how to clean a crotal bell

Wow, that’s a nice looking bell. Simplex+ / Vanquish 540 / Garrett Pro-Pointer AT (X2), __________________ Great find! Or do I? Oldest U.S. coin: 1798 Large Cent In general, the shape seems right, the metal seems right, but the weight and rust do not. Found quite a few of these in Germany, varying in size from 1 to 3 inches in diameter. Originally Posted by JAK View post Congrats on the bell, still in decent condition. Ornate little clippy thing. Crotal bell. Help To ID My Finds. Oldest silver coin:1773 Half Real. 2020/(19) silver coins (4) silver jewelry (0) gold jewelry (13)IHP (21) wheat (4) tokens, __________________ Thank you. 9:51 . And that Zippo lighter is a good find too. Equinox 600 Bells larger than 1 1/4" in diameter almost always have four holes in the base. I dug a large crotal bell with the makers mark of OMO. Or do I? Originally Posted by Tpmetal View post awesome, crotals are one of my favorite things to find. k2gleaner | Since 2/2019 | AT Pro Thank you. Love the bell. Prized find: (2) 2-reale pieces from an 8-reale Spanish coin, minted ~1731 in Seville, Spain. Oldest U.S. silver coin:1853 Half Dime, __________________ I've found two cowbells and two Conestoga bells, but never found a crotal bell. Deus / AT Pro / Cibola Originally Posted by waltr View post Nice crotal bell. Almost anything goes, please keep it clean. William Barton III (1762-1849) W B or B W maker's mark on petal bells. I enjoy finding them but it has been a while.HH and stay safe. I’ll bet it is going to clean up nicely. Or do I? Missouri Mike 28,200 views. And that Zippo lighter is a good find too. Crotal Bell Spill - Relic Hunting - XP Deus - Metal Detecting Cellar Holes & Fields - Duration: 13:15. Oldest coin - Silver 1622 Ferdinand II 15 kreuzer. Thanks for looking. Oldest coin: 1723 Rosa Americana 2020 FTY Silvers: 31, __________________ Congrats on the bell, still in decent condition. Still on my bucket list after seven years of detecting. __________________ Is the pea still in it? The throat (slit) across a petal bell should end in larger circular openings. Hi all just wandering what this crotal bell would look like in silver When dose a crotal bell become a rumbler bell SS. Garrett ATPro, Garrett ProPointer AT, and 46 yrs of wisdom. Oldest coin: 1760 Colonial Half Penny; Oldest US coin: 1787 NJ Copper; Oldest US silver coin: 1861 Liberty Seat Dime; 2018 FTY Clad: $1,785.42: 2019 FTY Clad: $1,347.59 Friendly Metal Detecting Forums > Everything About Finds > Help To ID My Finds: Thought I had my 1st crotal bell. __________________ I'd love to have the surface clean. He also shows us a new "detectorist's wet dream". I’ve been in the river since 3. When I popped this out of the ground I thought it was a bell but it was heavy and had iron rust on it. __________________ I suspected i was at an old river crossing,lots of big square nails,possible wagon Parts. William Barton was listed as an "artificer" in an early census. Most coin record amounts found on one single various of days: Quarters-165; Dimes-103; Nickels-53. Kjetil demonstrates how to best clean and preserve bronze & copper coins. Throats on other bell designs may or may not have this detail. Friendly Metal Detecting Forums > Everything About Finds > Help To ID My Finds: Thought I had my 1st crotal bell. Thank you. Equinox 800, AT MAX, ACE 350, Garrett Carrot, Lesche Excalibur Shovels awesome, crotals are one of my favorite things to find. Walk around the stores playing “Jingle Bells” and get all kinds of looks and smiles. Sheet-metal crotal bell 13th-15th century. oldest coin to date 1773 4 Maravedies Silver shilling Posts: 668 Joined: Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:14 pm. The o’s are probably just part of the design, look for another initial across the sound bow (slotted area) from the M ...(or could be a W). Thought I had my 1st crotal bell. __________________ DFX - Explorer II - Etrac. IH: 28, Buff/V/Shield: 45, Gold: 9, __________________ Bells 1 1/4" and smaller often have four small holes in the base, but some have only two holes, depending on the maker. The remnants of 1830's settlers in Michigan farm fields, and I dug my first Crotal Bell! And it is all-in-one piece. __________________ ... HOW TO CLEAN A NICKEL - Duration: 9:51. 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. crotal bell ID Help To ID My Finds. Silver Coins: 281, Ag Rings/etc: 96 Totals Since June 2017: The body of these is made in two halves, formed by hammering the sheet into shaped moulds, and joined together, after inserting the iron ‘pea’, with a lead/tin solder. __________________ Alongside the early cast crotals, copper and copper-alloy bells of sheet metal were produced. Post by Silver shilling » Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:07 pm. Nice ornate crotal! MI-6, Pro-Pointer AT, Sampson, Ranger, DigMaster I've found two cowbells and two Conestoga bells, but never found a crotal bell. Can anyone help me identify and find the history of it ? Equinox 800 Help To ID My Finds. XP Deus, Makro Racer,Makro Racer 2, Makro Multi Kruzer ,Makro multi anfibio , simplex +, orx/9" HF coil ,XP Mi-6 pointer. Two-piece cast crotal bell Circa 15th century . AT Pro,AT Gold,Tesoro Outlaw,Whites DFX,Teknetics Patriot.XP Deus ORX. Also landed a zippo,and a big buckle and horse shoe. Solid 80 on my AT Gold, flipped over this rock and there it was. That thing must have sounded off like a siren. I’ve found about a half dozen, around Christmas time I put one in each coat pocket. Shall I try grinding some of that rust off? Will the bell react with vinegar if I want to try to remove the rust?

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