lea court witley park

This second purchase gave him the ceremonial Lordship of the Manor and also Hindhead Common and the Devil's Punch Bowl . Wright still tried to talk of reconstruction to minimise the losses of those who had entrusted their fortunes to him, but this proved to be fantasy, and gross assets he had valued at £7m were found to be worth just £1.5m at most. The combined estate, now called Witley Park, totalled about 1,400 acres and Wright set to work creating both house and grounds he could be proud of - and used much of his fortune to do so, spending nearly £1.15m in total (approx. I acknowledge that there is always a risk of this when putting anything online, but in my view there is also a balancing act. Four days after his death, Wright’s body was carried to All Saints Churchyard in Witley in a glass hearse. He gave his watch to one of them saying that "I will not need this where I am going" and after requesting a whisky and cigar, swallowed a cyanide capsule he had smuggled into court. “My lord,” Wright replied, “all I have to say is that I am as innocent as any person in this court of any intention to deceive or defraud the shareholders. Please sit back, relax, and learn of the truly incomparable ‘Witley Wonder’ – a Victorian folly built beneath a lake by an eccentric millionaire… At 16 stone Wright cut an impressive figure, but mere slick persuasion and sharp practice later moved into outright fraud, which peaked in the 1890s. In 1890, the noted swindler Whitaker Wright purchased Lea Park, and the adjacent South Park Farm, from the Earl of Derby. Peter was unpopular with his tenants, who refused to pay homage to him, so he took his revenge by raising their rents.

Around the house are the remains of a … In the centre of the garden is the spectacular Perseus and Andromeda Fountain (listed grade I) of c 1860. A new house was built nearby in the 1960s by a new owner. Much of this land has been sold off and some now belongs to the National Trust. The 32-bedroom mansion burned down in 1952. Thank you Alex – extremely well spotted on the typo, now corrected.

Whilst we were waiting for the morning light to arrive we passed the time by attracting the carp which still live in the lake! Half the aristocracy in England and even royalty were his guests." Witley Court lies south-east of the village of Great Witley and the A443 which runs through it, from Ludlow c 35km to the north-west to Droitwich c 15km to the east. Restoration works are currently in progress (1997). Brown set about returning the estate to productivity, through farming, horticulture and fishing enterprises. Love your photography and write ups. As befits a man of such wealth he required a country estate - though not too far from London. Witley Park House, a Modern movement home designed by Patrick Gwynne,[3] was built elsewhere on the estate in 1961. As I said at the top of this post, it is important to note that Witley Park house is now occupied, and I feel obliged to stress again that the ballroom should not be attempted to be visited without the owner’s knowledge and express permission. 29-30.). On the west side of the house is a service court and the remarkable baroque parish church of Great Witley (listed grade I), consecrated in 1735 and attributed to Gibbs (1682-1754). The new owner, one Ronald Huggett, bought the house and quickly held a sale to auction off anything possible, significantly stripping the house and leaving it a shadow of its former self.

Sir John was considered a good owner and used his wealth to keep the estate and house in the style to which it was accustomed. Of the C17 house of the Russells there remains the twin towers to the north between the long wings added 1683 by Thomas Foley.

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