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Sean: ...Don't describe it like that please, Well...Another weapon that DIO has his trusty knives which he carries around with him, which he uses when he stops time to attack his foes where they can't actually react which is pretty damn dark. Diego doesn't approach Gyro or Johnny again during the second stage but ends up in the first place. Kenzou | I’ll slash through their pride and scatter it on the ground! When she refuses, Dio prepares to kill her but is stopped by the arrival of Jonathan and his gang. Sean: So Diego may be skilled but he ultimately just couldn't keep up with DIO's strength, durability, his better time stop and regeneration. So yeah see what we mean? DIO's time stop lasts for 11 seconds, while Diego's only last for 5 seconds. This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 14:01. EDIT: Proof DIO shouted in anger as he drastically grew angrier and angrier. Diego reaches the end of the third stage. About Me; Editorial. During the 8th round of the race, he betrays Funny Valentine, but is quickly defeated by him and his stand, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Irish: Feck off you arsehole, We need to start this or I'm gonna box ye! Valentine is able to go to another world and drags Diego partway, letting him under the wheels. [5] His mother raised him with love and taught him to keep his dignity in even the direst situation. Diego mumbled suddenly stopping time once again. Despite the long time span in which DIO's been using Jonathan's body, he still hadn't fully synced with it and thus he needed the blood of Jonathan's descendants. Enrico Pucci, Steel Ball Run Gray Fly | Nightfall as the two approach each other, each with a small army of minions at their backs. Dio joined Jonathan's boxing club, so that he could beat Jonathan up in a boxing match and he nearly gouged Jonathan's eye out. Yoma Hashimoto | Villain' Themed Death Battles, Death Battles completed by the Irish VS Writer, 'Weekly Shōnen Jump' themed Death Battles, Death Battles with a Returning OMM Combatant, Death Battles with a returning DBX combatant, Bonus: Jotaro+Diego is a strong team up who should be able to kill DIO, and then Jotaro could beat Diego 6/10. Mrs. Robinson | Absalom | Diego's attention was suddenly subverted by the figure but he also saw a silver blade that came closer and closer to his cranium. Hot Pants is killed when space time distortions cause multiple solid objects to converge with her heart, instantly killing her. Dio [8], Using any opportunity, he is said to have married an old woman for her wealth,[9] and in the same vein, participated in the Steel Ball Run for prestige. Irish: Alright boys we are back with a new series! Sean: And this bang was called the "Steel Ball Run" Race. MUDA!" You think a monkey-like you can fight a lion!" Irish: Well that was until the vampire was uncovered by a bunch of fishermen in the Canary Islands (Really nice place for holidays) where Dio did the reasonable know murdering all of them and deciding to capitalise all of the letters in his name. Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4) This Diego Brando was confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside Johnny, Gyro, and Valentine, his name titled Diego Brando from a Parallel World (並行世界から来たディエゴ, Heikō Sekai kara Kita Diego), shortened as The World Diego (世界ディエゴ, Sekai Diego). Diego jumped off of his horse and turned his back away from the charging DIO. Dio would later acquire poison from Wang Chan to kill his unsuspecting father, who told him of his encounter with a wealthy and extravagant man named George Joestar who felt indebted to him. Mutsukabezaka | Darkness submerged the man's body concealing his face and even what he was wearing but what could be seen as the body of another human being: The victim's throat had been punctured by the mysterious being's fingers, Leaving the figure's whole hand to be covered in blood. In was then that Dio had an apathy that he and Jonathan's destinies have been intertwined from the very beginning, deciding to take the Joestar's body as his own. After obtaining the Corpse's left eye and fusing it with his own, his left eye's iris has the word "TU… Despite a dying Jonathan's last attempt to stop him, Dio took Jonathan's body and entered a casket as the ship sank into the Atlantic. D an G | 27 | Due to the silence and the darkness gave Diego a sense of unease as he made his way down the streets. To escape, Diego writes on the base world's ground with his spur, telling Wekapipo to approach. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Phantom Blood D'Arby | Pet Shop | Terence T. D'Arby) | Diego possesses a strong misanthropy, describing humanity as a "flock of pigeons", and resents humans as a whole for the death of his mother[11]. "You...have great power but...did you move during Stopped Time or did I just imagine it?" The Beggar | No light shone from any of these houses, Almost as if this town was abandoned. Zaihei Nigatake | Cream Starter disguises Diego as Valentine, confusing the Presidents and allowing Diego to instantly kill two of them. 27 | Sandman | Johngalli A | DIO smirked as he then ran at top speeds towards the jockey and his steed. Cream Starter covers Diego's mouth and nose and disables the small dinosaurs he sends. Necromercer: Well, I gotta say, while this may sound good on paper, DIO kinda stomps Diego into oblivion. Milagro Man's Stand User | However, Dio turns the mother into a vampire and she eats her own baby. But Jonathan learned of Dio's scheme from the letter that Dario sent to George before his death, confirming it when Dio refused to deny it on his father's word. Since Diego was able to swat away Johnny's Light-Speed nail