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While hiding from his father on the street, Miles realized that he was starting to become invisible. During the events of Secret Wars, Miles is one of the few people who escapes the destruction of the two Earths. He arrives right when Peter dies in the arms of his loved ones. When Miles refused to help his uncle again, Aaron unveiled his latest toy, a Vulture suit. His physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to jump several stories in a single bound. Then Miles tries to find a way into the building so he can get downstairs, and finds himself on the hotel floor of Principal Suitress who faints in shock at seeing the new Spider-Man. Miles suddenly encountered an alternative version of Peter Parker, who accidentally was transported into Miles' universe thanks to Mysterio, on the rooftops. on 10/23/20 [41] In the wake of a civil war, in which Captain America was elected president to help unite the splintered factions of the United States of America. His mother's Puerto Rican. After his house got destroyed, Miles wore his suit and took the fight with his doppelganger on the roofs where they engaged in Venom Blasts battle which eventually knocked them both out, leaving Miles to be captured again by the Assessor. [43], Miles was present during the battle for Wyoming and Project Pegasus against the revolutionary terrorists of Hydra,[44] in which Spider-Woman was forced to team-up with him. Spider-Man [12] Miles then battles the Ringer. Miles was born to an African-American father and a Puerto Rican mother. Satisfied, she returned Miles to Mary Jane's house, all patched up. Mary Jane and Gwen then forced her to leave after the discussion.[54]. Doom orders the Spider-Man Twins to take Miles to a cell while he sees to Jessica that she will be dissected. In addition to Moore, the film starred Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker, Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-Gwen, Liev Schreiber as the Kingpin, Mahershala Ali as the Prowler, Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis, Luna Lauren Velez as Rio Morales, John Mulaney as Spider-Ham, Kimiko Glenn as SP//dr, Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man Noir, Zoe Kravitz as Mary Jane Watson, Lily Tomlin as Aunt May, Kathryn Hahn as Doctor Octopus, Chris Pine as the Peter Parker of Miles' universe, and Oscar Isaac as Spider-Man 2099. There, he was interrogated by Nick Fury, and his origin revealed to them. They came across the Molecule Man hidden in a secret chamber beneath Doomstadt. [76] Miles ended up in the Kingdom of Manhattan, a domain where the remnants of a universe similar to Miles' and another similar to Earth-616 had been recreated but subsequently merged into Earth-61610. Together, the heroes must find a way to stop the Kingpin before he can reactivate the accelerator and destroy New York. Peter refuses to do so, saying it would only cause them more pain. Then all the Champions began fighting Blackheart, who had still a grudge against Miles,[82] and tried to use the deal that Miles made with Mephisto, but the Champions defeated Blackheart and the demon was taken down by his father since his son ruined his plans and promised to the Champions that he'll be back. Fury then ask Miles to fill Peter in about the previous Spider-Man in the helicopter, but before he could, Mysterio appeared and shot down the helicopter with a RPG. Miles and Ganke later attends the funeral and Miles talks to Gwen Stacy, asking why Peter became a superhero. Miles was filled with guilt and accepted Mephisto's offer, and the demon reversed time resurrecting their dead teammates but unwittingly allowing a girl Miles saved in the previous timeline die. After Flash took them to the hospital, he used his symbiote to remove the symbiote pieces left in their bodies from Norman, who intended to use them to kill Peter's loved ones. After discovering Norman Osborn was alive, Miles got to May Parker's old house, where he was soon confronted by the villain. Destroyed artifacts with microsecond precision. When they encountered him, he asked the arachnid heroes if they had brought anything to eat, Miles luckily had a hamburger in his pocket from before the end of the world, and gave it to Owen. [84] Miles, Nova and Ms. Marvel actively supported Iron Man's side, and subsequently assisted him in assaulting the Triskelion to confront Captain Marvel. At the very mention of this, Miles regains his strength and knocks down the Spider-Man Twins and a pair of Doombots. The film retells Miles' origin from the original Ultimate Spider-Man comics, while also drawing in elements of the Spider-Verse crossover and the Spider-Men limited series. Stunned and speechless, Miles can't believe Peter is alive, and urges him to tell Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. Miles' eyes glow when using his Venom Blast; fangs, prehensile tongue, claws and small sprouts around the body when possessed by Kindred. Miles first heroic as the new Spider-Man was taking on the villain known as the Kangaroo. Katie watched these events unfold on the news, and felt conflicted because if her parents knew who Miles really was, they would kill him. Micheal Bendis stated: "He's like 13. When Carnage arrived to claim Mac Gargan's Venom codex, Miles attempted to fight him off. Miles goes to confront Venom, using his Venom Blast in battle. Spider Suit: Miles wears a costume given to him by S.H.I.E.L.D. [39] After Miles