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That wasn't the point. "You should know, if you make me cry because you can't be a proper adult, let alone a master sorcerer, I won't forgive you." But right now I don't give a shit. "You would never forgive me. His raven hair, white skin, slender frame and sapphire eyes made him looked like an ethereal beauty from a magical world. They both might have forgotten it in the heat of moment, but it hadn't stopped existing. I do enjoy the odd rarepair and gen fic I am used to be friends with my servant, since we will spend a lot of time together. When it becomes too much, she recruits Arthur and Gwen's help chasing after the manservant. You can't be sure of that. Arthur confessed in the same tone. Please consider turning it on! I love you so much". Knowing when to accept defeat though, he decided to pursue the subject on a later date, when they both weren't on edge of losing their temper because of the fiery hell raining down on them. Arthur knew he wanted to touch, but he won't prompt Merlin to do it. You realize that you could've just grown your hair instead of wearing those god awful neckerchiefs right?" I would rather be sweaty than have sun burns everywhere anyway. Now he saw his dream becoming more impossible at every step he took. I don't want you to. "What was I supposed to do huh? Prince Arthur is forced by his father to go to the kingdom Draken to seduce and marry prince Merlin. What if Arthur went after Merlin in the tunnels outside of Ealdor earlier? "Good." But then Merlin gently pried his arm away from around his shoulder, and he resigned himself to be carried by unknown faceless men. The sorcerer, Emrys, opened his eyes and looked at Arthur's eyes, searching his gaze, wincing when he found it completely closed off. It's alright. And I certainly don't regret loving you, even while knowing it won't be reciprocated. "Stop acting like one and I will." Arthur said in a hoarse whisper. Arthur snatched his hands back as if burnt. I know you're hardly gonna be naked if you take your breaches off. Arthur agrees to house merlin in Camelot with full knowledge of this. Do something to displease me and she dies". He had looked unhinged as he taken off his shirt to reveal a parrot painted- no it wasn't a paint, it was just there- on the middle of his chest. Merlin squawked, sitting up abruptly and looking at Arthur in surprise. After Arthur had spent days agonizing about every lost moment, and had talked to Merlin about honesty and not lying to his prince, walking each other through the sting of betrayal and the necessity of deception. Sadly Merlin doesn't return his affections but Arthur won't stop until he gets what he wants and what he believes to be his. She wore peasant's clothes; she was paler and more worn out than ever. He kissed them, caressed them with his thumbs and whispered how beautiful Merlin was. LOL Earlier this year (2012), I've discovered my inner yaoi fangirl, and got hook on BBC Merlin- thus, my love for this pairing was born! "Everyone dies sometime.". Whenever Merlin brought him breakfast, he was wearing it. Which was why he glanced significantly at Gwaine after a few minutes. His cheekbones, sharp, angular, and almost giving him an angelic look, mesmerized Arthur behind his closed lids as he pumped his fist, up and down, moaning out a sound and hoping against all hope that it wasn't the name of his manservant. Gwaine called out, breaking Arthur out of his trance of staring at Merlin playing with the brown cloth around his neck. Merlin got off and looked around at what would be his home from now on. Don't you dare to touch me! Arthur warned, which silenced Merlin. Arthur decided that this particular patrol duty was a bad idea. Arthur swallowed. Gwaine, Leon and Percival were jumping around the lake, playfully throwing the water at each other's faces, shirtless wet and happy. Merlin said to his lap. Merthur slash fic. They were out hunting, deep in the forest, a whole day's ride away from the palace, when it happened. He winked and looked in Merlin's direction, who was quietly humming now, eyes closed. "One day." He had no control over them. The two men faced each other and Arthur took Merlin's hands in his almost immediately. "You let me decide that." People [are] hiding everywhere; stand still as a stone... Merlin has imagined telling Arthur his secret. "Don't. "I told you. Work Search: He placed a ring on Merlin's finger. I will die before letting my own son and heir disgracing me, Camelot and himself like that." He shrugged, as if it was nothing. We won't be able to … Then, remembering himself, he started to struggled and managed to push the king away. He would not be able to make Merlin wear low backed gowns that displayed the soul mark, the sign