johnson rifle vs garand

This was obvious. thanks:bigeyes: M1941 Johnson rifle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a secret lab on the shores of lake titicaca, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.

It seems some people within all branches of the military liked or preferred the Johnson rifle, even if they couldn’t say it out loud to just anyone. I know I don’t see many. The refusal of the Netherlands Purchasing Commission to release any more Johnson rifles to the Marines due to the ongoing delays in Johnson Automatics, Inc., rectifying the mechanical problems with them, along with the fact that standardized arms, such as M1 Garand rifles, M1/M1A1 carbines and Browning Automatic Rifles were available, rendered moot the necessity to continue efforts to procure additional Johnson rifles.

We took off the barrels and buried them on the beach on Bougainville … I broke my rifle down and put it in a jump bag.

After WWII, the US military wanted a rifle using a more compact cartridge, with select fire, box magazine, and a lighter and more compact overall. Oct 16, 2007 #1 . The Johnson rifle performed relatively well in the tests but, like any arm still being developed, a number of weaknesses were noted.

BTW I know that …

He felt the new rifle should be recoil operated. It turns my stomach to think about these rifles being modified like this back then, but on the other hand, they got 8,000 Johnson rifles into the country that may never have gotten here otherwise. The Congressional hearings ended with a verdict that the rifles were equals. It had no magazine and just a stub of a barrel, and was made only to test if the basic action would stay locked when fired and then unlock and open at the correct time. This got Melvin Johnson thinking. A unique feature of the Johnson rifle and light machine gun was the fact that the barrels could be quickly and easily removed.

One was turned over to Aberdeen for testing.

Most of these were “transferred” to the USMC.

I’ve heard the lack of a decent bayonet is the only reason the Marines didn’t buy hundreds of thousands of them.

When we reached San Diego, Cal., I sent my weapon home.”. The rest is speculation and comments on it’s appearance.

Of course, there could have been isolated instances when a Johnson rifle was taken from a wounded or killed Marine paratrooper by a Marine in another (non-airborne) unit, but there was no official issuance to any unit other than the 1st Parachute Regiment.

Until then, people keep repeating the same things whether they are right or not. When the Marine Corps did adopt a semiautomatic rifle, the war was under way and time was of the essence. The Marine 1st Parachute Battalion was preparing to depart for overseas combat action in the Solomon Islands accompanied by a variety of arms, including 87 Model of 1941 Johnson Light Machine Guns and 565 Model 55 Reising submachine guns.

He had leased the factory only five months before.

Guns were hard to get with the world going to war, but Melvin Johnson had a rifle he wanted to sell. The Johnson was the only one with a single stage trigger, which the Marine testers were not accustomed to. But they did not change to a semiauto at that time.

However, it has not been confirmed that all the 1st Parachute Regiment Johnson rifles had this modification, and a number may have retained the original, unmodified front sight. I’ve heard they recoiled harder than the Garand, and couldn’t shoot as well. Found little difference between the two.” Given the reputation that the M1 Garand had garnered in combat, Krulak obviously held the Johnson rifle in high regard. Contrary to what is sometimes claimed, there was never any such thing as a special “Marine Corps” Model of 1941 Johnson rifle. 1,348 4. The Johnson company subsequently advertised these rifles for sale to “members of the National Rifle Association only” for $250 each via an advertisement in a 1946 issue in The American Rifleman magazine.

It had an F.C.

Ness published the results of Van Orden’s test in a 1939 issue of American Rifleman. When Melvin Johnson got the Dutch contract in August of 1940, he had no factory, had no manufacturing experience at all, and had around a dozen prototype rifles made by contractors.

When the Parachute Regiments were broken up some time in early 1944 after the Bougainville campaign ended, they were ordered to dispose of all Johnson rifles. Johnson turned to other nations in an attempt to market his semi-automatic rifle and light machine gun. He replied: “Oh. In five months time, he had leased a factory building, staffed it, equipped it during a time when machine tools were restricted, fought shortages of raw material, and learned how to manufacture military grade rifles. The Johnson Auto-Carbine (above), employing features of both the rifle and light machine gun, was taken to Bougainville by Marine Harry Torgerson. In this case, the Johnson company sold 1,000 Model 1941 rifles in 7x57 mm Mauser to the government of Chile, which accounted for almost two-thirds of the overruns. Johnson wanted more prototypes built (he was developing his very similar Light Machinegun at this same time) but Marlin could not help him this time since they were already taking on military contracts and didn’t have the capacity. This gets kind of hazy too, and records are scarce. When the Marines made their first landings of the Pacific campaign on Guadalcanal in August 1942, the Raiders and some parachutists (by sea, not air) went into Gavatu, an island across the channel from Guadalcanal.

