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Pharaoh's Conclave prepares youth for eSports careers through exposure and pathway programs. Ariel López-Mercadotecnia y Ventas-Guadalajara, JAL. I'm a career coach, entrepreneur, and public speaker with an expertise in digital media and technology. Bandwagon helps event organizers and experience creators transparently manage, aggregate, and store consumer data to improve engagement, optimize business decisions, and increase trust. Visit for more! in real-time from any smart device. But more than becoming comfortable with hearing “No,” you might even be able to train yourself to like it – to get a thrill out of it. Laine London is a first-of-its-kind woman-owned rental bridal shop providing a chic, high-end experience at sensible prices. For Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Thursday November 19th, we/WEI focus on “The Art of the Pivot” feat. You even negotiate at times you don’t know you’re doing it, like when dealing with a customer service representative. I'm passionate about the future of work and making the job search more human. Ariel Nicolás López. Ariel Lopez. Ariel Lopez Founder and CEO of Knac, Speaker, and Career Coach. The range you want to give is 80 to 85.”. Black Women's Wealth Alliance provides cultural wealth building innovation and elevation for Black women. You’ll need to make your way through hundreds if not thousands of “Nos” to get to the “Yes.” It’s just part of the deal. Career Happiness= Doing What You Love and Getting Paid to Do It. Possip uses text-message based pulse checks in over 100 languages to allow schools and districts to quickly and routinely hear from their community of families and staff, and act on the insights they learn. Ariel Lopez Founder and CEO of Knac, Speaker, and Career Coach. MadameNoire ® Copyright © 2020 BossipMadameNoire, LLC All Rights Reserved | BHM Digital. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ariel… Five to Nine is a workplace event program discovery, management, and evaluation software. Rather than focusing on what you aren’t getting, appreciate what you’ve done. Nueva York y alrededores, Estados Unidos. A Grow with Google Program, (opens in a new window). Want to educate the next generation of caregivers? Ariel Lopez Founder and CEO of Knac, Speaker, and Career Coach Nueva York y alrededores. Knac is a SAAS recruiting platform that makes it easier for companies to screen and manage quality applicants in their pipeline that would otherwise get overlooked. Ariel has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Civic Eagle is a collaboration software for lobbyists and policy leaders. Brown Toy Box is a children's educational products company that creates STEAM kits, toys, games and digital content that centers and celebrates Black children. Kommute provides a new way to communicate remotely through instantly shareable videos. Visit their page to enjoy a 20% off coupon! Origyn is a community-based market tool connecting shoppers to products from community-based businesses. Israel. Black women Ariel Lopez SFDC System Manager at Payoneer. LoanWell is an automated loan origination platform for community banks, credit unions, CDFIs and loan funds with end-to-end functionality for intake, underwriting, closing, servicing, and reporting. Visit to read the article!! Greater New York City Area. Countalytics uses computer vision and machine learning to help clients save money in inventory costs. U Scope Technologies is the creator of the Photo iD app, the world's fastest photo labeling property inspection camera. Source: Ariel has full rights to these / na, Lopez: “Always give a range. It's #WCW and WEI are highlighting our amazing entrepreneurs so you can keep up with what they have going on. Alerje uses proactive patient design to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care in the food allergy industry. And you’ll have to get comfortable with it because, otherwise, you’ll get trampled over.

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