and steps. We also offer 855kg bulk bags. Depending on the mineralogy of the sand, and the degree of compaction. This is the process by which the materials inside the bag push against the bags walls causing its capacity to slightly increase. Occasionally other industry professionals will talk about the capacity of a bulk bag in terms of cubic foot. Enter the finished volume of the work space. COVID-19 Update: We are experiencing delays, but are working hard to get your orders out as soon as possible. - Privacy and Cookie Policy.

as above just a quick question as working out how many bags would fit in my trailer when its loaded with loose logs cubic mtrs is 3.16 so need to divide the bag measurement etc memory fails me but remember 0.71 but unsure can anyone confirm please or. 1,200kg chippings. a user defined volume of finished concrete. Two Concrete Calculator are provided for different concrete mixes: © Copyright 2000 - 2020 Reproduction of any content on this website is strictly forbidden. when mixed to make concrete. It seems a hell of a lot to me. Here at 123BigBags we provide these 3 figures in the title of every one of our products. "acceptedAnswer": { You will need: 18.7 tonnes of this aggregate type. Cheshire WA1 4AW, © All Mix Concrete UK Ltd 2017  | All Rights Reserved |  1 cubic meter of concrete is made up of 1,750kg ballast 300kg cement = 12 bags 25kg 150 litres water or 1,200kg chippings 350kg cement =14 bags 25kg 700kg sand 150 lit water The person to the left is 5ft 4 or 164cm and the bulk bag is waist height. 1 cubic meter of concrete is made up of. "text": "Aggregate or ballast is typically composed of chunks of rock such as limestone or coarse gravel together with other ingredients such as sand. 1.75 tonnes 1,750 kg of ballast is one cubic metre, if its "@type": "Question", Some applications require a finish or specific look, and to achieve this it is possible to add glass or decorative stone into the mixture, this is known as exposed aggregate. The person on the right is 5ft 9 or 179cm and the bulk bag is hip height.

When did organ music become associated with baseball? Select your aggregate type, then enter your measurements below. so, a cubic metre weighs a tonne (that's the lingo for 1000 kg in my island). 123BigBags rated 9.1 / 10 based on +1800 reviews. 300kg cement = 12 bags 25kg. Paving mix - 1:3½ cement:all-in ballast or 1:1½:2½ cement:sharp sand:gravel. By increasing the cement:aggregate ratio, stronger concrete can be produced, suitable for heavy-duty flagstones or structural beams.

Read our handy article to determine how much ballast you need in your concrete.

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