If you want to learn the actual facts about the M1941 Johnson's development and testing you have to read, Bruce Canfield's, "Johnson Rifles and Machine Guns". Here is a small file on the test between the Johnson and the M1 Garand Rifle. I remember seeing one at a range (at a Highpower match no less), and never saw that shooter again. Third, a civilian shooter from the onlookers asked permission to shoot the Johnson rifle.

Yes. The Johnson rifle was a prototype designed by an attorney who had a gun hobby, and it stood up well against a rifle the government has spent a lot of time and money getting developed by professionals. With the success of the Johnson LMG and failure of the Reising SMG with the ParaMarines, someone suggested replacing the Reising SMG with the Johnson semiauto rifle, which could be broken down as small as the LMG and probably gotten into action even faster. One thing Johnson got out of the hearings was more selling points. The standardized American service rifle during World War II was the M1 Garand. Johnson thought a contingency plan should be in place, or, as he put it “We should have two strings for our bow”. He thought he could do better. These involved the LMG, but it had an effect on the later use of both the rifle and LMG. Ideally, he must have wanted to see it adopted as a “Substitute Standard” like the M1917 rifle of WWI.

After enumerating the problems, the Ordnance Dept.

Not one to take no for an answer, Johnson was able to use his family’s political influence to persuade friendly U.S. congressmen to hold hearings to determine if the Johnson rifle should be adopted as the standard American military service rifle instead of the Garand, which was undergoing its own set of problems at the time.

Imagine that the top right portion of the magazine body has a door that hinges inward. I’ve heard they were much more accurate than the Garand with less recoil.

to hold an informal test of his rifle in June 1938. Both the rifle and light machine gun to be made under the Dutch contracts were designated as the “Model of 1941.”. It was one of the first real competitors to the M1 Garand, and the only one to be produced in large quantities or see combat. Winfield Arms sold these in various grades: A Military grade, which was essentially an unmodified rifle, for $68.50; a Standard, with a new stock and with or without a new barrel starting at $129.50; and a Custom Sporter, with new barrel, Monte Carlo stock, optional scope mount for $159.50.

Meanwhile, a representative from TX introduced a bill to the House for the Army to adopt the Johnson rifle.

The major source of information from this book came from Ed Johnson and Robert Lamoreaux.

A Sgt in the 1st Parachute Rgt, Harry M. Tully, used an M1941 Johnson on Gavatu to kill 42 Japanese soldiers and earn the Silver Star. The plan was to equip half of them with Johnson LMGs and half with H&R Reising M55 SMGs.

It help two clips’ worth, or ten rounds.

A signature feature of Johnson’s recoil-operated mechanism was that the barrel moved forward and backward as the gun was fired.

He felt that if his design had even a fraction of armory development, it could be at least the equal of the Garand.

He also wanted it to be able to put into production quickly, in case the Garand failed and it was needed. This was at the height of questioning about the Garand, and the articles got a lot of attention.

Rotary Feed Model, Used, Serviceable” to Johnson Automatics, Inc., for $5,000 ($50 per rifle). Jan 18, 2008 #1 .

Performed similarly with the M-1.

The Garand had been chosen before then and was becoming plentiful.

In order for the Johnson rifle to have had even a remote chance of replacing the Garand, it would have to have been demonstrably and unquestionably superior.

He felt the rifles were deliberately sabotaged by the army issuing ammunition from a lot known to have soft brass in the cases, and by army-supplied testers damaging magazines in loading. By this time, the bullet would be gone from the barrel and gas pressure would be vented to ambient. The Johnson rifle received the bulk of praise.

They liked it’s overall performance, it’s accuracy, ease of disassembly and reassembly, ease of barrel removal, the magazine and the ability to top off and unload, and ability to withstand dirt, dust, sand, etc. A total of 21,988 Model of 1941 Johnson rifles were manufactured by the time production ceased, which was 1,588 rifles more than the Dutch ordered. He was a vocal critic of the newly adopted M1 Garand, which he believed was a badly flawed design. But not really. Their records show they had 87 Johnson LMGs and the 23 “loaned” semiauto rifles. And, at that point in time, it was quite an accomplishment to design a full power semiauto military rifle.

They loaded the cartridges backwards and filled them beyond capacity which damaged them beyond repair. To get around the problem, Johnson designed a very lightweight triangular-blade, all-metal bayonet that allowed the rifle to fire with the bayonet attached.

In October 1942, the Marine Corps 2nd Parachute Battalion requested Johnson rifles. There has to be several still out there somewhere. While the Garands shared the shooting, the lone Johnson had to take it all.

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