mkx secret character variations

Adds the ability to switch between Light and Dark forms to heal or harm. Adds short range Plasma Blasts and Plasma Gauntlet Buff. Adds attacks utilizing Charged Energy Whips. To do so, simply hit Up twice and then press Y/Triangle, depending on your system.

Tattoos emits a blue glow, a Macuahuitl is placed on his back. Meat does not exist in the Game Boy Color port. Adds unique attacks utilizing Bladed Gauntlets. Bladed brim of his hat emits a blue glow. Gains Soul Ball and the ability to vanish to avoid damage. Variations can include a unique set of attacks, special moves, or weapons that are only exclusive to that variation. What do you guys think about some characters having a 4th variation via a super secret unlock or through DLC? In the Sega Genesis version the easiest way to beat Smoke is: just as he launches the harpoon, attack with an air kick, Up + Right + PA (or PB).

In the Sega Genesis, Amiga, Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions, Jade is Caucasian instead of dark skinned. However, in MK3 and its updates and ports, secret characters can be unlocked for player control via the Ultimate Kombat Kode (UKK). Takes on the appearance of Sektor (red body with blue lights). Adds unique attacks utilizing dual Pulse Blades. Adds the ability to Teleport forward, backwards, or in place. Unlike the other secret unplayable characters from. Markings on his back illuminate in a fiery aura. Quiver is larger and the nock of his arrows glow white. Gains long range Machine Gun and Rocket attacks. Especially if you need something. Gains the ability to create Stunt Double Mimics. All secret characters with the exception of Human Smoke are initially playable from the start in the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis/Megadrive ports of the game. Adds teleportation abilities as well as a few unique lightning attacks. His Vs. portrait is the ninja character's, albeit with a mismatched color palette.

Orange, glowing streaks are marked throughout her body. Gains the ability to project images of himself to attack. In the Sega Saturn version of the game, Noob Saibot is once more a palette swapped version of Kano.

He could be fought after 25 consecutive wins. Instead of holding down on the buttons during the loading screen (since that is impossible), one has to press on cyborg Smoke and hold onto him for a few moments. Noob Saibot does not exist in the Game Gear version. Can conjure portals which add additional attacks. Adds Fist Bump, Flashy Kombos and Normal Attacks. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance/Tournament Edition.

Human Smoke is also an unlockable character. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Gains Bug Burst and Ovipostior based attacks poison the opponent. An enhanced Torr fights solo as Ferra watches from the sidelines. Gains the telekinetic abilities Tele-lift and Tele-push. Lightning surges throughout his gauntlets. Gains High/Low Pounce and additional biting attacks. Noob Saibot's fireball produces a fiery effect in the N64 version but is identical otherwise to Tanya's in the PSX version. Adds the Garrote Parry and Military Stance. Gains unique attacks utilizing Bladed Gauntlets. Adds the ability to project images of himself to attack. Chain is placed around his neck, with the lower portion of it draped. Can call in a Special Forces Drone for additional attacks. In addition, her appearances are rather unique in that, so far, she only appears in the Nintendo ports of the games she appears in. The site has a rich download section and forums too. Flesh of his forearms are removed, exposing the bones within. A green, glowing staff handle is secured to the right side of his waist.

Gains Dark Shroud, Low Fireball, and High Fireball. It wasn't until a video revealed that a fourth variation with obtainable for the character by the developers showing "gameplay" of Triborg as Cyber Sub-Zero. In doing so, you’ll also earn over 50,000 Koins. Yellow Pulse Blade hilts are fixed onto his gauntlets. Secret characters are special opponents who are usually not found within the original 1P and 2P Tournament/Battle Plan. Wide, jagged cranium based on Praetorian caste.

A green, insect polluted noxious cloud surrounds his body. Adds The Boss Toss, Little Kutter, and increased Ferra Damage. Gains the ability to Teleport forward, backwards, or in place. Each character now has only two initial variations, but the player can now make custom variations. Some Brutalities are also exclusive to certain variations as a character must be capable of performing move to enact the finisher. Gains magical fields that augment self or cripple opponent.

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