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The couple had a son, Iain. “You know, I’ve spoken to my sister a bit about this, and I’ve said to her that I would like to think this isn’t the case, because it’s too obvious and really simplistic, but I can’t help thinking how when I was younger I was a bit of a show-off. It's probably useful not to be too glib about these things, but, at the same time, it's clearly part of who I am. Three million people listen to DID each week as they wash their cars or baste their roasts – more than attend Church of England services on Christmas Day. During the breaks, Kirsty and Hall kept up their chatter in the overflowing way of old mates so excited to see each other that they haven’t had time to look at the menu.

In hindsight, Young says the initial criticism never got in the way of doing her job, although "it never feels very nice. “When we were little, I loved ballet.

at the moment. She attributes much of her success to her preparation - she does two-and-a-half days of research for each interview, first sifting through thick bundles of research notes and then typing out a rough structure of how she wants the programme to be shaped. This profile was originally published in The Gentlewoman n° 10, Autumn & Winter 2014. As soon as she walks into the hotel bar where we meet, all glossy highlights and unchipped nail varnish, Young establishes an intimacy that is simultaneously both flattering and disarming. I am very close to him, always have been, and I’ve called him Dad all my life,” she has said. "It is about making it, as much as you can, an intimate environment with you, the guest and the listener. Here and in the next image, she wears a navy-and-green wool cardigan by CÉLINE from Joseph, grey wool trousers by PAUL SMITH and a leather-and-brass cuff by CHLOÉ. A sound engineer played Hall’s chosen music at the appointed intervals in the program, giving the session a festive vibe. ", Perhaps because she was a young, attractive woman, Young inevitably found herself accused of "ruthless ambition" from mid-market tabloids. "I think that, with David Walliams, we got what sounded like a very intimate exchange, which is when the programme is at its best. She laughs. Morrissey told Kirsty he considered suicide honourable. It's as if ambition, if it's possessed by a woman, must be a bad thing. "Now I'm the age where you should be doing the things I'm doing. Kirsty, eliciting lessons and cueing hymns, is the nation’s substitute vicar. Judging from the way Kirsty speaks about Nick – she prefaces her comments by saying, “I in no way want to sound smug about my marriage,” as though she might jinx their luck – they remain an unusually connected couple. “And I thought, What are you talking about? For its devotees, DID is a sort of secular church. Joe Jackson began working with his sons' musical group in the early 1960s, first working with his three eldest sons Jackie, Tito and Jermaine. No. Though outwardly utterly metropolitan, Kirsty lives in a country house and likes nothing better than a night in with a good cookery book. She was born in East Kilbride, a suburb of Glasgow, in 1968. Taping had finished, it was a sunny afternoon, and we were drinking mint tea at Little House Mayfair, one of her husband’s clubs. Retired CID boss Joe Jackson has never publicly acknowledged his marriage to first wife Rena, mother of Kirsty and her elder sister Laura.
Ben Helfgott, the Holocaust survivor and weightlifter – he left Theresienstadt in 1945 and represented Britain at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 – said he had never hated anyone, and yet his pain remained as great as it had ever been. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. When you’re on TV you have to come to terms with that. 1 talking about this. Lynn Barber, the profile writer, recently admitted on the show that at Oxford she’d slept with “probably 50 men”. But she was one of the most affable, engaged, thoughtful, in-the-moment people I’ve ever interviewed.” I knew what she meant. "I would say things like, 'So why did you choose this piece of music?' “I’m not a particularly creative person, and at home I can create a nice atmosphere and cook good things and have people round the table, and I like that my kids like it. “The money was crap, but I was fascinated by it.”, Kirsty wasn’t slotted into her position by wealth or birth. The lack of inevitability to her trajectory is perhaps one reason her explorations of the key junctures of her subjects’ lives – why they took this turn rather than that one, and where the decision led – seem unusually attentive. You can see why people want to tell her their secrets. But when my husband and I moved out of London, people said, ‘You’re moving out of London?’ And I said, ‘I’m a foreigner; it doesn’t matter to me where I live in England. If I’m not in Scotland, I’m in a foreign place, so I’d rather be in foreign place with a nice back garden than one where I’m looking at a lot of concrete. She told me, “I was given an honorary degree from the University of Stirling, and after the ceremony a journalist said to me, ‘Kirsty, do you feel better now that you’ve gotten a degree?’ And I said, ‘You know what? They’ll be in Portofino, and they’re miserable.” She paused for a moment. Under Kirsty’s stewardship, DID has become a place of mystery, grace, catharsis and good humour. If the voice is an instrument, she’s got something like the Stradivarius of larynxes.
She has been married to businessman Nick Jones since 1999 and they have two children: Freya, eight, and Iona, two. I feel that a layer of skin has been flayed from my body since I had children. She’s a real journalist, and she can contradict people, but first of all, she’s warm and welcoming.” For John Lloyd, the TV producer, Kirsty belongs with David Frost and Melvyn Bragg in the all-time triumvirate of BBC interviewers. Why even the most reticent of stars will tell Kirsty Young their secrets ... Joe Jackson, deserted the family when Young was six weeks old and her sister Laura was a toddler.

