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This fairly forgettable submarine-based drama is probably best remembered as a buffet of ridiculous Russian accents. Gerard Butler was born and raised in the Scottish Lowlands—something made evident the moment the Hollywood hunk opens his mouth. And yeah, it has, it has changed with him. She pretty much just sounds like Cameron Diaz. Whether you've been watching Game of Thrones from the beginning or recently binged-watched the entire series, you've probably noticed there's something fishy with Littlefinger—and we're not just talking about his dastardly deeds. In fact, for a character supposed to resemble a threatening KGB infiltrator, Grant instead comes across as a decidedly weedy-looking chap with a definite mad scientist vibe about him. "I will never live it down. Either the KGB needed some more lessons in counter-espionage or Ford simply commands respect in every language. I have done that intentionally, but it's not radical.". Red Heat actually ended up making a loss at the box office, with Schwarzenegger’s efforts probably doing little to bolster the film’s reception. John Malkovich’s French accent threw The ABC Murders viewers right back to Johnny English as they tuned into the first episode tonight. (@joshaaronr) December 26, 2018. He swaps his tough American tones for a posh English accent as Sir John Brannox, a characterful aristocrat residing in a huge estate owned by his hateful parents. MORE : When was The ABC Murders originally written by Agatha Christie? This thread is archived. "He's a player, he pretends he's other things all the time, so, you know, it's just not defined. Western actors have been trying to perfect the villainous Russian accents for as long as Hollywood has cast the stereotypical Russian bad guy - and there have been mixed results. She said it was because I was working so hard. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to play Scottish characters as much as he'd like, making for some awkward attempts at sounding American. 9 Hollywood actors who played Russians and nailed it. Sort by. ", Rule No. This unforgettable scene is home to what is without a doubt the worst Russian accent you’ll ever hear; so much so that Malkovich allegedly admitted mid-scene to co-star Matt Damon: “I’m a terrible actor.”. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Costner's rendition of the benevolent thief, however, sounds more like a West Coast dude indulging in the SoCal sun. Almost everyone knows what an Irish accent sounds like, but it's also … To be honest, if you started watching K-19 halfway through, you’d be entirely forgiven for assuming that Harrison Ford’s character Captain Alexei Vostrikov is Scottish. ‘Poirot and Christie fans may just hate all this, I have no idea.’, Alberto the cat has a perfect Poirot style moustache, David Suchet wants to star in an Agatha Christie's Poirot movie, David Suchet believes he wouldn't get Poirot role now because he's not Belgian. Watch it, by all means, just make sure you mentally prepare yourself: the cringe factor is very high. An atrocious take on the Scottish dialect, that's what. Originally intending to "sound patriarchal, like John Huston in Chinatown or a bit Hammer Horror," Littlefinger switches to a distinctly different delivery by the time we get to the show's fourth season. David Suchet as … Am expecting Rowan Atkinson to jump round the corner at any moment! As such, being British is simply not in the actor's repertoire—a fact known to anyone who's ever witnessed his critically panned performance as Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Not only is it extra phlegmy, KGB's accent borders on the insane—and not even Malkovich thought it was any good. I cannot take this seriously. Colin Farrell plays the 2004 film's titular hero and, as noted by The Guardian, speaks with his native Irish accent. In fact, sometimes it seems like she's barely even trying—sounding more like an actress from Hollywood than a prostitute from Whitechapel. #ABCMurders, I cannot watch John Malkovich without thinking of Pascal Sauvage. We all know about Hardy’s chameleon-like versatility, and his performance in this film about the Stalin-era purges is no exception. Yup, it’s all change for this BBC installment. Last time we checked, Robin Hood hung out in the forests around Nottingham in the late middle ages. 11 epic fails in Hollywood movies that are related to Russia, English-speaking Russian YouTubers go viral: Don't miss out on these channels, 10 steps to get a kick-ass Russian accent. ", Still, van Dyke keeps a positive attitude about the whole thing, despite actual Brits never letting him forget it. Ahead of John’s debut as Poirot, he revealed to Radio Times that he’d be talking with a slight English twang, explaining: ‘In our version, Poirot has lived in England for 20 years and has made a very long and laborious effort not to seem too much like a foreigner and to speak English like an Englishman. This is also an incredibly cheesy scene where the cast starts reciting the Declaration of Independence in a New York diner. Get the week's best stories straight to your inbox. #abcmurders, — Elizabeth Munday (@liz_munday) December 26, 2018, John Malkovich’s accent as Poirot is straight out of Johnny English #ABCMurders, Watching #ABCMurders and cannot take John Malkovich’s French accent seriously as last time I heard it it was coming from Pascal Sauvage in Johnny English, — Mary Palmer (@marycpalmer) December 26, 2018, I can’t take John Malkovich seriously as Poirot when he’s doing his French accent from Johnny English ? In this very nineties throwback movie, Gary Oldman was tasked with playing just your average Russian-speaking Kazakh communist plane hijacker. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as his infamous Russian accent has since acquired cult stardom for its abrupt and monotone hilarity. #TheABCMurders, — mr father christmas sir ? He’s the strongest contender for the new pope, and it’s easy to see why. Just ask Brad Pitt. Mortensen really looked the part too, as he visited a Russian criminologist to get himself decked out in mafia tattoos – the look was apparently so realistic that he silenced terrified diners upon entering a Russian restaurant in London. But what many forget is that Kevin Costner delivers one of the least convincing British accents ever seen on film. Not only was Reeves' acting not quite up to snuff, his attempt at sounding like a highly educated 19th-century English solicitor is downright laughable.

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