nathanael greene descendants

In 1777, he married Catherine Littlefield Greene of Block Island.

Nathanael Greene Senior was a prosperous farmer, iron smith, and merchant living in Potowomut, near East Greenwich, Rhode Island, when Nathanael Greene Junior was born on August 7, 1742. A new strategy led to General Daniel Morgan's victory of Cowpens on January 17, 1781, where nearly nine-tenths of the entire British force were killed or captured. [47] Shortly after the battle, Greene resigned as quartermaster general in a letter that strongly criticized Congress; although some members of Congress were so outraged by the letter that they sought to relieve Greene of his officer's commission, Washington's intervention ensured that Greene retained a position in the Continental Army. With over 800 prisoners Morgan began a strategic retreat, moving north towards Salisbury where he was joined by Greene at Cowan's Ford on the Catawba River where a force of Patriot Militia fought a small engagement against Cornwallis's forces. Cause of death: Hyperthermia - June 19 1786 - Mulberry Grove Plantation, American General In The American Revolutionary War, July 27 1742 - Forge Farm, Potowomut, Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, June 19 1786 - Mulberry Grove Plantation, Georgia, USA, Cornelia Lott Skipwith, George Washington Greene, Nathanael Ray Greene, Christopher Greene, Jacob Greene, Phebe Greene, William Greene, Elisha Greene, Perry M. Greene, Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, United States, Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island, United States, Potowomut, Kent County, Rhode Island, United States, Morristown, Morris, New Jersey, United States, Mulberry Grove, Harris, Georgia, United States, Potowomut, Township of Warwick, Rhode Island, Maj. Gen. Nathanael Nathaniel Greene Green, Known for their strict pacifism, Quakers, including Greene’s family and congregation, disagreed with military endeavors, and Greene struggled It had chosen Benjamin Lincoln, and he had lost Charleston. There are conflicting sources as to who was to blame for the failure at Fort Washington. "Permit me then to recommend from the sincerity of my heart, ready at all times to bleed in my country's cause, a Declaration of Independence, and call upon the world and the Great God who governs it to witness the necessity, propriety and rectitude thereof."
Greene was also a Rhode Island Freemason and bore a masonic jewel, the gift of his Masonic Brother the Marquis de Lafayette, on his person throughout the whole of the revolution. In addition to being Quartermaster, he still retained some command by his own insistence, and he was still consulted by Washington on strategy and decisions. Both Greene and John Jay favored the idea of evacuating New York and burning the city, but Congress, for the sake of appearances, disliked the prospect and left the final decision to their commander-in-chief. Due to religious beliefs, Greene's father discouraged book learning, as well as dancing and other activities. The decision to divide an already small army baffled Cornwallis, stationed at Winnsborough with 4,000 men, who was left to decide which one of the partitions to follow. Early into the war, he focused most of his attention on the swampy areas of the eastern South Carolina coast. Half brother of Benjamin Greene and Thomas Greene, NATHANAEL GREENE AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Other vessels include an Army cargo ship, hull number 313 (1904), Liberty class steam merchant (1942), which was sunk by a U-boat during World War II, and a 128-foot Army tug, USAV MG Nathanael Greene (LT 801), which is still in service today. A man of great integrity, he later treated with scorn the accusations made against him as Quartermaster General. General Green died when he was forty-four, less than three years after the war ended. Also saying "I called a Council, who unanimously advised to avoid an action, and to retire beyond the Roanoke immediately. Privacy Policy | Contact Me© 2010-2020 [70], While Greene campaigned in South Carolina and Georgia, Lafayette led Continental resistance to Cornwallis's army in Virginia. XIII: May 22, 1783 to June 13, 1786. On August 9, 1776, he was promoted to be one of the four new major generals and was put in command of the Continental Army troops on Long Island; he chose the place for fortifications, and built the redoubts and entrenchments of Fort Putnam (the site of current day Fort Greene Park) east of Brooklyn Heights. In 1788, the mortgagor in England filed a bill to foreclose on the mortgage, while Greene's family instituted proceedings against Ferrie, who was entitled to a reversionary interest in the land.

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