bullets and DIO was able to react to Silver Charriot and Star Platinum. Stone Mask Vampires, Battle Tendency He must not be human!" On his end, Diego ambitions to use the Corpse to control and get revenge on mankind. But he didn't have time to think as suddenly he felt something grab hold of his leg. DIO threatened as he then brought out his stand once again. "Break My Heart, Break Your Heart (2)", 95. Type of Villain Sean: But two names that influenced the race the most was Johnny Joestar and Diego Brando! Terunosuke Miyamoto | DIO Brando vs Diego Brando is a Death Battle by The Irish VS Writer! Valentine grabs him and forces him into the flag. Sean: And Diego Brando - The Alternate Universe Jockey! Stone Mask Vampires, Battle Tendency Pursued by infinite rotation regardless of which dimension he travels to, Valentine is forced to surrender and attempts to make a deal with Johnny, offering to resurrect Gyro by finding a version of him in another universe in exchange for the Corpse. However, Diego and Hot Pants enact their plan. Dio Brando's and Diego Brando's themes in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven are remixes of each other. Once at the estate, Dio kicks the family dog Danny then lies that he was startled by the hound. Over the following years Diego worked as a handler at horse races until he was old enough to become a jockey himself, after which his natural talents allowed him to quickly rise to the top of the British equestrian world and active the notoriety and power he had been longing for. Viviano Westwood | Panicking, Diego jumped backwards like a cat and shouted "Time has resumed!" His surname, "Brando", means Sword in Italian. Later in the series, after losing another round to Gyro, he joins Funny Valentine, the president of the United States, who is searching for the body parts of "The Saint", which are said to grant great powers. Dario (Father)Unnamed mother (surname Brando)Unnamed 83-year-old Wife Thunder McQueen | He uses the horse's habit to his advantage, matching his speed with Gyro and only briefly accelerating with Gyro's horse sways to eventually take the lead. This would later allow him to use his own variation of Scary Monsters. All of you at the farm who looked down on us just because it wasn’t clear who my father was! Cheap Trick | Desiring to win at all costs with a terrible arrogance, he despises everyone due to his mother cutting off her own hands to make a makeshift soup bowl for him to feed, instead of using his own shoes. Undead People | Thanks to its luck manipulation, and other such things. 169cm (5 ft 7 in) Vinegar Doppio | Diego becomes a long-standing rival of Gyro and Johnny throughout the Steel Ball Run, and although he teams up with many different individuals throughout the part, in the end, Diego is only ever truly loyal to himself. Seeing that the fight is going towards a dangerous mutual kill, Hot Pants sprays her mouth on the ground and calls for a truce. Stephen Steel arrives to save Johnny, who is able to reverse his own spin with his Stand after being assisted onto a horse. Trotting along the sand landscape was a brown horse of Arabian breed, Its muscles flexed with each step from its front legs and it's long black mane blew across the wind while particles of sand stuck out in its black mane, The noble steed didn't even notice the sand that nearly blew into its eyes. Hol Horse | Diego Brando | Gyro manages to defeat Dr. Ferdinand by fusing with one of the Turbo eyes that Ferdinand possessed, receiving a scanning ability. In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, DIO's son Giorno Giovanna serves as the main protagonist and carries a picture of him in his wallet. Dio Brando | Goals The two understand that they both shot a Johnny Joestar and that the President's ability is involved. Steel Ball Run (Japanese: スティール・ボール・ラン, Hepburn: Sutīru Bōru Ran) is the reboot and seventh story arc of the Japanese manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Overwhelmed by his own stand ability, Johnny begins to die. He uses this ability to create dinosaur "bodyguards" in his hunt for the Corpse Parts. | Despite DIO's death, his legacy still influences the later arcs. "The World of the Stars and Stripes: Outro", This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 01:37. It's impossible...It must be a joke!" The Funniest Valentine | However, Jotaro escapes the attack and freezes time, breaking DIO's leg. Somehow, Valentine decimates the dinosaurs and Diego, to gain Wekapipo's trust before it is too late, tells him that he too shot Johnny. DiegoEoHGuard.png|Diego's Costume A, EoH DIO then unwrapped his arms and shouted into the air allowing his stand to get into his own combat stance. I'm here because I heard about the blatant insult towards my name, How dare you use blasphemed my name by putting yourself on the same level as me!?" Dinosaur Occupation Diego jokes around and performs acrobatics on Silver Bullet. Kaato Higashikata | The duo hide in a sewer. About to be arrested, Dio then changed his plan to use the stone mask on himself using Jonathan's blood. Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri | At their base, humans are no different from a flock of pigeons. Diego Brando is disqualified in the ninth stage, with a total of 342 points and two extra hours of time. Diego finally pulled up his helmet allowing him to see a small town which was submerged in darkness. Yoshihiro Kira | Cheap Trick | Irish: DIO's Stand has a B in precision, You see he proved this stat when he was able to feint a punch and strike Star Platinum when his guard was down and he can throw knives accurately during frozen time that generally land on the target.

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