marlin 336 straight stock vs pistol grip

It's just personal preference, and I think people like to customize guns, hence converting the 336 to straight stocks. 336 Black Synthetic SOLD OUT !! Never miss a post! While it is hard to buy a trigger guard plate outright, some shooters will trade/swap them with one another. It's just personal preference, and I think people like to customize guns, hence converting the 336 to straight stocks. Project Guns- Gunsmithing articles and posts, Building a custom Remington 700 hunting rifle, Installing Venom’s Antidote muzzle brake & tactical gas block on an AK (Kalashnikov) barrel- cut, crown and thread an AK barrel, Building (machining) an AR-15/M16 M4 barrel from a blank, Cut and crown a rifle barrel without a lathe (11 degree target crown), BEEZ Combat System Short Barrel Scabbard: A better way to carry your TAC-14/Shockwave, Defensive Shotgun Patterning: Deconstructing the one inch per yard myth, Review: TAC II Portable Two Position Wireless Turning Target System, Cobray Terminator Shotgun Pictures: One weird shotgun, 7.62×39 mm Russian: Effect of barrel length on muzzle velocity, Installing an External Bolt Stop/Release on a Remington 700, Remington 870 rebuild- from hunting ducks to home defense, Review: Lithgow Arms LA102 Crossover Centerfire rifle, Colorado Shooting Sports AK Lightning Bolt and AK Lightning Lever Review. "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing". As always, this article documents our conversion and is presented for information purposes only. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (1) Remove the pistol grip stock by removing the 2 tang screws and pulling stock straight back. Gunsmithing, Rifles, Tutorial We recently scored a Marlin 336 in 35 Remington from a friend. Kel-Tec RDB Survival Review: A Better Bang Stick? ), and I adore it. JavaScript is disabled. ", "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. I have found that I shoot a little better with the pistol grip stocks, and prefer the feel a … I like the way it fits in my hand. You can usually spot the Marlins mixed in a sea of Win 94s at a pawnshop by the PG stock. Bill Marr I like them both.Some guys want all straight grips. A forum community dedicated to Sport shooters, owners and enthusiasts. Myself I just like them both equally. Some guys say they shoot better but its not that the gun shoots better but one person may shoot one grip better and another guy the other type grip. We wanted to install a […]. Always on the prowl for a short, handy, woods gun; we decided this Marlin was in need of a straight stock. Frankly, I find that I have no preference one for the other. Most 336 Marlins have a PG. The use of metal working tools and a torch, requires strict adherence to safety protocols. 336 Walnut Straight Grip Oil Finish...Out . Hmmm, blondes or brunettes? Pictures, help, discussions and more. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I like the straight stock on my guide gun just because it makes it nice to carry but I bet I would like it just as much with a pistol grip. The only straight stock I have is the 1894C I just bought. I personally like the look and feel of a straight stock. I find that I like the pistol grip just as well as I liked the straight grip before. Oh, believe you me, since I've been on here I've learned its the other way around too. The only straight stock I have is the 1894C I just bought. Has a hammer-block safety. 336 Pistol Grip Walnut Semi Finish....$90 . I prefer straight stocks for 30-30 and handgun calibers but for the hard kicking big stuff (pig killers) I can shoot the pistol grips better because I find the recoil easier to manage. I like them all. Marlin 30 Stock … 0. I have one of each and like both the same. Pistol-grip stock and semi-beavertail forearm are American walnut. Short Stock Postage $12. Now I have both straight and pistol grips and I prefer the pistol grip on my hunting rifle with a scope. They are the American people's Liberty, Teeth, and Keystone under Independence." Maybe a red head, whatever floats your boat. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Stock and Forend Postage $15 ===== Marlin 36 Pistol Grip Semi Finish.....$90. All content Copyright 1998-2018, FTC disclosure: some links on this site are monetized. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. That probably makes me the odd man out, as I've heard stories about how most deer hunters (in contrast to cowboy shooters) just won't buy straight-stocked rifles. Pistol grip vs strait stock on a Marlin lever action rifle---which is best? Some shooters who like the pistol grips say the shape forces you to hold the gun in the same place everytime you shoot giving more consistant performance. Barrel 20" and magazine tube holds 6 shots. Had no hammer-block safety. I guess I'll just take the middle of the road preference, or, rather, no preference at all. I don't like semi pistol grips in any position, so find what suits you best and buy that.

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