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Given its size, the Department says it is not possible to surround the Tongariro/Rangipo Prison site with razor wire fencing but units within the prison grounds are said to be appropriately fenced. Prisons. In 2004 the Department acknowledged the prison "falls well-short of the basic requirements for a modern corrections facility";[25] a New Zealand Herald editorial described it as an "antiquated pile beyond redemption as a suitable place to incarcerate humans". [70], Tongariro/Rangipo has one of the five Māori Focus Units in New Zealand prisons. Prisons. [108] In 2012, Corrections Minister, Anne Tolley announced it would be closed permanently "because the old prisons didn't suit modern rehabilitation training and education methods. [36] With so much space available, in 2011 it became the proposed site for a new $900 million 960-bed men's prison which is due to be built by 2015 and operated by British conglomerate Serco. [27] The building was to be restored and converted for staff and administration use for the new prison completed on the same site. Corrections rehabilitation and reintegration services regional manager Steve Berry said programme facilitators from the Otago Corrections Facility would travel from Dunedin four times a week for 13 weeks.[102]. [31], In May 2010, the National Government decided that the prison would be privatised once again and British conglomerate, Serco, was awarded the contract. There is also an external courtyard. Hours later, Elaine Ngamu, aged 20 and a mother of two, was sentenced to prison for fraud. Instead, she was on the next flight to Wellington to do her time at Arohata Prison, 650km away from everyone she knew and loved. [43] Until it was built, female prisoners have mostly had to serve their sentences at women's prisons in Wellington and Christchurch.[44]. "My partner was also there, looking after the kids, and he would bring my 3-year-old down to visit me a couple of times a month. In 2007, the Government admitted the prison was sinking into the ground and required repairs. ACRP was the first prison in New Zealand to be administered by a private company. [citation needed], In September 2010 and 2011, Christchurch was hit by two major earthquakes. It is located at Linton, south of Palmerston North. [81] The cells are constructed from refurbished shipping containers and the unit houses up to 60 prisoners in a mix of single and double-bunked cells. In 2012, Corrections Minister, Anne Tolley announced it would be closed "because old prisons didn't suit modern rehabilitation training and education methods. Whanganui Prison also has a stand-alone 12-cell at-risk facility to deal with suicidal inmates. [105] It is the oldest operational penal institution in New Zealand. But it hurt so much being away from them, not being able to cuddle her baby girl or kiss her 3-year-old son. Working with offenders. In 2010, Rimutaka became the first prison in New Zealand to open a container-cell unit. [78], Manawatu prison has a voluntary faith based unit known as the Alpha Unit. The Hautu prison site was established in 1926, and the 2 prison camps became combined to be called Tongariro Prison 1958 / 59[66], a separate entity in 1977. It is New Zealand's largest prison, holding up to 1078 prisoners and employing about 570 staff. Find out how you can deposit money to the trust account of someone in prison. [107], The Wellington prison was temporarily closed in June 2008 during a "seasonal prison population trough", however it reopened in July 2009 when the national prison population increased once again. The programme helps prisoners look at their patterns of behaviour and identify high-risk situations. [93], Christchurch Women's Prison is one of three female prisons in New Zealand. [63], The prison includes several specialist units. They were unsuccessful and the facility opened in 2005. "My radio started going off - I was being told to come back to the control room. I was happy to steer clear of him. It is located near Paparua to the west of Christchurch and holds 138 prisoners and employs 70 staff. It was originally established in 1958 as an army detention centre. Built in 1910, the prison operated as a borstal until 1981. In 2018 North & South magazine published a long-form article by Paul Little titled "The Case for Closing Prisons" which included data on New Zealand prison inmate populations. [98], Otago Corrections Facility (OCF) is located near Milton. Spring Hill also has a combined drug treatment and special treatment unit called Puna Tatari. He was 21 when he became a prison guard - a "screw" to those on the other side of the bars - and he did 17 years in the job, spending his days amid the worst society had to offer. "[84], Arohata Prison, one of New Zealand's three women's prisons, is located near Tawa, a suburb in the north of Wellington. She'd been caught using stolen credit cards and pleaded guilty at the outset - she knew she'd done wrong and she wanted to get the punishment over and done with so she could focus on her children. Today, all these years later and after countless hours spent walking the wings, opening and closing cells and checking thousands of inmates off his muster list, it's still that first shift that he best remembers. The other guards I was with, my partner, got called back to the control room and I was left out there on my own with this guy. It does not have a perimeter fence. He was nervous - he was about to