moonlight analysis essay

There a couple of closeups that focus on their breathing, mimicking movies that depict couples that just had sex laying in bed. The next scene after this one, thrust us into the opposite feeling of discomfort, with an extremely shaky hand-held camera. Thus, there is a taking back of the ocean as Juan teaches Chiron how to swim. Little”, is the strongest part of the film from start to finish. Cinematographer James Laxton shot every scene in Moonlight with clear purpose; to capture and express Chiron’s inner world from moment to moment. When we meet Black at the start of this new chapter, we are instantly shocked by the changes in his appearance and lifestyle. A sex scene at the end would reek of him being used for Kevin’s gain. Notably, this weakness can be said to make Little behavior in a weird manner. It’s not that it just looks and sounds great.

00 the Culture Bound Hierarchy of Manhood (2) Uploaded by. Available from:, Recieve 100% plagiarism-Free paper just for 4.99$ on email, *Public papers are open and may contain not unique content. Meanwhile, in the ocean scene with Quan and little classical music and fluid motion are combined to make it up here the water washes over us. The plot is structured in three stages of the life of Chiron and touches on the topics of the struggle, Moonlight is a movie that follows the life of Chiron as he grows up.

He lived with his mom however, she was, cultures dictated by white descent, and non-dominant cultures that have been oppressed and marginalized by those of white descent. He is muscular and wears a do-rag and diamond earring—a dramatic transformation from the skinny boy we saw last. Mahershala Ali’s performance lived up to the hype. He absolutely steals the movie for the limited time that he’s in it. The film Moonlight was released October 21, 2016. Now, it seems like the water is a negative, something that he would drown in, not float. “Moonlight Is a Stunning Deconstruction of Black. Gaynor, Gerren Keith. When people read or talk about Moonlight, I think it’s easy to talk about it in terms of sexuality. This isn’t to say that Moonlight doesn’t deal with sexuality obviously, but I do think it’s a slight disservice to label it as a purely sexual film. Jenkins also hits on a true note about our expectations.

The school Chiron attends, which is the setting of the first scene in this act, is similarly littered with blue. The name “Black” serves a further purpose. Chiron lights it for her and wipes a tear from her face. Society has dictated that who he is as a person is not welcome. Unable to, Barry Jenkins’ award winning film Moonlight is based on the coming of age play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, written by Tarell Alvin McCraney. Despite how society so desperately tries to define him negatively, and drug dealing does have its ethical flaws, Juan is not the typical portrait of a drug dealer one would hear about in the media. He remained silent as a monk to every other adult figure around him. Looking over his shoulder, I cannot help but think he knew, even as a kid, that Kevin would be there once more. It clearly demonstrates meditative, somber, longing, impressionistic and wistful moods. Through Paula, Chiron’s mother, the scriptwriters illustrate the themes of parenthood, redemption, and identity.

Chiron’s first sexual experience brings temporary peace and balance. When Chiron is offered alcohol at dinner from Kevin, he initially rejects it because “he can’t really taste it”. When push comes to shove, the people who accept you for you are (Kevin) will turn on you for their own survival.

Kevin says he does not, but the emotional thoughts they were discussing makes him want to; contrastingly, Chiron shrugs and says “I cry so much sometimes, I feel like imma just turn into drops.” Again the motif of water arises, except now Chiron would become the water. Spotify. His famous coming out letter was posted on the internet in 2012; however, he has never explicitly said he identifies as gay (Frank). Essays for Moonlight (Film) Moonlight (Film) essays are academic essays for citation. Also, the bullies at school help the reader understand the protagonist’s personality as a humble boy who lacks masculinity. This act of kindness reveals his care for his mother despite her flaws. In that entire first act, we only see Chiron speak to Juan. The film takes us through Chiron’s journey from his childhood to adulthood while exploring his life’s experiences and the people who shaped him into the man he becomes emotionally, physically and sexually. Moonlight. Through Kevin, the author demonstrates Chiron’s homosexuality from a very young age. Analysis of Movie Moonlight Essay. Like that breeze and water, being one’s authentic self has the feeling of subtle motion fluid, relaxation, escape from the confusion of environments that pressure us to fit into rigid expectations. More importantly, crucial dialogue occurs right after this. References However, there is no mentioning of its connection to any Ghost in the past. Chiron”, we find Chiron in High School, where it’s damn apparent that many are aware of his homosexuality. Juan is the father figure that Chiron never had. He simply explained that he realized his first real love was with a man, much like the main character, Chiron, of Moonlight, a coming-of-age film about being black and gay in 1990s Miami.

