northern electric tubes

The original owners, Bell Canada and Western Electric, formed this company to produce telephone and audio equipment including vacuum tubes. The Northern Electric 6SN7 tube has large smooth box plates. Most of what I can find on the net suggests they look exactly like the Tj full music valve in their construction. Each. I've got a couple 12AU7's badged as Marconi that say Made in Canada, so I guess they had their own plant and production? My experience with Northern Electric was with their 12AX7 tube. Skip the INTRO, Go RIGHT to the TUBE CATALOG! Northern Electric had a rich history of producing high quality audio products and vacuum tubes in Canada. This review reflects their use in this context, which gives particularly good insight into the tubes' qualities as the amp is very revealing.My immediate impression upon installing the Northern Electric KT88's into my amp was that they exhibited great clarity across the entire frequency response range, and are more extended on both the top and bottom than the comparison tubes. Western Electric licensed their designs, processes, and technology to Northern Electric for the first fifty years of their production. The midrange is full and exceptional for vocal, classical, and jazz recordings. However, this small gain was at the expense of considerable bass control, definition and detail, especially given the single-ended application in which these tubes were used. I will have to keep an eye/ear out for them. COVID-19 shipping and delivery information here. Northern Electric Company Limited; Montreal, Canada, also Belleville, Ontario; Known also as producer of telephones, radios and amplifiers. If you're looking for an incredible variety of affordable Northern Electric vacuum tubes you're going to be positively electrified with the comprehensive selection of new and vintage tubes that we provide here at Vacuum Tube Emporium! All of the design and production is overseen by a living legend in tube design, Zhe Shen Liu. (Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab) If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following: - contact us to get a return authorization - return it via regular mail within 180 days from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube. At $1400+ to retube my amps I would need to know they are a sonic improvement plus have long life. Don't know, except that Northern Electric was a Canadian company that tended to source their tubes from Europe. The Northern Electric KT88 audio tube is made with the highest quality materials, from the thick glass bottle to the copper and ceramic base with gold plated pins. Thank jedinite24. Real decent tubes. It outperformed an Old Stock GE white label 12AX7 tube from Brent Jessee. Posts: 3,311. The sound-stage is wide and accurate. The world's largest high-end audio community. Read 2473 times. Page created in 0.045 seconds with 27 queries. The manufacturer’s immaculately clean factory houses state of the art and high precision equipment. Northern Electric KT88 (Graphite) (2 Reviews) USD $‎169.95. Way better than my Gold Lion 12AU7's and it wasn't subtile either. Six Northern Electric 408A Tubes. Evidently they are licensed by the tube store and built in China for this Canadian company. Additional Information and Downloads. I have been running these Northern Electric tubes in my Latino VTA-120 for over a week and they have about 60 hours on them now. This 6SN7 audio tube has low noise floor which helps provide fantastic clarity and detail. Other Northern Electric tubes . Returns not related to warranty or defect will be considered at our discretion, and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. "Northern Electric had a rich history of producing high quality audio products and vacuum tubes in Canada. $38.00. I have a quad of Shuguang Treasure KT88 tubes that are 3+ years old and I'm starting to shop a replacement set. We are now re-introducing this classic brand … Joined: Jun 1, 2009 Location: California. While the NOS tubes imparted a romanticized character to the sound, the NE tubes conveyed a confidence that the listener was hearing more of the source material and with greater accuracy. SME 30/2 Turntable, Da Vinci Grandezza Tonearm, Benz MC-3 Cartridge, Allnic HT 3000 head amp, Allnic H-3000 Phono, Allnic L 5000 DHT preamp, Accuphase F 25 active crossover. I haven't tried the KT88's but I am   extremely happy with my EL34G's from Canada Fuller. I haven't twisted his arm yet to bring them over and put them in something I understand, my kit. Made jointly after a 1925 agreement by Victor Talking Machine Company of Canada and Northe... Haut-parleur de type col de cygne ou cornet fabriqué au Canada. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. This is rarely the case for many tubes.Compared to a pair of NOS tubes that I had on hand, the only area where the NOS tubes excelled was in imparting a noticeable liquid quality to upper mid-range and lower treble. Produced in 6 colours - sea grass green, alpine rose, desert sand, tusk ivory, delft blue,... Two mic, one phono input, two sound controls, 4, 8, 16 ohms or 70V output, hum adjust. They also look awesome in my mono blocks! Now I know what your going to say next. This improves tube life and reliability on top of providing outstanding audio amplification characteristics.    The tonal balance was just slightly warmer than neutral, and only by a few degrees. We are now re-introducing this classic brand and bringing to you the highest quality tubes possible. Northern Electric had a rich history of producing high quality audio products and vacuum tubes in Canada.

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