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Figure success rates by dividing the total harvest by the number of hunters and multiply by 100. Jan 1, 2020 #1 dbeatty65 Newbie. GMU 42 abounds with public-land opportunities. Preference-point reports are available to view online. Anyone who wants to hunt elk in Montana must understand the difference between an elk license and an elk permit. Still, some hunters will be satisfied with nothing less than a 6x6 bull. If it’s a trophy-class bull you’re after, it’s tough to beat the San Juan unit. Cow Elk? “This district has ample trophy-bull opportunities and an abundance of public lands. On arrival, discuss the issue with your guide – and do what he says. Montana has long been a popular elk destination. I am wanting to return to Montana the first week of November to a general rifle unit to try and fill my tag. Big Agnes Anvil Horn 45 Degree Sleeping Bag-Regular. For the 2018 season, high-demand elk hunts were found in units 6A-C, 12, 13, 15, 16A-E, 17, 21A, 23, 28, 34, 36, 45, 51, 52, 53, 55A and 56. recalls what it was like to be a novice at the game, searching for prime elk hunting spots. For nonresidents, it requires 12 preference points for just a 15% chance of drawing. GMU 4 and the surrounding units average 16 bulls for every 100 cows. If elk numbers and a high success rate interest you, GMU 4, which encompasses parts of Moffat and Routt Counties, is a worthwhile contender. After launching “Hunt Planner Map,” click “Harvest Opportunities 2017 Season,” then “Elk General Some riparian habitat exists along the famed Green River corridor. However, they only track spikes, 5 points or fewer, and 6 points or more. But they are discouraged by fairly low hunter success rates, especially for nonresidents, and few opportunities to harvest a cow. “Units in the northwest corner of the state, 10, 201, and 2, are known for producing amazing trophies and offer plenty of public land to hunt,” said Alcazar, who added it could take as many as 17 to 25 preference points to draw a rifle elk tag in these units. And Check out My DIY Elk Hunting Guide - 3rd Edition. The Combination General Non-Resident Elk License costs $884, and if you (like most hunters) want a mule or whitetail deer tag, too, the Combination General Deer/Elk Non-Resident License is priced at $1046. It offers OTC elk licenses across many units. Looking at elk hunting districts in western Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains via the FWP Hunt Planner, Kyle and Shawn find many areas open to bull hunting. Those areas may be crowded, though. “GMU 16 A-E covers a large area of southwest New Mexico,” he added. The Greater Gila herd has a population estimate of 21,000 to 23,000 elk, and a 34-to-100 bull-to-cow ratio.”. Harvest rates vary considerably from year to year depending primarily on weather (deep snow pushes elk to lower elevations, where they are more accessible to more hunters). Trying to go higher or steeper means you’ll spend most of your day huffing and puffing instead of hunting. The valley floor sits at 4600 ft and climbs to an average of 6800 ft. Montana Trophy Outfitters has exclusive hunting rights on the ranches and pride themselves in high success rate hunts. harvest during the regular season. If you live in Montana, focus on a Post-season 2019 counts in the Pioneer Mountains elk management unit (HDs 329, 331 and 332) were lower than last year and slightly below management objectives. “In areas like District 380, anticipate private crop and range land in the lower elevations, then lodgepole and mixed conifer forests in the mid-to-high elevations, with alpine at the top,” Lemon said. Perhaps elk no longer use the timber you’ve hunted for years and instead are roaming irrigated private land off-limits to public hunting. harvest of 156 elk divided by 896 hunters multiplied by 100 equals a 17.4 percent South Elk Ridge: Good roads on mesa tops, limited access to rugged canyons, great area for pack-in hunts (Dark Canyon). The “A” type permits that are a combination of antlered and antlerless may be available over-the-counter, too. In numerous hunting units, legal elk for the general-season hunts are spike only, but there are some units where any bull is legal. Most encompass terrain ranging from mountainous with extremely dense cover to lowland agricultural and semi-urban landscapes.”