This is not an example of the work written by professional essay … These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Moonlight (Film) by Barry Jenkins. This reinstates that idea that we are not all the same people in stages of our life. Moonlight Scene Analysis ; Black Identity: The Struggle between Virility and Vulnerability Barry Jenkins’s 2016 drama Moonlight depicts a young African-American boy, Chiron, struggling with his sexuality through three stages in his life, early childhood, his teenage period and finally in his adult life, showing how he develops as a person. Thus the off picture and sound are used to register a different effect here and the momentousness of this meeting. Every little detail of Chiron’s life is a complete 180 from the Chiron we see in the first two acts. Spotify.

From the beginning of the film, Chiron face abuse at the hands of his mother as well as from bullies at his school, which leads him to find Juan, who acts as a type of mentor to him as he grows up. There is a greater meaning to all the seemingly unimportant saturation of colors and camera angles. We are placed in his perspective by the overpowering sound of rocks and objects being thrown at the door by the bullies. Moonlight Scene Analysis ; Black Identity: The Struggle between Virility and Vulnerability; Color, Lighting, and Powerful Motifs: The Evocative Visual Design in Moonlight Moonlight, a film with a $4 million-dollar budget, was capable of captivating audiences with its unique theme not often seen in films. A couple of scenes after there’s a dinner table scene between Little, Quan, and Quan’s girlfriend, the sound is very quiet and the camera instead of intercutting between the three, pan smoothly between wan and Teresa. The Question and Answer section for Moonlight (Film) is a great And lastly, the hardened Black that puts on a gangster fasaud to repress himself. May 17, 2019 by Essay Writer. When the Oscars roll around at the end of February, it’s hard not to imagine him winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor over Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water.

Just before the Midpoint, it is evident that Chiron is already grown into a young man, but his childhood continues to be part of his present life, specifically his sexuality and the relationship between him and his mother. 67). Later in the movie, Chiron and Kevin sit on the beach and have a casual, but somewhat deep, conversation. Juan at face value is a drug dealer and despite his occupation, he defies the stereotype and image most would hold against him. Bullied at an early age and seemingly outcast, Chiron knows he doesn’t fit in because of his sexuality. A man gets in and begins talking with Chiron about girls. Teaching English. The climax occurs on the beach when childhood friend Kevin meets him on the beach and they share a blunt. We can custom edit this essay into an original, 100% plagiarism free essay. 3833. This meant any indulgence or way for him to have those feelings couldn’t be addressed, it had to be forgotten. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Moonlight (Film) by Barry Jenkins. Much like Juan, there seems to be something unique about this character compared to other members of this world. Ensayo Clau . Color has a clear presence in Moonlight, the most prevalent being blue. This highlights the fragility, mutability and the complexity of a person’s identity over time. He mentions to Kevin that he only drinks water, the most “pure” drink one can have. However, the basis for this growth is evident in the first 10 minutes. It is one of those rare pieces of filmmaking that stays completely focused on its characters while also feeling like it’s dealing with universal themes about identity, sexuality, family, and, most of all, masculinity. They make a stop, and Chiron pulls out a gun just in case, echoing the scene in which Juan pulled a gun when Little knocked on the door. Jenkins never hits the audience over the head with these moments, but instead opts for a surreptitious tone. As the director of the film puts it, “I think it’s important to show that just because Juan lives in Liberty City and is a drug dealer doesn’t mean he’s only a black drug dealer. This win was historic in many different ways. Are you interested in getting a customized paper?

[I was certain that I would be waiting until March or even April before I could watch Moonlight. One of the first indicators of this is when Chiron is dancing at school. Another thing to touch on is the often use of symbolism in the movie, there’s a scene between shy around and chav where they both talked about feeling the breeze. This breeze represents the feeling of being loved. The off feeling shows us the transitions into Paula’s calm down as she flips from peace to panic and abuse to get money from him. This film is a coming of age story that follows the dramatic ups and downs of the life of Chiron, a young Africa American man growing up in Miami. When he finally returns to Miami to reconnect with Kevin, he sees right through his act. Moonlight is an American drama film that chronicles the life of African-American male Chiron, who is being raised by a careless mother in a harsh Miami neighbourhood. The main problem faced by the protagonist within these minutes is constant bullying because other boys perceive him as different. Starting from an abusive childhood at his mother’s house, and through his struggle filled highschool years, Chiron ultimately ends up an independent adult. Oceans by Pearl Jam seems like an obvious choice because it talks about water, a major motif throughout the film; however, it relates for a more interesting reason.

Outside the diner where he works, Kevin smokes and seems to think hard on his phone call with Chiron. Although he doesn't say anything, this scene almost functions as the first step in a process of forgiveness and redemption between Chiron and Paula. Pssst… 18). Because this scene directly follows the first time Kevin reaches out to his former lover and friend in a decade, Kevin's stare feels pregnant with meaning and even confrontation. Moreover, we understand Chiron drug problem through his mother especially when they reestablish their relationship with a reversal of roles.

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