marlin 60 accuracy

This is great. This thing has been shot at least 3000 times, I lost track of how many times it was dropped (once off a 10 foot ledge), its been used to move rocks, as a hammer, a walking stick, and a tent pole. It’s been repeated ad infinitum at this point, but still holds true—”only accurate guns are interesting.” Which goes a long way in explaining the persistent appeal of the Marlin Model 60. Pull one pin to remove the trigger group.

Particularly the brass inner tube. Bench rest at 100 yards, they are as good as their contemporary Nylon66s or Brownings. I have one brick of them left, with the $8 pricetag affixed last I looked. Basically I’m reviewing this thing from my perspective as a diehard plinker and cash-strapped shooting enthusiast. AC.storeDomain = ''; I love my Model 6. Marlin Model 989M2 - styled like the 99M1, but with a box magazine. The Fundamentals of Catching Coyotes | 5 Useful and Effective Tips, A Guide For Choosing The Best Hunting GPS. In terms of bang for your buck, it’s pretty hard to beat a Marlin Model 60. Disassembly is easy enough; removing two screws separates the stock from the barreled action, and a single easy-to-remove pin holds the action and bolt in place. This becomes more cumbersome than removing a magazine. It’s the only 22 rifle I have, although my wife has a 10/22. What Sets The Marlin Model 60 Apart: Older version boasted an accurate 22-inch barrel. The second thing that set these firearms apart is the weight. There is a spring kit to lighten it (McCarbo IIRC) and you can get a metal trigger+ trigger guard from DIproducts.

Got it when my son was 6, he’s 33 now. All the 22 rifles we looked at received excellent marks when it came to accurate shooting. After four years of use, the black coating is starting to wear a bit around the ejection port, where it takes lots of abuse from flying brass and hot gases; however, it remains unblemished elsewhere. Using a speed loader greatly enhanced the experience. Triggers all have same amount of pull so no getting used to different ones. The Marlin Model 60W NRA 125th Anniversary Edition .22 LR. The redesigned magazine tube was visibly shorter than the barrel, which is how rifles from this period can be easily identified. Sights and optics that are made to fit rimfire rifles in general will fit your Model 60, and there are a few places that make snazzy replacement stocks. My brother and I probably put a million rounds through that gun, and loved every minute of it. You’d have to enjoy kicking puppies for sport and snatching candy from babies not to have a place in your heart for the Marlin Model 60. I miss mine. Great write up, but some of us were around in 1960 when these came out, Nobody had a great trigger back then, There was no internet, and only a handful of gun magazines, and they were more about big calibers. I think the bluing on the barrel actually looks better than my Henry rifles. var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance();

enjoy Dave. I’ve got a 1941 Remington 512 bolty that’s been reblued and is ridiculously accurate with its looong, looong barrel. Remember this is loading 14 rounds (although it’s possible to load 15) and it takes less than 30 seconds. There’s no such thing as an unbiased review. I bet I had close to 5000 rounds through it before the thought of cleaning crossed my mind (hey I was 18 and stupid). Hard to beat that. $('body').append(welcome);

The riffle will eat just about any brand bullets and spits them out just as long as you keep it clean and lightly oiled. I'm not writing to ask a question, but to add some insight. Half a century on, the rifle plum gets the job done, at a price any shooter—young, old, pauper or rich man—can afford. Came with a supremely durable gold-plated metal trigger instead of the standard polymer trigger, and a stainless steel breech bolt in lieu of the blue steel breech bolt on the Model 60. High quality shines through the materials, workmanship and mechanics, and the comments and reviews back this assessment. As a cheaper than dirt gun, it gets the job done. Long sight radius added to more than enough pipe to ensure a complete powder burn equaled a rifle—once dialed in—that could murder the X-ring, tin cans, varmints, what have you, with unparalleled precision. The tube feed is common on a lot of low cost .22’s and I have yet to lose one a great feature for a teenager. Sako S20: First True Hybrid Bolt-Action Rifle? The Marlins do seem to be more inherently accurate than the Rugers as well. Marlin 60's and 795's are fantastic rifles. I’ve fired a Model 60 and it’s pretty much what you describe. $("input[type=tel], input[id$=PhoneNumber], input[id$=ZipCode]").keyup(function() { I have the one my dad own when I was a kid after he picked up a newer one at a yard sale. Marlin Firearms has a venerable history of firearms manufacturing that dates back to its founding in 1870 by John Mahlon Marlin. She’s a keeper. With an extremely cheap ebay scope and a bench rest, it makes a single ragged hole at 100ft (the limit of the local indoor range).

It wouldn’t load or fire for him. I’m just going to look at it for a while from time to time.

In, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles lacking reliable references from August 2016, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from August 2016, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 60, 60C, 60DL, 60S-CF, 60SB, 60SS, 60SSK, 60SSBL, 600, 37.5 in (953 mm) since mid-1980s, 40.5 in (1029 mm) before mid-1980s, 19 in (483 mm) since mid-1980s, 22 in (559 mm) before mid-1980s, both with Micro-Groove rifling, adjustable open rear, ramp front sight; receiver is grooved for a scope mount, Model 60, the basic rifle (shown in picture), Model 6082, US Cavalry Commemorative version issued in 1982, basic rifle, Model 60C, the basic rifle in a camouflage version, Model 60SN, the basic rifle with a black fiberglass stock, Model 60SB, the rifle in a weather-proof stainless steel version, Model 60DL, the basic rifle in a Monte Carlo walnut stock, Model 60SS, the rifle in a nickel-plated, stainless steel version with a grey/black laminate stock, Model 60SSK, the rifle in a nickel-plated, stainless steel version, with black fiberglass stock, Model 60S-CF, the rifle in a nickel-plated, stainless steel version, with a black carbon-fiber-patterned stock. The last round hold open is a great feature, especially for a newbie like her. I bought my Marlin 60 almost 20 years ago, it was the first gun I ever bought. The action design is a self-loading, straight blowback operation, with right-side ejection. This rifle sets the accuracy standard its budget-priced brethren hope to reach. The best thing about .22 rifles is also the worst thing: the price. Some very light sanding on the bolt and trigger will make it like new. One of the greatest debates in the world of firearms has to be which .22 caliber rifle model is the best.

Marlin Model 99M1 - styled to resemble the US Army M1 carbine, with eighteen-inch barrel, handguard, barrel band, nine-shot magazine even with the end of the stock, and receiver sight mounted on the scope grooves. I eventually bought a newer model at a gun show. script.readyState == "complete"){ While the Marlin 795 is the best for Appleseed shooting events, both rifles are a great investment. The Model 60 is a reliable little beast. You can make a Ruger more accurate by a lot but as a general rule they come out of the box less accurate than a 60. Marlin also moved away from their practice of using steel inner tubes with their tubular magazine.

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