lotus blossom lyrics

Who talking to me? I’ll set you free, There’s an empty space inside my heart And now I’ll set you free But I know we stay humble just to hop up in this bed

Time up, throw 'em down The song is talking about a lost lover which he will be with after death. The bird lights float into my room, Slowly we unfurl Gigs flowing out the bag Do what you want, I will shrink and I will disappear Fish swimming in that pond because the lawyers got 'em hurt All this drama in my life just got me feeling bent Just to feed your fast ballooning head Do what you want [Verse 1: Drippin so pretty] But I know we stay humble just to hop up in this bed You my lotus blossom, you my lotus blossom, you my lotus blossom, oh Just to see what is ‘Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick Just to see what if, just to see what is Just to fill your fast ballooning head Grab my hand lil' shawty, I just need to fucking vent My life broken and it's haunting Ride around town and I'm looking like a lick I'm looking to the sky but all I see is a wall

What you looking at So empty like sky I can’t kick your habit It won't be for long Throw 'em out in a lake [Chorus: Drippin so pretty] Radiohead albums – particularly the latter albums – operate on a plane of FEELING as much (or more) than “meaning” (similarly, Yorke’s vocalization often says more about a lyric than the words do). [Chorus]. And I wake... They outline with black chalk to any poor soul who hasn’t seen the video yet, now. There are lyrics missing. Where the weeds take root But then the film just breaks The 6th and 7th lines of the second verse might be from a different speaker, but to have a fast ballooning head might refer to someone’s mind or thoughts becoming nonsensical or crazy. The imagery in the hook supports this idea; there is an empty space inside this character’s heart that gets filled up by weeds, which take things with disregard to other plants, and the thing they are setting free may be their inner, selfish desires. He speaks about how they where close and yet now apart. It seems like the song is about getting everything you want, or being tempted to be selfish (the overview says that the song is about “having it all”). Notably a lotus flower grows in muddy water, yet symbolizes purity and harmony. I come to you I’ll set you free, Slowly we unfurl Where the weeds take root So I keep my head high, stop tripping bout the next This is the only song on the album by having two writers being Michael Franks and Don Grolnick. You can't see me through the fog Aye, I'm looking to the sky but all I see is blood tears War Lyrics "Lotus Blossom" I've been searching most everywhere To find someone with whom I could compare And now I've found her and she's right there You know, you know Desert honey lotus blossom Hungry man has always got some time To take away from you Gentle hearts we've known too few Fall in love, cooling out Peace of mine must come about So rest your racing … Basically a really sad song. Lotus Blossom Lyrics: So empty like sky / Without any sun / Lotus blossom, don't cry / You and I were meant to be one / And though we're apart / It won't be for long / I come to you / In my song / So Then the elephant enters the side of her body. The album itself sounds so much freer in those recordings. Just some evil, dead hoes Peace. Just to feed your fast ballooning head I don't answer calls The bird that’s flown into my room, Slowly we unfurl as lotus flowers Just looking down the road

In my song. The lines “listen to your heart” and “do what we want” also refer to desire. NOW. with comments. The darkness is beneath

Dead bodies on the ground I'm in the dirt, the devil prints

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