which you can comment on right now in our Comment section. "When Freya was three weeks old, it hit me like a paving stone on my head and I thought, how come she had the optimism and energy to power through that situation?" Having gone there in search of a relaxing weekend, she struck up a conversation with him – so legend has it – on the misapprehension that he was the porter, not the proprietor (Jones is co-owner of the Soho House group, whose properties include 12 other clubs in cities from Berlin to Chicago). “She probably had a slightly stronger Scottish accent then.” In 1996, Channel 5 hired Kirsty to anchor its flagship evening news show, which launched the following spring. I worry about ageing. If DID is a church, it’s a broad one. However, you will find some great articles He revealed he has followed his estranged daughter’s career as Kirsty, 39, rose from BBC Radio Scotland morning newsreader, to national news anchorwoman and now as presenter of Crimewatch and Desert Island Discs. And our figures are really good. “I had no say in it. It was inappropriate and it should never have made it on air. "Oh Christ. "I only want to satisfy the audience. “You know what’s interesting, actually? We'd just got back together and I became pregnant, and I didn't know if it was the right moment to have a child. I don't have the numbers tattooed up my wrist like Angelina Jolie," she laughs, "but I think they're pretty good. DID is recorded at Broadcasting House in central London, in a studio consisting of a soundproof room where Kirsty and her guest conduct their interview and an antechamber from which her producers supervise it. She said of her 20s, “I was sort of in perpetual motion.”, “There’s no part of this journey, through all the work I’ve done, that doesn’t make sense.”, Kirsty met Nick Jones, who would become her husband, at Babington House, a country hotel and private members’ club in Somerset, in 1998. But definitely I love women, I love being around women, I find them incredible and intoxicating, and I've never had that feeling I get with women with a man. Later, when Kirsty flubbed the difference between the Internet and the Web, she confidently worked her ignorance into the do-over, in the process rendering an arcane topic comprehensible. 'I thought I should let John decide whether to keep it or not. Then, in October 2006, she became the fourth presenter of Desert Island Discs in its 65-year history. Was it tasteless? When I arrived, the session was already in full swing. Mother-of-two Kirsty, married to a hotelier, has never commented on Jackson, crediting her mother and John Young for her success. “I felt like I was in a nuclear family,” Kirsty said. At one point, Hall talked at some length about her and her husband’s decision not to have children.

If Elle Macpherson was the Body, she is the Voice, turning ears with the superiority of her delivery. Demonstrating her signature desktop position, Kirsty is pictured in the Desert Island Discs recording studio at Broadcasting House in London. Kirsty sat looking out of the recording booth; Hall faced in. I love him like a father. In a book detailing his career with Strathclyde Police, Chasing Killers, the ex-Detective Chief Superintendent reveals the heartache and pressure he felt under to remove himself from the infant Kirsty’s life for her own good.

It was absolutely a fait accompli. I’ve learned a lot about class, and my own preconceptions about class. I think that there was probably a bit of me saying ‘I’m here, I exist!’ because my parents broke up when I was just three weeks old. I learned that Kirsty had contrived for me to get there late, fearing that my presence would distort the process by which she greets and quickly bonds with her guests. “We like the same things domestically; we’re happy to sit with a bottle of red wine and watch a movie. She wore YSL and Gucci pantsuits, drank wine at lunch with girlfriends, and went on the celebrity-impersonation show Stars in Their Eyes in a Peggy Lee outfit. She recalled, “He said to me, ‘Well, my runner’s gone sick this weekend, and I need someone to lift cases,’ and I thought, ‘I’d definitely prefer that to working in the pub.’” He hired Kirsty, who showed up and liked the work. She can recall only one interview that did not go as planned, with the American-Irish author J P Donleavy. "I was working very hard and I bought better clothes, that's how I dealt with it," she says drily. He wore tartan; she wore a white sheath dress and matching bolero jacket by Amanda Wakeley. The Scottish broadcaster Kirsty Young, 46, has a voice like honey and hair to match.

', September 2007 George Michael talks about drugs, saying he is lucky enough to have the income to support his habit: "Do I wish I could use it less? Her own desert island choices would include Electric Light Orchestra's Mr Blue Sky - "because I remember one of the happiest moments of my childhood was singing that, running through a school playing field with my friends" - and Neil Diamond's I Am, I Said, "because it reminds me of my mother coming to kiss me goodnight smelling of Chanel No.

Everybody’s dads drove the same sort of cars – and they were dads, then, that drove the cars. Kirsty came along to join the class one day. ", December 2007 Victoria Wood is open about the dent to her self-esteem after the break-up of her long marriage to magician Geoffrey Durham . But it would seem that there's not too indirect a link there. I’ve met incredibly privileged people – you know, products of great wealth who’ve been educated at the finest schools, whose path in life has been smoothed in so many ways that I suppose, in my earlier life, I would’ve thought: What could I learn from somebody like that?”, Listen to Kirsty for long on the radio and you’ll notice that she’s unfailingly interested in the first stirrings of success. Styling assistance: Amy Crisp, Philip Smith. “My parents knew I was different. Express.

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