lan sizhui name meaning

When he first saw Lan Wangji, because he was lost and scared, he clung to Wangji’s leg and called him ‘dad’. Hence, the Jin Sect intentionally triggered and exacerbated Wen Ning's loss of control to give them sufficient "cause" to join in the razing of the Burial Mounds, Although "elegance" is another valid translation, Lan Wangji's whip scars and instead of blaming him for the scars and telling him he's a mistake, he says — without any hostility or anger — that he trusts Lan Wangji's decision to defend Wei Wuxian and choose him as his soulmate, it was Lan Qiren and not Lan Xichen who led the Lan Sect's forces, even though Lan Xichen is the sect's leader, the extent of Lan Xichen's involvement in the event, or whether he was even involved at all, chose the worst time and situation to confess his love to Lan Wangji, his long-time friend is a liar and a murderer, shatters his spirit (metaphorically speaking) and drives him into seclusion. Lan Sizhui and Wei Wuxian had similar childhoods. Lan Sizhui is usually the most level-headed and mature of the juniors, but he can still give in to anger, especially when the others are past reasoning with. On the other hand, Yu Ziyuan verbally beat down her son if he fell even slightly short of her standards, and would always compare him to Wei Wuxian and then mock them both. Clan Raising Sizhui as a lineal descendant was intentional – he could not save WWX but at least he could save his ‘son’. There is also a donghua adaptation, a drama adaptation called The Untamed/陈情令, an audio drama adaptation, and a manhua adaptation. Both have a temper, especially where Wei Wuxian is involved. The toughest part of my first reading of this novel was characters’ names; I would get confused as to who was who, so this is a handy reference to refer back to. Now I read it for the 2nd time, I understand why they have such names. At worst, he's. Register It's why he even hates a certain mother-son duo in the first place. As a result, neither Lan Xichen nor Wangji were negatively affected by their time with her and remember her fondly. Not out of mercy, however, but because he was hidden away some time before the massacre occurred. Audio Drama (JP) Even when spelled with different characters, this still helps Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian draw the same conclusion. Chapter 3 This shows that Sizhui is the best and smartest junior, much superior to the young mistress Jin Ling who was spoiled as a child. When Lan Sizhui tries the congee himself, he thinks that the taste evokes a sense of, Also in the Yi City arc; when Wei Wuxian reassures Lan Sizhui to not be scared, he remarks how Wei Wuxian is a lot like Lan Wangji in that he could feel safe around them. On the outside, Nie Huaisang is a weak-willed ignoramus who is only an, Lan Xichen didn't do much to help the Jiang Sect even when it became crystal clear to him that the rest of the clans are trying to sow seeds of distrust in Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng's relationship, with some of his dialogue implying that he's well aware of the truth about how the Jin Sect's acting but he chooses to outright ignore it. However, guilt drove him to placed her under house arrest, and she could only see her children once a month up until her death, for producing handsome and talented disciples each generation, white nephrite jade, as opposed to green jadeite, he's the only mistake his younger brother has ever made, the friend who always helped him in his time of need, using his golden core to dispel the alcohol's effects in situations where he's required or forced to drink, makes parents try everything to get their kids into the Cloud Recesses for a period of study, standing up to the most powerful cultivation clan is a much more severe offence than attacking your own clan, he's also expecting them to always be the ideal Lan Sect disciple, which places a strain on their well-being before they're even aware of it, they wouldn't make the same mistakes their father made, with Lan Wangji eloping with Wei Wuxian, and Lan Xichen going into seclusion after the death of his beloved friend, to figure things out before Wei Wuxian does, leave the elders alone for their time together, Mo Dao Zu Shi - Main Characters - Lan Wangji, Their titles also have an association with light; 泽 (. He defends Wei Wuxian from a second strike from Jiang Cheng's Zidian by stating that Zidian wouldn't fail to expel a spirit from the body its possessing with its first strike. The current head of the Lan Sect, and known for his warm and refined, as well as his sincere and gentle nature. From the prior chapter, “In the Cloud Recesses, there was a cold spring with a lot of miraculous effects, for the male cultivators to use. If needed be, he won't hesitate to raise his blade when he knows it's his only remaining option. Even the senior members of the Lan Sect do not make any effort to correct or hush Lan Jingyi. The second younger-generation cultivator that Wei Wuxian meets. Lan Xichen never believed any suspicions directed towards. Taken in by Wei Wuxian along with remnants of the Wen clan to the Burial Mounds, he lost his home for a second time in the first siege of the Burial Mounds. [1], Wen Yuan was a clingy child who tended to grab the leg of whomever was closest, including Lan Wangji[2] and Jiang Cheng. We recommend you to try Safari. Personal Information The Wen child that Wei Wuxian would oftentimes play with is also named Yuan. When Wen Ning asks for his birth name, Lan Sizhui answers that it's Yuan. Lan Sizhui (蓝思追, Lán Sīzhuī) is a disciple of the Gusu Lan Sect. Born Wen Yuan (温苑), Lan Sizhui is the last remaining blood descendant of the now-extinct Qishan Wen Sect. How unique is the name Sizhui? This is defined through the initial state of their respective relationship with Wei Wuxian (disguising as Mo Xuanyu). Discovered by an injured Lan Wangji who came searching for Wei Wuxian's remains in the aftermath, the then-three-year-old boy fell into a high fever and lost all memories of his past. Manhua In spite of Madam Lan's mysterious history with her husband, she never treated her kids poorly and was always gentle and nurturing with them despite the limited time she gets to see them. [6], Moreover, Lan Sizhui saw beyond the black-and-white morality of the cultivation world, as he suggested that Wei Wuxian might not have been as evil as society claimed before knowing of the latter's identity. While this may be less out of bias or convenience and more out of worry for his clansmen, it's still something one wouldn't expect from someone who preaches about the righteousness of his clan and its rules. View exiledrebelsscans’s profile on Facebook, View exiledrebelsscans’s profile on Tumblr, © Copyright 2017-2020 Exiled Rebels Scanlations. 蓝思追 – Lán Sīzhuī思追 sīzhuī – to recollect and long for Lan Sizhui (蓝思追, Lán Sīzhuī) is a junior disciple of the Gusu Lan Clan. who realizes who he is, he asks if he could call him A-Yuan, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s "joy" as their (unofficially) adopted son, was once Wen Yuan, then after the First Siege he was taken in by Lan Wangji and lived from then on as Lan Sizhui. But in. Find out more about the name Lan at In the same vein, Lan Wangji once buried him in a pile of rabbits. the Lan Sect did have standards and didn't wish to participate in the First Siege. In the final arc, their positions are reversed, with Lan Xichen falling into self-doubt and Lan Wangji being sure of his thoughts and actions. Status This is best drama i ever seen i was watching lots of chinese drama,korean drama,indian drama,turkish drama etc..but this is different there is something is this drama..the whole actor is play their role very nice..the story is specless..thts y i came to read thei novel story also bcz aftr watch the untamed i feel not satisfied jst want knw complete story..about wangxian…Lanzhan n weiying the heart theifer of their fans yibo n Xiao zhan..iam totally obssesed in this drama in Lanzhan n weiying..Thnkq to share this nice story…iam very to read this.. May The Gods bless you!!! Although, I know that things are censored and people can interrupt things the way they want. After Wei Wuxian died, Lan Wangji could not find any trace of him, but he managed to find Wen Yuan, who was alive but gravely ill. Aside from the pair of rabbits, perfume sachet, copies of Lan Sect scriptures and the Chinese peonies, Sizhui is the last ‘thing’ under LWJ’s protection who symbolises their shared memories, having been brought up for more than three years by WWX.

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