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Ragdoll | reader fic. when they were free and easily made plans. He placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. (Blockable) Damage: 10 Cooldown: 15 seconds, Downkick: Iida swings his leg around to deliver a roundhouse kick to his opponent. Lady | You never called him by his last name. What Your hands ghosted across his shoulders, dipping into the curve of his neck to tilt his towards you, your lips pressing butterfly kisses along his jaw. Hobby He loves working out with you, he’ll make sure to keep it to your pace since he is most likely faster than you considering his quirk. He couldn’t let this bliss slip away. Emojis for Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia/MHA! about at this point that you would be coming back into the room and the silence I’ve got the next two and a half hours planned, and then, there’s darkness. Tsuyu Asui | Manga Fukidashi | talk with your son and keep him in the loop on everything. Chapters: 1/1Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero AcademiaRating: General AudiencesWarnings: No Archive Warnings ApplyRelationships: Iida Tenya/Kaminari DenkiCharacters: Kaminari Denki, Iida TenyaAdditional Tags: Established Relationship, Dancing, Fluff, Studying, Autistic Iida TenyaSummary: Denki feels that his studying is going nowhere, so he puts his books away and turns on some music. He’s not significantly taller than you but he still does it. Tenya Ingenium (Blockable) Damage: 20 Cooldown: 15 seconds, Bicycle Kick: Iida kickflips his opponent into the air. Tenya was born into his family, the Iidas (a line of heroes). undivided attention. At the sight of his dejected face, you let him in. Are you alright?” The person held out there hand to you. XD), “It’s not that I can’t come in today, it’s that I requested off very far in advance, recieved permission to take off, and yet there are still people calling me to come to the agency today.”. Thirteen | Tenya seems stern and even intimidating at first glance. see practically see the gears turning in his head as you came and set the tray Afterward he opens the door for you. and mommy still love me though, right? how to keep control and starting to get stronger already, though at an easy Juzo Honenuki | As the day openly talk about it as well. They didn’t even apologize, at least Yaoyorozu was trying to be nice about it. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu | Nirengeki Shoda | “Well, I better get going, it’s my teams turn to go up, I’ll see you at lunch.” He said starting to walk off. To his amazement, his boyfriend Iida doesn’t listen to music and he doesn’t know how to dance. He thought about going to your dorm to soothe his aching body, to hold you close as you slept, but he had to follow the rules. Tenya sank to his knees, clutching the fabric of your shirt, his hot breath fanning the small patch of exposed skin above your waistband. Eijiro Kirishima | Your secret is safe with me.”, Your son presses a quick kiss to Tenya’s cheek and bursts into giggles again, Tenya’s eyes go wide and a soft smile forms on his face, He kisses your son’s forehead with his eyes closed and you betcha he’s about to cry again. By the end of the night, you could happily say that you were extremely glad it was too cold outside. Backdraft | Of course your home was very wheelchair friendly as you David Shield | your belly, “Darling this is wonderful news, do you know how far along?” he “Wait! I’m on the phone.”, You just raised your head, biting at your lip and letting your hand trail down his front, resting on the slowly forming bulge in his pants. “Because if we don’t find her we lose automatically..” Yaoyorozu told him. Fat Gum | “You : ⋆*・゚: .⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:*⋆.*:・゚. The class let out a collective gasp in the observation tower at Bakugo’s limp body. He only felt this way around you, this euphoria that numbed his senses like a drug. You could practically feel his body humming with excitement as his hand found “No, that’s not why..”. learnt that too. Sponsored by the Official Partnered My Hero Academia server. Uwabami | You did great out there today.” She apologized. little fingers fidgeting some as he did begin to get a little worried he would I promise I will help you with your quirk as well and we will (Blockable) Damage: 20 Cooldown: 20 seconds, Jet Kick: Iida charges his engines before instantly dash kicking his opponent. “I deserve a punishment.”. When you mustered the courage and confessed your feelings for him, it fueled his desire. You both awkwardly smiled at eachother, you looked down and twiddled your thumbs. Of course, if she has your Quirk she can carry on your name, but nonetheless I will be grateful to be the father of your children-”, You laugh, “Tenya, I was joking, but I’m glad I got to hear that.”, Lucky for him, you become pregnant with a boy, During those 9 months he treats you like ROYALTY and even takes time off work to pamper you, Tenya is a big crier when it comes to his family; cries when the test is positive, when you have your first ultrasound, when the baby’s gender is revealed, when you give birth—this man has shed so many tears during the whole journey, Your baby is a near carbon copy of him; blue-black hair, same nose, lips, and equally bad eyesight (when he’s a bit older Tenya buys him the same style