. “Nearly all the opportunities occur on public.”, It’s no secret that the Beehive State ranks high for trophy potential. Six of the 9 bulls were 6x6 or better and 3 were 5x5's. Two (fictitious) More specifically, Units 111 to 115 are historically top producers. “However, the Arizona Game and Fish Department has entered into a Landowner Compact Agreement with the Boquillas-Diamond A Ranch, which encompasses Unit 10’s western half, amounting to about 720,000 acres. Assess your travel assets On most unpaved county roads you can get by with fairly low clearance, but venturing onto national forest roads often requires a high-clearance backcountry rig. Hunters focused only on bulls can figure out antlered elk harvest success rates the same way. “The Nevada draw isn’t a preference-point system. Any insight elk bull to cow ratio? Joined Oct 26, 2018 Messages 2. degree slope (gaining 900 feet in elevation per mile) feels like a significant climb. “We manage for a ratio of 40 bulls for every 100 cows. Each can take a week off from work. That’s yet another reason why training is Though he was a competent deer hunter, Newberg says he “made every rookie mistake in the book” in six years of trial-and-error hunting before killing his first elk. Lots of access often means lots of hunters. As one final piece of advice, Newberg highly recommends first-time elk hunters arrive “at least two days before hunting to acclimatize and adjust plans if necessary.” He also reminds all hunters of a proven aspect of elk hunting: By returning to the same area year after year, you gain invaluable knowledge of the landscape and elk behavior that ups your odds of success. There are also so-called “B” tags for antlerless elk, for a limited number of units. “Our best OTC bull tag,” said Justin Dion, an assistant wildlife biologist with Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, “is the 1st Coast General Rifle [any legal weapon] Season. But an applicant with zero or very few bonus points still has a chance to draw a tag. A bonus point is awarded for each unsuccessful application, which improves draw odds in subsequent years. “Terrain varies in these different habitat types from rocky desert to steep, rugged mountains. But in terms of the hunting experience, there’s no such thing as a bad time to go elk hunting in Montana. Even for the hunters who are considering a DIY or a drop-in hunt, here are other questions that may be even more important for selecting where to go (but if you need to know this data, here’s a very useful link). Of course, some OTC units have higher success rates than others. “Currently, most populations are at or below population objectives,” she continued. Montana General Elk. districts that allow either-sex (antlerless and antlered elk) hunting. GMU 36 makes up the Ruidoso herd, which has a population estimate of 3,300 to 6,600 elk and a bull-to-cow ratio of 71 per 100. Along with topography, the “USA Topo” basemap identifies trails. Montana's region 3 is the most densly populated elk region in the state. That’s an hour of driving each way, which means having to wake up an hour earlier than if you camped and getting back an hour later. They turn their attention farther south, where they notice that HD329 is open to antlerless You can begin planning your hunt using either a regional map by species or go right to the hunting district information you are interested in. “These are called ‘high-demand’ hunts, which are calculated annually and have at least 22% nonresident applicants. For a general-season unit that allows any-bull harvest, consider the Pine Valley unit in southwest Utah. Baumeister offers a “Similar to OTC units, designating the ‘best’ bull elk unit is difficult and often defined by each specific hunter’s interest. After setting your expectations for public land hunting, it’s time to choose areas within the national forest. All Rights Reserved. Another tip, Newberg says, is to look at a Forest Service map of the area you plan to hunt and draw a corridor two miles on either side of any road that allows motorized vehicles. If you just want to kill a general-season elk, the spike-only Wasatch Mountains and Central Mountains units can be very good, with access via the Uinta National Forest and Manti-La Sal National Forest. The terrain doesn’t look too steep, elevations are reasonable, and lots of hunting country sits between 7,000 and 8,000 feet. to Montana... Maybe your aging knees and heart But you have to make up your mind in advance whether you want them for next year. There is a bonus points program for hunters who haven’t been successful with the draw, which will greatly improve your chances next year. Most elk can be found in the Routt, which occurs in the unit’s eastern portion. Our state contains millions of acres of elk habitat on thousands of square miles of If you’re coming from the Midwest, consider national forests in Montana east of the Continental Divide. Season,” then “Elk General License.”.

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