innocent bolt from the blue syns

End of!' It’s blue.

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Good marketing concept if you meant it. It’s delicious. 39 Syns on Extra Easy Original 39 Syns Green 39 Syns Blue Dragon Coconut Milk, Light, canned 400ml can. Innocent Bolt From The Blue Blue Van Man. Guava is green. By subscribing you agree to receive exclusive offers, new listings, promotions and more by email. It’s beautiful. ... Blue Van Man 41,787 views. ', But that hasn't stopped Innocent from shying away from blue, writing on their website: 'It’s blue.

It’s blue. with a blue love heart to show his support. hide.

But it's not blue.

Drinks company Innocent's new Bolt From The Blue juice, left, has divided opinion and caused thousands of Twitter users to comment saying the drink is really the colour green. save.

10% Off €100 or More. It’s good for you. no comments yet.
It’s good for you. Keep refrigerated 0-8°C before and after opening.Consume within 4 days of opening.

', Others who tried to find some middle ground said the product was a 'rare form of blue called Blueen.

It’s delicious. In 2015 a photograph of a dress went viral when viewers disagreed over whether the colour was blue and black, or white and gold. Half & Half Bread Your email address will not be published.

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', Two pressed apples, coconut water, green grapes and lime are some of the healthy ingredients, Several people questioned the science behind the drink as the ingredients were mostly green, Innocent launch a new Bolt From The Blue juice but Twitter is adamant it is green, Koeman on Setien's words about Messi: Disagree. He was drawn for the player Liverpool-Chelyabinsk, Overall, we've now received over 25 million impressions on the post. share. We haven’t figured out what its main selling point is going to be yet but did you notice that it’s blue? 'So you've got green ingredients and make a green looking drink.

Blue Dragon Coconut Milk, canned 400ml can. 10:59. Required fields are marked *, Be the first to review “Innocent Bolt From The Blue Juice 750Ml”. It’s juicy. (It's blue darling.

Right: The company's Wonder Green juice, Innocent quickly responded to dozens of comments saying the healthy drink looked green, being adamant that their juice looked blue. ', Others even compared the colour to Pantone to try and prove it was more green than blue, Someone else suggested the drink was 'cyan', but Innocent were quick to shut down that idea, Pain makers Dulex then commented to say the drink looked like one of their green shades, Pop singer Duncan James from the band Blue even joined in the debate online. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the VaporwaveAesthetics community. Valencia will receive about 15 million euros, In the Chelyabinsk entrance there is a magic graffiti in honor of Liverpool.

', Another Twitter user even brought colour types into the debate and compared the Bolt From The Blue drink to Pantone 3282 saying that it has 'more green than blue.

Not a company to shy away from a witty comeback, their social media team quickly started replying to followers to argue that the drink really is blue - quickly going viral.

It’s blue. Your email address will not be published. It’s blue. It's Blue 1 and you know it. Announcing the new drink on Twitter, Innocent said: 'We’ve made a new drink. ', After sharing a picture of the product in April - mentioning its blue hue six times in their tweet - they were inundated with responses, This Twitter user compared the juice to the label and encouraged everyone to join the green side, Some tried to find a compromise by suggesting it was teal or a whole new colour 'grue', Inspired by this approach another user said 'it's cyan darling' but Innocent quickly responded 'we don't even know how to pronounce that. It’s boosted with vitamins. PS Eat your greens.

One questioned: 'If none of the ingredients are blue, what makes it blue?'.

Look at that. ', Innocent told MailOnline: 'Our juice is definitely blue. The club doesn't have money for his salary, Manchester City may offer Messi a pre - contract in January, Steve McLaren: Manchester United play one week at 10/10, the other at 4/10.

And we’ll keep going on about it til we’re blue in the face because that’s wholly appropriate, given the circumstances. Birds Eye Green Cuisine Succulent Meat-Free Sausages 300g, A Blend of Fruit Juices, Coconut Water with Spirulina Extract + Added Vitamins. Top club can't do that, Pochettino compared alli to Ronaldinho and Maradona: Charisma and talent make a player special, Atletico announced the transfer of Kondogbia.

Within minutes replies started to flood in saying 'it looks green' and 'looks greenish blue to be honest' prompting Innocent to reply 'looks blueish blue to be honest. 'It's blue. ', Even paint makers Dulux responded saying it 'looks like Crushed Pine 3', one of their green shades, to which Innocent responded 'Don't you start, Dulux. 4 1/2 Pressed Apples (66%), Coconut Water (18%), 15 Pressed Grapes, Crushed White Guava (5%), A dash of Pressed Passion Fruit, A dash of Spirulina Extract (0.8%), A squeeze of Lime (0.7%), Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 & E). It’s blue. After sharing a picture of the product in April - mentioning its blue hue six times in their tweet - they were inundated with responses from Twitter users adamant the drink is actually green.

Madrid Film Festival ‘Dancing On Air’ track from the recently released Symphonic Skies album used as the soundtrack for the trailer for the Women Filmmakers’ Festival De Cine de Madrid. Click here for info. We did that on purpose.

However Twitter users used the ingredients list to try and prove the drink is green.

After sharing a picture of the product in April - mentioning its blue hue six times in their tweet - they were inundated with responses from Twitter users adamant the drink is actually green. Next Day Delivery.
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Be the first to share what you think! ', Someone else commented: 'It's green.

And now drinks company Innocent have sparked a similar debate on Twitter with their newest smoothie 'Bolt From The Blue'. best. Listen. Just look at it.

Fresh The Good Food Market is a high quality grocery and delicatessen supermarket group with a distinct product range from around the country and Internationally.

We did that on purpose. It’s blue. Posted by 2 days ago.

High in vitamins B1, B2, B3 & B6 which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism. It’s blue.

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