m240 machine gun

Thus, the gun functions automatically as long as it is supplied with ammunition and the trigger is held to the rear. Compared to other machine guns, its rating of 26,000 Mean Rounds Between Failure (MRBF) is quite high for its weight—in the 1970s when it was first adopted it achieved about 7,000 MRBF. As the gun is fired, the belt links separate and are ejected from the side. It was first adopted by the U.S. Army in 1977, as a coaxial tank gun, and slowly adopted for more applications in the 1980s and 1990s. The M60E4 (Mk 43 as designated by the U.S. Navy) was pitted against the (then called) M240E4 in Army trials during the 1990s for a new infantry medium machine gun, in a competition to replace the decades-old M60s. There are significant differences in weight and some features among some versions which restrict interchangeability of parts. The Corps is instead looking to upgrade the M240B barrel through several ways, including carbon fiber coatings, new alloys, or ceramic liners, to lighten and strengthen the barrel. This led to procurement contracts in the late 1990s for all-new M240B. This removes about six pounds from the original M240B.[10]. It is commonly being mounted on boats, trucks, and aircraft, but can also be carried in the field and mounted on a bipod or tripod. The M240L may replace the M240B in U.S. Army service. Soldier ratings consistently highly positive, AN/FSQ-224 Morón Optical Space Surveillance (MOSS). The Air Force has not issued a safety stand-down, but an investigation into the undetermined release is ongoing. The safest way to protect against this is to leave the bolt forward on the weapon until the operator is ready to fire the weapon; then charge the weapon and fire. M249 PIP Kit The product improvement program kit replaced the original steel tubular stock with a plastic stock based upon the shape of the heavier M240 machine gun. The weapon fires from the open bolt position, meaning the bolt is held to the rear and only moves forward as it is firing a round. This was adopted in 1977 by the Army to replace the M73 and M219 7.62 mm machine guns, and the M85 .50 cal. In the Marine Corps, the M240G is the predecessor to the M240B. These settings are changed by dismounting the barrel, removing the gas regulator collar and turning the gas regulator to allow more or less gas to move through the weapon system. In the unlikely event that a live round is on the bolt face, it is knocked loose with a cleaning rod or another rigid object. Its versatility is demonstrated by its ability to be mounted on the M122A1 tripod, a bipod, on vehicles, or on aircraft.

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