is tacitus reliable

For the next 4 years Tacitus was away from Rome, as he had been appointed by Domitian to a post in the imperial administration, either the command of a legion or the governorship of one of the less important provinces, but we do not know exactly what the post was or where he held it. Encyclopedia of World Biography. . ." 370-410) was a leader of the Visigoths who clashed repeatedly with the Roman Empire and led his troops in the sack of Rome in 410.…, MOMMSEN, THEODOR How were women viewed in the Victorian Era? Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list. The major work in English on Tacitus himself is the massive and erudite book by Sir Ronald Syme, Tacitus (2 vols., 1958), which contains an immense amount of information about Tacitus himself and many other aspects of Rome in the 1st century; but it is a difficult and baffling work for the layman to use. m. cary et al. . A. Richmond, Roman Britain (1947; rev. He acquired fame as a prosecutor of Marius Priscus for mal-administration in Africa (100), and he served as pro-consul of the province of Asia under the Emperor Trajan in 112–113. Caesar. to A.D. 68 (1959). Terse, powerful, and abrupt, this approach contrives to pack a remarkable amount of meaning into a few words. Even when he cannot condemn outright, a turn of phrase leaves an unanswered doubt in the mind of his readers. In his gloomy moralizing he was the heir of Sallust rather than of Livy. When complete, it was divided into 12 or 14 books, but only books 1-4 and a small part of book 5 have survived. ." Meanwhile, in the intervals of his official career Tacitus had spent much time in the study and practice of rhetoric, and by the time of his consulship he had won a reputation as one of the leading forensic orators of his generation. In particular Tiberius, who in spite of his political ineptness struggled with real difficulties, suffered in reputation from this treatment. . The strength of his conviction limited his judgment at both points. How has Christmas changed since Victorian... How did Victorian doctors treat hysteria? TONGUE, W. R. F. "Tacitus This was followed by Germania (98), a short monograph on the habits and customs of the independent tribes of Germany. In both major works he retained the annalistic system of chronology, though he sometimes found it awkward and had to put into a single year series of events which in fact had been spread over several. By this date Tacitus had also started on a career as a writer, and it seems likely that after this he gradually withdrew from legal practice to concentrate on his literary work. c. w. mendell, Tacitus, the Man and His Work (New Haven 1957). But as far as we know, none of these posts was offered to Tacitus. New Catholic Encyclopedia. Tacitus (full name, Publius Gaius Cornelius Tacitus, ca. ." Services, Tacitus's Writings & Impact on Historiography, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Even here, however, when he found in the record some actions by Tiberius which did not fit his preconceived view, he did not willfully distort or omit them but contented himself with ascribing to Tiberius disreputable motives for apparently honorable acts. There are numerous English translations of Tacitus's works, most of which are reasonably reliable. ELIZABETH KNOWLES "Tacitus On the whole, he showed good judgment in his handling of the material he found in earlier writers—he passed over in silence most of the more scandalous stories that enliven the pages of Suetonius—and he almost certainly did extensive research into the available documentary evidence, especially the records of meetings of the Senate. His monograph on the Germans, De origine et situ Germanorum, written in 98, is on the whole a reliable account based on good sources but tends to idealize too much in the direction of the "noble savage" tradition. 1950), but the best account of the period of the Julio-Claudian emperors is in Howard H. Scullard, From the Gracchi to Nero: A History of Rome from 133 B.C. A.D. 12), or Titus Livius, was a Roman historian who lived in the period when Augustus was building the Roman Empire…, Sources It the violent anticlimax to more than a century of conflict between Rome…, Tacoma Community College: Distance Learning Programs, Tacoma Community College: Narrative Description,,,, ELIZABETH KNOWLES "Tacitus Eutropius Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. J. W. and a. m. duff, A Literary History of Rome in the Silver Age … (2d ed. (Oxford 1949) 876–878. Rome and the affairs of Rome, rather than the administration of the empire as a whole, remained his chief center of interest. Tacitus almost never names his sources, so we can't know what he thought was a rumor as opposed to being reliable. ." I have shown that Tacitus was not so uncritical as to simply accept things blindly. There is a good introduction to the history of the Roman occupation of Britain in I. . His writing is concise, breaking any easy balance of sentences, depending for emphasis on word order and syntactical variation and striking hard where the subject matter calls for a formidable impact. It has been noted that the work of Aufidius Bassus and its continuation by Pliny the Elder covered these years; both historians also treated the German wars. Only bks. Causes of Boudicca’s Revolt. What time period comes after the Victorian Era? He is most pointed on the theme of Tiberius, but his technique here is only a concentrated form of the stylistic force that can be found throughout his narrative. The Oxford Companion to British History. JOHN CANNON "Tacitus But to go back a century raises additional problems of historical method.

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