how to measure bike frame size trek

Then you can get out and enjoy the fresh air. (corresponds to If you already own a road bike and are happy with the fit. Of course, the length of your limbs is not factored into the table below and long or short limbs or torso can play a big role in determining the right bike size for you. If you have no information about the size of your bike frame, all you need is a good, old-fashioned tape measure and you can measure it yourself. Stand with your feet 6 inches apart, then measure from the inside of your foot up to your crotch, where your leg meets your waist. You should remember that the wheelbase is not the total of front center and chain stay length as none of these is calculated horizontally. If you are looking at the best size option based on a geometry chart, measure from inner leg to floor (with shoes on), remove 2cm and test that measurement against the bikes geometry chart. Brands like moots even use the combination of both. If you can see the hub/axel in-front of the bars, the bike is too small. The following chart provides a rule of thumb approach to determine your 2021 Madone bike size based on your height. When this is resolved, returning you foot the usual cleated cycling position should achieve the correct amount of knee bend. It is usually not necessary for you to measure the frame size yourself. Sit on the bike in a neutral position with your hands resting on the hoods (illustrated above) and your head in a natural riding position - eyes looking forward. It usually also printed on the frame itself. So you need to understand the fundamentals of measuring a bike. The chainstay length can be defined as the line between center of the rear dropout and center of the bottom bracket axle. inch). It is one major aspect of measuring ride quality of the frame and this would be different for different frames. Your seat needs to allow for an efficient and powerful pedal stroke while maintaining you in a balanced, static and comfortable seated position. Visit my cool blog: HUGE bikes and components SALE: Understanding the size of the bike’s frame is the most important factor that would assist you in buying or renting a bike that you can ride with comfort and ease. Having the correct Stand-over will ensure you do not impact your groin area during this situation. Hybrid vs Road Bike – Which Bike Should You Choose? To make sure that the measure is horizontal, you should use your clinometer app or spirit level so you can measure it correctly. It is also important to note that your seat needs to be in the correct position to properly determine your reach (above). In addition your riding style can influence your choice; if you like a more aggressive bike, you may prefer a smaller frame; if you prefer a more upright position, you may prefer a large frame. The right size bike for your body size is essential to ensure the optimum experience, comfort and enjoyment as you ride. But what is stand-over you ask? Despite this, the seat tube in these bikes is comparable to that of a road bike. The 2021 Trek Madone is produced in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. The rule of thumb is that hybrid bikes are a lot like the sizes of mountain bikes. This means the frame is correspondingly higher. 2. The chainstay length is among the two components that contribute to your frame’s handling characteristic and make up your wheel base. Your optimal frame size is independent of the wheel size. A 50s Colnago is equal to one 54cm top tube. This chart can give you a guide: Road bikes and cyclocross bikes have a much sportier frame geometry and a longer seating tube. This can be measured by height of the bottom bracket and height of the rear axle and then subtracting each other. We'll answer in the meantime! » Back to frame size calculator. Measuring bike frame size by height could never be easier. If your seat tube has kink then to follow the line between the top of the shell tube and bottom bracket shell you would need a straight edge and then need to line up the phone with it. Don't miss out on the latest offers & products - plus € 5 off your next order! To get more consistency most bike makers now show case stack values and show reach for the bikes. This is a simple approach to a complex situation, but it is accurate in the majority of cases. Simply stand up straight against a wall, shoes off, legs together, shoulders back whilst somebody marks with a pencil the top of your head. The distance between the center of the bottom bracket shell and the distance from the ground is the bottom bracket height. All rights reserved. That should be a secondary consideration after first determining which frame geometry is appropriate for you. Don’t have a measuring tape? If the position is correct the bars should block your view of the hub/axel. Every bike manufacturer uses a different measure for the frame sizes. If you can see the hub/axel behind the bars, the bike is too large. Before you purchase your new road bike, you need to ensure the frame meets 3 basic size requirements: stand-over, reach, seat height. This is the bike fit positioning that can cause a lot of trouble and one that we recommend determining over time and with the assistance of a professional bike fitter.

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