enter a world he'd never been part of, a hard world full of hard people. [35], The Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility (ARWCF) is in the Wiri suburb of Manukau City. The prison remains the only women's prison in the South Island. Hawke's Bay Regional Prison, originally called Mangaroa, is located near Hastings. They asked her, in a way that put utter fear into her, if the baby would be in "danger" staying at home being bottle-fed. Three prisons house female offenders, one each in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. [39] Despite the increase, women still make up only 6% of the prison population. Their accommodation is costing us twice what we'd pay to stay in a four-star hotel. "Then I saw a guy I knew; I remembered him from school, he was the brother of one of my best mates and I used to stay over at their house a lot growing up. There are three women's prisons in New Zealand. The prison opened in 1968 and contains up to 681 prisoners though in 2010, only about 90 were classified as maximum security. "It was so horrible. Five years later (2005), ACRP was returned to state operation by a Labour government. Prison life. Ironically, Hanlon's qualms and fears were similar to those of the rookie inmates. [51] After a three-week hearing in May 2011, the inquiry gave Corrections the go ahead to build the prison. The oldest part of the prison, the main Kaitoke Prison complex, was built in 1978, and Te Ohorere, a Self Care Unit, and Te Whakataa minimum security units opened in 2005. While he was out on the run he'd kidnapped a police officer and put him in the boot of his car and shot him in the face, then he almost killed a Black Power president by putting a hand weight through the back of his head. The prison holds about 600 prisoners classified as minimum to low-medium security and 251 staff. The inmates caused considerable damage and 11 months later, the unit was still not back in use and no decision had been made on when it would reopen. We spoke about how the compound was quite dangerous and I was told I was to make sure that I was never in there on my own - ever. [87][86] Most of the programme is based on cognitive-behavioural therapy,[88] dialectical behaviour therapy, group psychotherapy, recreational psychology and a narrative approach to therapy. [90] The prison includes a Drug Treatment Unit for prisoners with drug and alcohol problems as well as a Youth Unit for prisoners under 18 years old. Then I got called back into the office and the OIC tore strips off me. The day she went to court for sentencing she couldn't bear to bring her daughter with her. Christmas can be a hard time for prisoners who are away from their friends and family. The Māori-language name Arohata means "bridge"; it reflects the belief that the prison provides a bridge between past offending and a future in the wider community. The puppies are being trained by low security prisoners to help people in the community living with disabilities. Rolleston now holds about 320 male prisoners and employs 93 staff. It closed in 1993, with prisoners transferring to Hawke's Bay Regional Prison. See our latest research, newsletters, strategic documents and more. [96] It was first used as a prison in 1986 when the new Corrective Training Centre was built called the Tawa unit. [46] The Making Choices programme uses cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, group psychotherapy, recreational psychology and a narrative approach to therapy. She took a deep breath, turned around and walked out of the room, the house and out of her baby's life for God knows how long. This was the first death of a New Zealand prison officer on active duty. Rolleston prison is located at Runners Rd in Rolleston, south-west of Christchurch. I kept having to rush her to the doctor . [67] The prison is on a large site of more than 8,000 hectares off the Desert Road near Turangi., Lists of buildings and structures in New Zealand, Articles with dead external links from March 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, All Wikipedia articles written in New Zealand English, Articles needing POV-check from June 2013, Articles needing additional references from June 2013, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2013, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2013, All articles containing potentially dated statements, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Te Puna Wai ō Tuhinapo Youth Justice Residence, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 22:34. [80] It is on a large site at the end of Freyberg Road and the number of cells and prison units has grown substantially in recent years to accommodate rising prisoner numbers. [74] However, Judith Baragwanath, a Parole Board member and former teacher says 92% of teenage offenders in the Youth Units have a learning disability and tutors employed by the Department of Corrections to teach in the Youth Units are not subject to any accredited professional teaching standards. [23], There has been a prison on the Mount Eden site in Auckland since 1856. It opened in 2007 and was the last of four new facilities built as part of the Regional Prisons Development Project. More than 10,000 New Zealanders are experiencing it now. Having worked for many years as a pub bouncer, Hanlon wasn't new to the challenges of supervision and control, but alcohol-fuelled idiots were a world away from prison inmates.

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