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It's unclear precisely what Anna did for Don that made him thank her so profusely for making his new life possible. But it's terrific; I look forward to it almost as much as the show..I have a question: Does anyone know just why it is that Dick Whitman needs a new identity? Pete, who is unable to conceive a child with Trudy and is looking to adopt, runs into resistance from his mother, who does not want someone not of their bloodline as part of the family. Jon Hamm and January Jones were also nominated for Best Actor – Television Series Drama and Best Actress – Television Series Drama, respectively. She tries to comfort him when he tells her what happened. House, "Adverse Events": Firecracker, firecracker,... That's it for me? She didn’t really seem to trust him that much apparently, like how she said to Don that she didn’t know what her husband told him to do. Heroes, "Angels and Monsters": 'Round the way, the... Sepinwall on TV: 'Eli Stone' season two review. And that she felt secure enough about herself to joke w/ Pete about her "affair w/ Don" going well, since she'd know that's what the scuttlebutt would be at SC. They had chemistry in every way, especially sexually. Last season, Joan had trouble grasping the fact that other women might not have the same goals or view her advice as gospel. If the merger goes through, he might come home to find that his career, like his marriage, isn't on stable ground. Don't know that song. Early in the ep, Betty wanted to light up but couldn't find her lighter because presumably Sally had it. Its just that one moment they are on the floor in Don's office, and the next they were outside like nothing had happened. I guess that was the point, to act like nothing happened. [7] Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly called the episode "a knock-out", and commented on the "remarkable intimacy" of the scenes between Don and Peggy. This guy clearly doesn't have one.Also, Don attacked Bobbie in the ladies room of the restaurant where they met so that her husband (the comic) could apologize for cracking cruel jokes about his sponsor's wife. I'd never thought of Don in that light before, but I certainly see him now, constantly reinventing himself but in his case, not even believing he is always himself.I thought the hotrodders provided Don a happy look at his past - the car itself - and fit his belief that anything can be refitted, repainted, and made better. As Peggy returns to Don's office, they have an argument over Peggy's contribution to the award-winning Glo-Coat campaign and Don's lack of appreciation for her work. Betty and Don quarrel over disciplining their son, until Don reveals the abuse he suffered as a child to Betty for the first time. Although the episode doesn't track the Peer Gynt story precisely (nor should it), it (now) makes sense to me to think of the nomads from "The Jet Set" as creepy, repellent trolls. It's love, being a little secretive is understandable, felt very odd to my modern ears, but probably true at the time.Do you think there's any proof of Anna's existence in the desk drawer/door Betty's been trying to open? I think it may be the precursor to a diagnosis of some kind. *Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather folks take the time to read all of the comments before they comment and say something that's been said already. What a change from season 1!4. This is very confusing for me. Also, doesn't Kinsey sound pompous on that bus? *Paul seems changed from trip - Not so pompous. We’ve never even seen her ask him about his childhood.Betty has made several subtle references to the fact that she "knows nothing" about Don's past. "Joan went for her young fiance because Cooper criticized her (and made her cry) on the night of Roger's heart attack. He definitely seemed to have no interest in doing ad work for defense contractors. I thought the scene where Bert Cooper is left alone in the office at the end of partners meetings was like a reverse of the end of the Godfather. He is very believably playing one man who really is 2 characters. Sal invites Ken over for Sunday dinner to discuss Ken's new short story, which leaves Sal's wife feeling left out. I don't know if that was a mistake, or if they intended for Anna to be fudging about what the card meant in order to get her point across to Don (her interpretation was pretty unique - a little too perfect, if you know what I mean). pamela jaye, thanks for bringing up that Don is in Roger's old office. Or Don could have traveled to NY for some reason, perhaps for an interview with SC. With Anna, clearly, his comfort level is such that such tasks aren't the burden they seem at home. "Joan never forced her to do anything, especially not neck the guy. He wasn't confident and reserved Don Draper, but nor was he cowardly Dick Whitman. @holly g, glad someone else picked up on the Peer Gynt references. My family, my wife, my kids." Sarah Beth is right. Fringe, "The Arrival": I won't have what he's having. Joan's been raped, and Peggy can't catch a break with the boys. I feel as though in the original vision of the show, this was a big part of why they were destined to be friends.Thank you, Alan, as always, for this companion. Maybe the Brits will recognize his vision and by next season he'll have a more powerful (and menacing) role at SC. Don's business trip to Los Angeles takes an unexpected detour when he falls in with a group of wealthy nomads; Peggy attempts to go on a date to a Bob Dylan concert with Kurt before finding out he's a homosexual, and Duck holds a secret meeting to help sell Sterling Cooper to British firm Putnam, Powell & Lowe. "I have a question about Peggy's pitch. Closeted gay men, unfulfilled secretaries, sexist bosses, overbearing parents, alcoholics, women stigmatized by abortion, and the military-industrial complex all exist in the modern day, too. For that matter maybe Peggy could use another shot at him too; I found the remark about hanging all those career trophies on the wall (instead of pics of loved ones) to be kinda poignant.One more thought, I was interested in the idea of all this activity taking place at SC in Don's absence, and wondered about any significance of the rape happening in his vacated office. Who cares?” They decide to spend the weekend on the town in search of actual bachelors.....Across town, Joan and Carol are getting ready in Joan’s bedroom. Anna is oblivious to her condition because her sister and doctor feel it's best to let her live out the short time she has left in peace. Quick thoughts: I took Betty's bleeding to represent a miscarriage. Fiance said he could pretend to be Don Draper.

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