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I had been so close to dead What happened to me? I'm in the Upside Down It's just like, a law. Ay, ay, ay, ay The premise is simple: read a fact about someone out loud, and then blast the person you think corresponds. The saga continues, tune in to see how The kids from Stranger Things … Make some noise Stop everything you’re doing and watch Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown spit Nicki Minaj’s verse from the hit song “Monster”. All I need is my Eggo waffles, I'm in love with those But one night, Will goes missing while he’s ridin' on his bike, yikes! Fat motherfucker now look who's in trouble, As you ran through my jungle all you hear is rumbles, Kanye West sample, here’s one for example, Everybody know (Im a muthaf-cking monster), I’ma need to see your f-cking hands at the concert, Everybody know I’m a muthaf-cking monster, I’ma need to see your f-cking hands at the, And I’m bout to take it to another level bitch, There you go again, aint nobody as cold as this, Do the rap and the track tripled double, no assist, But my only focus is staying on some bogus sh-t, Argue with my older bitch acting like I owe her sh-t, I heard the people sayin raps are gettin trap mayne, Bought the chain that always give me back pain, F-ckin up my money so yeh I had to act sane, She came up to me and said this the number 2, If you wanna make it number one your number 2 now, This that goose an’ malibu I call it Malibooya, God damn Yeezy How I hit em with the new style, Know that muthaf-cker well, what you gon do now, Whatever ever I wanna do, gosh its cool now, Think yo muthaf-cker really reall need to cool down, So mommy best advice is to get on top of this, Head of the class and she just want a swallowship, I’m living the future so the presence is my past, I'm a motherfucking monster everybody know, Lochness, Goblin, Ghoul, a zombie with no conscience, Question what do all these things have in common, Everybody knows I’m a muthaf-cking monster, Conquer, stomp ya, stop your silly nonsense, None of you n-ggas know where the swamp is, None of you n-ggas have seen the carnage that I’ve seen, Rape and pillage a village, women and children, Everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is, All I get is these vampires and blood suckers, All I see is these n-ggas I’ve made millionnaires, Milling about, spilling there feelings in the air (shot at Beanie? Demogorgon's getting all in my way The details about each person were pretty clever (and Finn got an epic burn in on Jimmy in the process) but it was Millie's talent, of "perfectly rapping" Nicki's verse that stole the show. Blast him to pieces just like a grenade © 2020 Condé Nast. Related: Millie Bobby Brown​ Has a YouTube Channel and You Need to Watch It. You’ll thank us later. Trying my best to find Willy and Dustin's got pudding for days Stranger Things Season 1 Recap Rap Lyrics, Just four boys in the basement chillin', playin' D&D. And even the super-talented Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on Stranger Things, agrees. Just four boys in the basement chillin', playin' D&D And Dustin, there was a Mike Joyce was hanging Christmas lights in the web, What happened to Barb? She’s just gone in the Upside Down, Will's now at home, coughin' slugs in the sink, All I need is my Eggo waffles, I'm in love with those, What I'm left with when I use my powers is a bloody nose, yeah. I LOVE EVERY SONG SHE SINGS. (As in like, even Kanye admits that her verse is better than his, because it absolutely is.) Will's now at home, coughin' slugs in the sink That's when they met me, Elev Hopper's on top of the case What happened to Barb? Let's go back to Indiana, circa 1983 When it comes on in your car, you have to summon the swagger Nicki would want you to embody and rap your butt off. Millie rapped Nicki Minaj’s verse from “Monster” the last time she appeared on The Tonight Show in 2016. All rights reserved. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. This could be a message from the beyond

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