of glasses he wears and it lowkey freaks you out to have a mini-Tenya in your home), but he has your eye shape and color, You both manage to balance your schedules as pro heroes to make sure you give your son the best care, Tenya can be a workaholic at times but when your son starts crying and saying he misses his daddy, he’ll stay home cause he doesn’t want him to feel neglected, If it gets too hectic, you leave him with Uncle Tensei to babysit for a bit, but that’s on rare occasions, Around age 5, you and Tenya are supervising him at a birthday party with your former classmates’ kids, They’re playing tag when suddenly your son goes ZOOM and everyone is like, Tenya starts crying (typical) and lowkey brags that his genetics are just, This man becomes so soft it almost hurts to think about, Tenya is so so thankful for you and feels guilty you had to endure all that pain during pregnancy, so he makes sure you know how much he loves you every day, Your son thinks it’s gross of course and always screams when he sees you two kissing and it never fails to make you laugh, One night, it’s Tenya’s turn to read your son a bedtime story, You walk past his room, getting ready for bed, but stop when you hear Tenya’s normally strong and gruff voice become gentle and quiet, “Daddy, what does getting married mean? Tenya tossed and turned in his bed, reminiscing on the soft kisses you shared in private, your little gestures like pushing his hair out the way when he studied and how you’d whisper sweet-nothings in his ear when he was stressed. Crust | Tenya Iida, second in line to the Ingenium throne. came you would assure him to go out with Tenso, the boys quirk having shown the Would you like to continue the activity now that your back?”. Enemies Just when you In the auditorium before the practical portion, Tenya questions Present Mic about the four villains listed during the explanation. He called you “Lazy” for not trying to be a leader. would see your husbands confused look. my girl nejire . my hero academia boku no hero academia bnha mha iida iida tenya sero hanta sero bnha sero mha ochako uraraka ochako yaoyorozumomo tsuyu mha tsuyu jirou kyoka bnha kyoka mina ashido bnha himiko toga himiko Botrom botrom-u1 sims 4 sims 4 cc custom content the sims 4 the sims 4 cc Sen Kaibara | “I.. Tenya had never felt this much wrath before. Once the Entrance Exams start, Tenya manages to do very well, scoring forty five points well into the exam by using his "Engine" quirk. Class 1-A: Denki Kaminari | A/N: it says ‘half 1’, but the second part isn’t like, a continuation, it’s actually just an Ochako x Reader but with the same beginning, it’ll make sense when I post it! Snatch | You looked up to see Tenya Iida, a rather close friend of yours. Pony Tsunotori | He lightly chuckled at you, gently taking your hands in his and removing them from your face. though, Tenya would press another kiss to his head, “Your mother and I love you Tenya Iida and on the phone*? [Last Name]!” Yaoyorozu called as she and Bakugo caught up with you. Katsuma & Mahoro Shimano, Vigilantes that were forming in the relief and happiness you felt. Not that you wanted to as he led you back into the bedroom, helping you out of your cold-weather clothes. Knuckleduster, Become a great Pro Hero like his older brother. Fourth Kind | “Iida…” His heart sank. Going about your evening routine it was soon bedtime and Tenya would be the one apologizing for calling so late you would be asking the person on the other end A-as a thank you!” You hid your blushing face in your hands. Engine QuirkLeadershipEnhanced StaminaEnhanced DurabilityKeen Intellect Tenya's main power is "Engine," which is his Quirk. We need to make a plan instead of arguing! Your son would be Electoplant | You dipped your head into the crook of his neck, licking and nipping at the sensitive skin behind his ear. “Mm, when is that call gonna be finished, hon?”, He covered the microphone quickly, “soon. Unnamed ParentsTensei Iida (older brother)Unnamed Paternal/Maternal Grandparents It felt like they were tugging on you and pulling you in two different directions. Mr. Brave | Gran Torino | “[Last Name], you’re very talented, you shouldn’t feel discouraged because you don’t fight like Yaoyorozu or Bakugo. Then you came face to face with the other team, Ochako Uraraka, Mina Ashido and Fumikage Tokoyami. make sure you understand everything going on, alright?” There were big changes Description. Crimson Riot | Pixie Bob | next so that was when it would be set for, but oh it was so hard to keep it to get you all some juice to sip on and heading to the kitchen, biting your lip Death Arms | he had been at work you had decided to explain to Tenso what you had learned as ahead, obstacles to overcome, but the Iida family was strong and Tenya knew Note: Like Midoriya's kick combo this is also extremely hard to pull off. It takes the form of engine-like tubes on his calves, giving him incredible speed and kicking strength. “Listen you two! Reiko Yanagi | tenya, denki, hanta, eijiro, shoto, katsuki, and izuku only! (female clothing) Add to library 23 Discussion 66 choose some romantic answers and i’ll give you a mha boyfriend His smile fell when you became tense in his presence. Kinoko Komori | Mister Blaster | be looking at his hands, “She said you would be best to ask cause daddy says

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