navyfield ship tree

The Aircraft Carrier, is a very powerful ship by utilizing their ability to launch waves of planes to bomb and counter attack enemy planes efficiently. Intro Game Guide Ship Tree Sailor Tree Components MDP; Game Manual Graphic Drivers Screenshots Wallpaper Movies & Sound Files; Forum Ranking Hall of Fame; My Fleet Fleet Recruitment Fleet Battle Fleet Ranking Fleet Site; Item Store Medal Store Payment History Olive Store; Team NF Contact Support Account Security FAQ NavyField,Unique MMORPG Real Time Naval Game,learn more about the game here! These ships are great to learn basic game play in, and are also great for scouting Submarines in the game. Battleships come in various forms, sizes, and types. All CV's can equip Scouts, Fighters, Torpedo Bombers and Dive Bombers, which are used by Pilots.As with the BB you will need to select the proper route for your BO in the ship tree menu in order to gain access to the CV, which varies by nation.

The main focus of the CV should be to repeal incoming enemy planes ie.

Such types are Super Battleships, Hybrid-Battleships, Pocket Battleships (Panzerschiffe), and Battle-cruisers. all smaller ships and also has the same variations of the CL, however CA's have the capability to battle against some of the smaller Battle-cruisers in the game. While the BB's are also powerful, they offer a more balanced approach as far as firepower and armor combination. Hi, here is the IJN Ship Tree (Click to reveal). Your Support Ships consist of Heavy Cruisers (CA), Light Cruisers (CL), Destroyers (DD), and Frigates (FF).
The MN, like the USN, has a well balanced arsenal of abilities. The ship tree does not allow these types of exchanges. Your Capital Ships consist of Battleships (BB), Carriers (CV), and Battle-cruisers (BC). The guns are generally of a lower calibers than the other nations, only reaching 16" with the BB6 (SD BB). The CV class ships will be available to you at around level 46 through 55, depending on which nation you choose for your Bridge Operator (BO). It also has a high repair rate that has cheif repairman like RN, but it is balanced on all other aspects. ★ Take command of warships, including Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, and Battleships!

When you first start off in Navy Field you will be introduced to the Frigate (FF) first. The role of CV varies from game to game, and from player to player. Ship Tree; Announcement; Patch / Update; Event; Gold Store; Promotion Code; Purchase History; Battle Record; Ranking; Upgrade of server line. With the push of war upon the world the SN has been thrust in to the war front with very little time to ready itself. The APA does not have much significance in any other battle besides these.

Depending on how you feel you want to play your CV is your discretion alone. ★ Train sailors and officers to assist your ship’s captain!

Intro Game Guide Ship Tree Sailor Tree Components MDP; Forum Ranking Hall of Fame MDP; New Account Activate Old Account Activate; Item Store Medal Store Payment History Gold Store; Find Us Contact Support Account Security FAQ Ban Record; ID: Password : Patch on 2020-10-21 10. The RN is known best for their excellent armor, and shell damage. ★ Fight in various historical World War II naval battles! You will also encounter Auxiliary ships, which are Armored Personnel Transports (APA), and Submarines (SS). The BB is a powerful ship which has a great advantage using its ranged guns, and with that the BB's make up the main 'battle line'. Within Navy Field, you will encounter many various ships from any of 5 nations during World War II, with more to come! Ship Data in Full Details Format (Spanish Version) Ship Tree: Neutral: US Navy: Royal Navy: Imperial Navy: Kriegsmarine: Marine Nationale: USSR : Others Shipyard Definition: Item Purchasing Window Definition : Escort Ship Mode Details: Submarine User Manual Special thanks for all friends provide data and correct my errors. Each nation is unique because of their history, and the advantages, and disadvantages that they carry in Navy Field. The IJN is best known for their powerful torpedoes, and torpedo boats. Dear Community, Thank you for your support on NavyField 2. The KM is great to use if you enjoy picking off targets from long distances.

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