helped Captain America to defeat the R.H.I.N.O., he agreed to let him be Spider-Man, but with the need of better training. Miles Morales last edited by To differentiate Miles' gameplay from that of Peter Parker, the developers increased the focus on Miles' stealth and electrical abilities. [81], During the ensuing attack at Castle Doom, the God Emperor was confronted by Mister Fantastic, and the Molecule Man ultimately chose to give Reed the power that was Doom's, leading to the destruction of Battleworld in the process. Derek Bishop was webbed to the wall by Jessica. [26][27] But Miles reacted negatively, as he just wanted to be normal, and decided to leave heroism to the actual Spider-Man. While going to the warehouse, Miles saw a supervillain named Batroc and took him down. She offered to help him take care of the wound, while he told her everything about his story. Miles appears as a main character in the series, voiced by Nadji Jeter. The next day, Jessica appeared at Miles' school with a case containing a new Spider-man costume, telling him that Fury will give him one chance to prove himself. Back at the Triskelion, they managed to find the location of Mysterio and made a plan to strike. [45], But during the battle, Miles managed to board one of the War Machine androids hovering in the skies and accidentally struck him right into Giant-Woman, and was abandoned in a wasteland away from the battle. Miles arrived and began to fight Venom by utilizing his venom blast. [102] He then called the Champions for help in battling the Sinister Six (minus Hobgoblin) and Lucia von Bardas, who had just arrived in order to buy the Helicarrier. Miles Morales appears as a playable character, voiced by Alimi Ballard. The two Spider-Men battled the Goblin's fiery fury, and came out on top when Osborn took off into the night. Aunt May had given Miles the webshooters previously used by the late Peter Parker. [95] She eventually came to terms with Miles' secret. During the last issue of the "Age of Ultron" event, Miles Morales is seen swinging through New York City and notices a large figure within the clouds, that large figure turns out to be Galactus and thus starting the "Hunger" story event. He takes on the name Kid Arachnid to more easily distinguish himself from Peter Parker. Miles also has a girlfriend named Katie Bishop, who Ganke says that she should also know about Miles' powers and that he used to be Spider-Man. Miles went into his camouflage mode and Peter used his webshooters to get away, but it was too late. [83] Miles became particularly close to his fellow teenage Avengers, Nova and Ms. Miles tells his mother to leave which she refuses to do. Miles Morales is just your average teenager. Unsure what to do with him, Miles brought Peter to S.H.I.E.L.D. After being tortured and experimented on under the watch of Doctor Doom Miles manages to escape his bonds and fight his captors. What they found, however, was Miles single-handedly subduing Doom with a single punch amid the many indisposed Hydra soldiers and Spider-Man Twins. Born to an African-American father and a Puerto Rican mother, Miles acquired his powers the same way his predecessor did: through a radioactive spider bite; unbeknownst to him, the spider responsible for granting his powers was part of an experiment designed to create more Spider-Men comparable or superior to Peter. They did so, and as they left, Hill shot Osborn point blank in the head, and burned his body so that he could not return. [92] Not long afterward, Miles was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. [72], Miles' world and the other were being affected by a phenomena known as incursions, during which the planets Earth of two different realities embark on a collision course that threatened the two universes. After that, Miles told Kamala the truth of what happened, leading to Miles quitting the Champions until he could figure out what he really wanted to do and if he could handle the weight of being Spider-Man. In a fit of rage, Spider-Man beat up Captain America, but Wasp convinced him to spare him in order to follow Black Widow's wishes that he didn't murder. The polymer is extremely strong and durable, with a tensile strength of 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. The heroes are victorious, however, Miles was left injured. However, Spider-Woman decided to continue the legacy of the deceased Captain America in the form of a team of young heroes, the Young Ultimates, of which Spider-Man formed part. Later at school, Miles received a phone call telling him to meet him at a specific warehouse after school. send you an email once approved. [107], When fighting the Vulturions, Miles is approached by Spider-Gwen and the Spider-Army who inform him that the Inheritors are trying to escape via clone bodies created by the Superior Octopus. 1. One of the beings was Galactus of Earth-616. Sky Attack" kit. Miles Morales appears in this Facebook game. When Spider-Man dies after getting Miles to safety, Miles strives to honor Peter Parker's legacy by becoming the city's new protector. This version of the character is slightly older and more intelligent, being a teenager who attends the Horizon STEM school. After Norman Osborn was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D and publicly revealed as the Green Goblin, and nearly two months before Peter Parker's death, a thief broke into the abandoned Osborn Industries.

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