mortal kombat 2 moves super nintendo

PIT FATALITY: D,D,F,F,BL TRIPLE DECAP: Do decap, D+LK+BL+LP High fire: F,F,HP BABALITY: F,F,F,HK IMPALE: B,F,D,F,LP (close) Afterwards, we'll discuss the secret fights. Shadow kick: B,F,LK -Kitana has a game-breaking combo in this game. ARM RIP: BL,BL,BL,BL,LP (sweeping distance) DECAP: B,B,B Her roll ability flings her across the ground, tripping up the enemy. Leg takedown: F,D,B,LK High bolt: F,D,B,HP Fan lift: B,B,B,HP FRIENDSHIP: D,D,D,U,HK One flaming skull: B,B,HP FRIENDSHIP: B.B.D.LK Slice: B+HP CARTWHEEL: F,U,B,D,F PIT FATALITY: D,D,D,HK Three flaming skulls: B,B,F,F,HP Air throw: BL in air PIT FATALITY: F,F,D,HK Shang Tsung SAIS OF DEATH: F,B,F,LP (close) PIT FATALITY: F,D,F ICE GERNADE: Hold LP, B,B,D,F, Release (Full screen) PIT FATALITY: F,F,D,HK Two flaming skulls: B,B,F,HP ELECTROCUTION: Charge LK 5 seconds, Rapid LK+BL (close) Slice: B+HP FRIENDSHIP: D,D,U,U,LK Low fire: F,F,LP PIT FATALITY: F,D,F,LK Gym kick: F+LK BABALITY: D,D,U,HK Your enemy will be wondering what happened as they never got to touch the ground :). Low fire: F,F,LP -Mileena's sais are throwable in the are, and thus can pull off a very similar combo to Kitana's. Q. FREEZE UPPERCUT: F,F,D,HK (sweeping distance)... F,D,F,F,HP(close) Kung Lao IMPALE: B,F,D,F,LP (close) One flaming skull: B,B,HP RIP 'EM IN HALF: D,D,F,F,LP (close) FRIENDSHIP: D,D,D,U,HK DOUBLE SLICE: Hold HP, F,D,F,F,F (close) Zip punch: F,D,B,HP Overhead hammer: F+HP Roll: B,B,D,HK IMPALE: B,F,D,F,LP (close) Slide - Press Low Kick, Low Punch, Block, and Back all at the same time, Fatality 1 - From far away, press Back, Back, Down, Low Punch, Fatality 2 - Turn invisible, then press Forward, Forward, Down, High Kick, Pit Fatality - Down, Forward, Forward, Block, Fatality 1 - Hold Block, and press Down, Down, Up, Up, High Punch. Overhead hammer: F+HP ICE GERNADE: Hold LP, B,B,D,F, Release (Full screen) BABALITY: B,B,B,HK -This attack, like all other projectiles, will go right through Jade if she goes momentarily invincible. DOUBLE SLICE: Hold HP, F,D,F,F,F (close) Pit fatalities can be performed on the Mortal Tomb and Pit 2 stages. Turn the power switch ON. Low bolt: B,D,F,LP Shadow uppercut: B,D,B,HP BABALITY: D,U,D,U,LK Liu Kang FRIENDSHIP: B,B,D,HK TOASTY! This is the plot for Mortal Kombat 2, tying the first game and this one together. Spin attack - Press Block, Up, Up, Low Kick. A. Shao Kahn is the current emperor of Outworld, who won it by deafeating Outworld's (then called Edenia) warriors in Mortal Kombat, just like he's been trying to do with Earth Realm. Flying kick: F,F,HK Backbreaker: BL in air Low bolt: B,D,F,LP Fight as you normally would with him this way, you're guaranteed to get blocked and dodged far less. Lightning bolt: D,F,LP Sub Zero -Using the diagnal kick can be great for mind games against your opponent as you fly back first, and then come down at a 45 degree angle with a kick. Backbreaker: BL in air Pay attention to the background in Shao Kahn's arena. Shadow kick: B,F,LK Baraka belongs to a nomadic race of mutants living in the wastelands of Outworld. SHAOLIN DRAGON: D,F,B,B,HK (close) Morphs, Shang Tsung RIP 'EM IN HALF: D,D,F,F,LP (close) Kitana FRIENDSHIP: D,D,U,U,LK BABALITY: D,D,F,B,LK Teleport: D,B,HP -Don't spam the groin punch, or the game (or human opponent if you're playing with a friend) will have no problem punishing you, as it leaves Johnny wide open. BABALITY: D,D,D,LK That move didn't make it to the SNES version unfortunately, but it is in the Genesis version. What kind of a name is that? Two flaming skulls: B,B,F,HP -The ground punch is also his greatest weakness, as it will force an opponent into the air and a possible jump kick while Jax is vulnerable, if they don't stay on the ground. -Kung's hat can be thrown and it has quite the rate of speed, being one of the fastest projectile weapons in the game. FRIENDSHIP: D,D,U,U,LK -Hand-spear is fairly slow, giving Kintaro a huge window of time to teleport stomp you. FRIENDSHIP: B,B,D,HK Jax Overhead hammer: F+HP You can turn into the following 10 characters, Sub-Zero - Forward, Down, Forward, High Punch (his original fatality from MK1! MAN-EATER: Charge HK 3 seconds (close) -Reptile can use the Force Ball to not only deal damage, but to fling the character in his direction so that an easy uppercut can be performed on your opponent. He discovers his sacred home in ruins. FRIENDSHIP: D,B,F,HK HAT SPLIT: F,F,F,LK (sweeping distance) -Teleporting is a bit easier than Rayden, and sends him flying up into the air, making it easy to kick on the way up and back down. INCINERATE: D,D,U,U,HP Shredder: B,B,B,LP DECAP: F,F,D,U (close) Gotcha grab: F,F,LP, Rapid LP Fatality 2 - While close, hold High Punch, and press Down, Forward, Forward, Forward. KISS 'O' DEATH: Hold LK, F,F,D,F, release (close) Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. FRIENDSHIP: D,D,D,U,LK -If Baraka does his Slice and Dice attack, he's way open for a free hit from the hand-spear, same applies to Kitana and her fan lift attack. Bicycle kick: Charge LK 4 seconds Ground freeze: D,B,LK BABALITY: D,D,D,HK Teleport: D,U PIT FATALITY: U,U,D,LK This will make you do tons more damage than normally. DECAP: BL,BL,BL,HK (close) FRIENDSHIP: D,D,D,HK Why does Shang Tsung look so young in this game? What's with the guy popping up on the screen here and there, screaming "TOASTY!"? FRIENDSHIP: F,B,B,B,LK Teleport: D,U The dead pool fataility is the same for every fighter: on the Dead Pool PIT FATALITY: B,F,F,LK

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