marking Merlin as Arthur's, to the world, the way he ached to do. If I am human now, I think my human side will abide by that rule." Once he had enough distance between them to see, he gave Merlin him a once over, and realized that yes, the bandage around Merlin's abdominal wound was indeed displaced, blood smearing on both their skins. For many hushed moments, none of them spoke, until the silence and the dark became oppressive to Arthur and he had to open his eyes. He moved his hand forward anyway, landing one hand on Merlin's right arm, mindful of the hurt shoulder, stabilizing him, the other moving reverently towards what Merlin had been hiding from him. Gaius and Merlin were both bending over him next second, asking him questions about how he felt, quietly reprimanding him about not being careful enough with his life. But he's never imagined this. Merlin lightly shoved at his shoulder, "But when you are drunk, you smile at me. Someone who would challenge him to be the best and comfort him when the weight of his responsibilities would become too much. "These are usually the Queen's chambers, but you will not use them. You won. Arthur tried to make sense of the urgency in Merlin's voice, and failed. What could possibly have scared Merlin? Daegal bowed "it's a pleasure to server you, my Lord", "Please, call me Merlin. Or, when Arthur kidnapps the crown prince Merlin from Emrys he expects an evil sorcerer instead of a clumsy, kind, (and strangely handsome) boy who constantly insults him.Will Merlin manage to change Arthur's opinion about magic and stop Uther Pendragon from conquering his own kingdom? It didn't matter if it was blistering hot outside or freezing cold, Merlin and his ugly accessory of clothing never parted. (summary by starwater13 and cover art from pagebeater's deviant). There was a chill moving towards his heart, threatening to freeze it right where it was beating. Even after so long, the dumb head had not learned to expect it. So could someone really love anyone evil? Just dreary colours that made his already shabby clothing… hideous. Arthur's one hand around the small of Merlin's back, clutching him tightly, the other was in his hair, rubbing it comfortingly as if you would a crying child, and carefully avoiding the dragon tail on Merlin's neck no matter how much his fingers itched to trace it. Arthur couldn't stop touching his new husband: a caress on the cheek and kisses non-stop. Gwaine, the master of all things mischief, didn't need a further explanation of the plan. The quiet never felt weighted between them, despite the secrets they kept. His eyes dropped back to the mark at his eye level. Merlin raised his head a little just to give Arthur an annoyed look. His colours. Murdering people, hurting them, enraged and fanatical… dangerous. He stepped away and indicated to his husband to kneel on the cushion on the three steps in front of Arthur. They would have to go back to Camelot, let Gaius look at Merlin's wounds, let him heal, before they could do anything else. It was the frame of a knight, overstrained and roughly treated. His heart stopped beating, the blood stopped flowing in his veins and his brain ground to a halt. "I am glad for it though. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Merlin and the Knights go out on a Hunt, which begins to go badly quite quickly. ", When Merlin just whimpered in pain to the comment, he hushed him quietly, gently prying Merlin's hand away from the wound on his front, wanting to know the amount of damage. Now, I think I should start getting ready for my… well, for the wedding" Merlin swallowed at the thought. I am sorry. Please let it go." Today, the way Merlin was looking at it, at his mark on Arthur's skin, made him feel magnificent. "I know." He had asked Arthur to let it go. What does he learn there, and how will he get back to his own time? One day, they could stop the hunting of magic wielders and bring peace to the kingdom. AU. He started to think about the unfairness of life. He returned to reality when he heard Geoffrey saying, "Arthur Pendragon, do you wish to become one with this man?". ENGLIGH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. He did not deserve the release. Because how can he be completely, utterly certain that he is immortal, Kilgharrah? "Don't die okay. He found Merlin, with one of his hand covering his mouth, his other hand, the one with injured shoulder, raising up and down, pain forgotten. "Welcome home, Merlin. Merlin's voice wavered, and his gaze lowered. Merlin's got a gift, one that comes in handy in situations like this. ", "You're not an idiot no matter how many times I call you one. Arthur doesn't want to, but then he sees Merlin and fall in love with him.

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