nathaniel prescott age

It is Nathan's own father who has been telling him to take medication, evident from notes found in Nathan's dorm room in Episode 4. It was considered rather certain that Nathan drugged both Kate and Chloe, which is evident by their memories and the photo taken of Chloe found in Nathan's room, but that he probably would not be responsible for what happened to them eventually. Brother of John Prescott, Jr.; Rebecca Batchelder; Lydia Smith; Benjamin Prescott; James Prescott and 4 others; Abigail Sanborne Bean; Abraham Prescott; Jedediah Prescott and Josiah Prescott « less. This could be explained by Max simply being misinformed, as she did not know Nathan well beforehand. If Nathan got suspended following the meeting that took place in Principal Wells' office, he will send an email to Victoria in which he completely vents anger at Max over his suspension as a result of her accusations over his involvement in drugging Kate. Though, he is 1.88 m tall, he weighs about 104 kg. August 29, 1995,Fort Lauderdale, Florida We’ve updated the security on the site. Max can also find a Best Son In The World Diploma from 2006 hanging on Nathan's wall, signed by his father. During the year, his team experienced few losses. You can still file a request but no one will be notified. Check out these articles for more information on the Spirit Animal Whale: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nathan is mentioned by and can be seen in a mugshot kept by David Madsen if Chloe was killed by the former. However, his mental instability and vocal proclamations that everyone is "gonna die" would likely lead to people passing off these visions as psychotic episodes. Jefferson also claims that Nathan accidentally killed Rachel Amber with a drug overdose while trying to imitate him. There is also an anonymous email present if David has been suspended from Blackwell, which is possibly from Nathan, regarding feelings of unease and fear at Blackwell without David there to protect the students. However, it’s obvious for a high profile name to be linked up with some girl. Nevertheless, he was rumored to date a playboy model Yasmine Nicole. But how he could've known about the storm is unclear. Nathan appears again in the maze area of Max's nightmare, threatening and blaming her for not helping him or letting him get beaten up by Warren, but also saying disgusting lines like, "It’s going to be so sweet when I bury your carcass next to Rachel and do an epic photo shoot", "Do you want to say hello to Rachel? Probably, Elliott tries to stay in the shadow. If Max doesn't stop Warren from beating up Nathan, he starts crying on the floor, begs for Warren to stop and apologizes. Killed by Mark Jefferson Are you sure that you want to remove this flower? Nathan is most obviously characterized by his blatant aggression and stress and paranoid behavior, as signified by red. If Max reported Nathan, he will vandalize Max's room in the morning while she is in the shower, writing "Nobody messes with me, bitch" on Max's photo wall, and leaving a disturbing picture on Max's bed. Nathan's father, Sean Prescott, has a lot of influence on Principal Wells which, in turn, affects his son's treatment at the academy. He was drafted by Dallas Cowboys, the legendary team, which has been playing in NFL since the 1960s. Dak was raised in Princeton, Louisiana in the family of six – he has a mother and five siblings. GREAT NEWS! Moreover, in his entire career, he completed ranking third in the SEC history in total yards and ranking fourth in total touchdowns. This could also be escalated by his drug use and could cause him to be detached from reality. After Max leaves Nathan's room to talk to Chloe about what she found, Nathan enters the dormitory. Age Prescott was born the son of Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott. However, his tone is much friendlier and respectful if Max hid the truth during the conversation with Principle Wells. Notably, this school file has been modified as per Sean Prescott's command to ignore any of his son's mishaps and instead portray Nathan in a positive light. He had been rumored to be dating a model, Dallas Nicole Parks. For the 2014 season, he started as a full-time starter. He is associated with selling drugs at Blackwell, and it is consistently implied that he is mentally ill and is in therapy. Although we know that Nathan's father is named "Sean" on his Blackwell Academy report, other names seem to be listed. Drag images here or select from your computer for Nathaniel Prescott memorial. Rayne Dakota Prescott is one of such guys. Try again later. Ancestry Family Trees When Max and Chloe leave the End of the World Party, Chloe gets a message from Nathan, saying that there "won't be any evidence left" after he's done. A picture of a young Nathan with his father Sean Prescott. Oops, we were unable to send the email. Nathan is outwardly aggressive, spoiled, rich, and acts in the manner of an archetypal brat. Also, his name was linked with Yasmine Nicole Lee and Rosette Abud. Elliott Prescott (older half-brother) This motivated Chloe to kick at him and causing her to accidentally break his lamp, which startled Nathan enough to give her a chance to escape. They are closely-knitted till now, and not long ago Mr. Prescott moved to Frisco, Texas to be closer to his son. Then, in 2012, he played 12 games as a backup of a player, Tyler Russell. Like I'd say anything. Chloe and Max decide that Nathan is a crucial piece of the puzzle regarding Rachel Amber and decide to go to Blackwell to search his room. When Max enters the Alternative Timeline, Nathan can be seen talking to Zachary on the Blackwell Campus lawn. His photography collection leads Max to believe he enjoys "tortured subjects" when she explores his room. Martin Lewis Prescott (great-great-grandfather, presumed)Harry Aaron Prescott (grandfather, presumed)Sean Prescott (father)Mrs._Prescott (mother)Kristine Prescott (older sister) He calls Max a variety of offensive names including Feminazi, Dyke, Max Cockfield, Max Crackfield, Max Amber (in mocking her borrowed clothes). Please enter location or other information that may help the volunteer in fulfilling this request. Husband of Sarah Prescott However, it is most likely to be from Mr. Jefferson. ...Prescott), Lydia Smith, Benjamin Prescott, James Prescott, Abigail Sanborn (born Prescott), Abraham Prescott, Jedediah Prescott,

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