mon guerlain edt discontinued

Seriously, every single one I ever loved has been discontinued by this company.

It has such good reviews! Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews.

Like many others, I picked up a bottle of this for very little. It becomes better in the drydown when this strange note is gone. I don’t get any lavender in this. It does also feel like a "farmer's market" kind of scent, which I absolutely adore.

It is heady and girly, younger than the EDP.

The vanilla is unlike any I have ever smelled.

The citrus notes makes this edt feel a little lighter. I think this is why Mon Guerlain EDP loyalists mistake it as being simple: many people have a notion that "cleaned up" flankers lose the complexity of the original. Don’t care for this at all. (I think I must’ve worked with various people who wore it to the office.) It’s got the vanilla and the undercurrent of citrus. Also, it was practically screaming at me to layer it with coconut. Initially, I want to commend the beauty and elegance of the bottle. If you work in an office, chances are there are a few women who smell like this. Great to spray before bed. It is a pleasant fragrance, lots of vanilla and light woody notes.
Still a love for me.

I don't understand how, but it just did. In the heat, it Is very refreshing, can radiate off of you, but doesn’t travel too far. I found it on the clearance shelf at Boots for 10 pounds a couple of months ago. I suspect the EDTs are being clearanced as they are deeply discounted in the US. I've draw the line here! Sillage and longevity were moderate on me. It is a vanilla that is strong and sweet, but the sweetness is counterbalanced by touches of cumin and of gentle white peppers. This divine beauty is gentle and delicate, just a bit sweet but not too much. Because summer is coming and I was in serious need of a new thing to sniff. Certainly fascinating! Mon Guerlain is a tribute to the modern woman and inspired by Angelina Jolie. Smells classy and expensive its lovely to get wafts of it as you move around.

now i always sniff it from the bottle because it is heavenly.

Even the French have to send their kids to college, and they can’t do it on the strengths of Mitsouko and Shalimar alone. In very cold weather you might not find it strong enough, but for mild winter days it's fine. Fragrance Reviews: 990470 This is a new fragrance. however i wanted to give it a chance so sprayed it all over me before going out, i fell in love with it and was getting whiffs of it all night, all of my friends said i smelled amazing!! Well I tried again a few months later and I LOVE it. Let me also chime in and say that the licorice note is noticeable upon application but is way less noticeable than in the EDP after the first 10 minutes pass. This reminds me of Paris because I got for my birthday when I was there. There is a new Mon Guerlain Bloom Of Rose coming out. Probably the mandarin.

This is more floral than the floral version. Something about the warm (not yet hot), wet air brings this to life. Edt is generic but the drydown is fantastic.

Now this, THIS I can LOVE!! I read afterwards that Guerlain decided to discontinue the eau de toilette... why? To me, this is nice, but nothing special to me. This is the 6th fragrance. It just stays as a bubble around you. I have smelled Bloom of Rose (not my favorite) and Florale (quite nice). I love this perfume. When I saw the edt version I did not expect much and what a surprise I love it, especially ylang-ylang note, which is well blended.

This EDT exudes class and could be worn in any setting. The lavender and the Sambac jasmine are the floral core of this creation, but on me that are son overwhelmed by the vanilla note that develops fairly soon, and this vanilla is what constitutes the hallmark of this Guerlain. Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette was created by Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk.

I think that adding the mandarin gives it a feeling of aromatherapy. I purchased it in December at about the same time I purchased the Intense version (also a huge love).

While you can definitely tell the edp and edt are in the same family, they are definitely different enough to my nose to justify owning both. Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette was launched in 2018. Heart: Sambac Jasmine Well-made, sweet, classy and inoffensive, but absolutely nothing new. Its rosier, fresher and more clean/soapy. Rating 10/10. Base: Tahitian Vanilla.

This citrus oriental fragrance is composed of floral notes of Sambac Jasmine and the Carla Lavender complemented with a blend of refreshing citrus notes. And I think it's the mandarin that is making the difference. But to me, nothing special.

Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I imagine that if heaven, fairies and Angel's had a scent this would be it. Have had my eye on the Mon Guerlain page for a while and the EDP was just a tadddd bit too expensive for me to justify blind buying whereas I could find this Eau De Toilette version much cheaper on Ebay.

SHE is the attraction and people notice her first. when i first sprayed this on the back of my hand, the disappointment was real. It is nice, but not remarkable.

The lavender is very strong in the opening, but it mellows down in to one of the most comforting, warm scents. It's almost a love for me. So, I recently purchase this. The scent lingers on my skin for hours. It’s giving me silk-lined power suits and stiletto pumps. It’s summer here (100 degree afternoons). Odd. Perfumes: 62313
This is a sweet, soft, fresh BALANCED blend. Very well done, elegant and sophisticated. This is one of them. It was MEH at first spray. I sprayed MG EDT yesterday at around 7:00 pm and I can still smell it on my skin at 4:00pm the following day.

It's not thick, syrupy or super similar to MG EDP, they're different fragrances, and although I could live in the EDP, I think this is easier to get by in. Pefect spring night time fragrances I think because the projection is pretty strong on my skin, I've not tried original MG so this is purely about the EDT. I will always have this one in my heart and collection! I didn’t like it when it was released. I really disliked Mon Guerlain Florale, for whatever reason—I should retest but I remember recoiling! So spring has arrived and I’ve returned from the tropics to western & northern Europe and sun is shining birds are singing and I was looking for a beautiful lavender fragrance. Not too impressed but maybe it will grow on me. This is for the woman who knows who she is and what she represents and doesn’t have to beat anyone over the head about it. I wouldn’t mind a full army of Mon Guerlian standing guard on my dresser waiting to lead me into the battles of life. None is a clone for the other. I couldn't think of what it was, but after some thinking I could grab my memory of it; it reminded me of miss dior ( I think the 2017 version). I love the cherry smell on it! Except the newest Miss Dior, for its exuberant, voluptuous opening, doesn’t seem to last on my skin and is just a bit too much, then too little. i had been obsessed with the edp after first sniff and was gonna save up for it, but then saw the edt on clearance!! There’s actually quite a strong similarity between this and Shalimar Soufflé. I have had the Florale version since the beginning of spring and I am in love with it.

I might be in love. It has an airiness and freshness that the edp lacks imo. Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum is a feminine perfume by Guerlain. Reminds me of a Dior chypre with a lavender twist.

How a lady should smell like. out of Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. The face of the campaign is actress Angelina Jolie who was photographed by Mathieu César. Just a spritz or two will suffice. The fragrance is available as a 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

This is sweet, a fruity-sweetness that is almost synthetic at its outset.


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