northwest flight 2501 victims

She was helping her mother with a family history project when an entry for Northwest Airlines 2501 victims caught her eye. That site was found in 2008. Recovery efforts would end, and decades would pass, before anybody showed renewed interest in attempting to look for the sunken wreckage. Until recently, the only known mass burial grave site for victims was at Riverview Cemetery in St. Joseph. Until recently, the only known mass burial grave site for victims was at Riverview Cemetery in St. Joseph. If all aboard are lost, the crash will be the most disastrous in the history of American commercial aviation. Sometime after midnight on June 24, 1950, all communication with Flight 2501 was lost, as was with the aircraft itself. The Milwaukee tower nervously watched the skies. No one had heard from the plane since its 11:13 request to a Chicago control tower to reduce its altitude, which was denied due to air traffic. A widespread search was commenced including using sonar and dragging the bottom of Lake Michigan with trawlers, but to no avail. She explained to them about her ongoing search for 2501 and thought maybe having a better idea of what the storms truly did on that fateful night might help her find new areas to look. When the plane approached the storm-whipped skies over Lake Michigan, the turbulence would have been a grim reminder of the recent air disasters in the news, as within the past two weeks, a pair of DC-4s had crashed into the Arabian Sea, killing 86 people. Near the end of the service, Willis Dotson played taps. "Fifth-eight people's remains may be buried there," said van Heest. "When I opened Valerie's book and saw his picture on one of the pages, I wanted to cry for him because he had to be in a position like that.". After each name was read, a bell was rung. Severe storms were developing over Lake Michigan as Flight 2501 exited the shoreline somewhere between Glenn, Michigan, and South Haven, Michigan. All 58 aboard people died. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. The stone was delivered to the cemetery a few days before the 65th anniversary of the crash. The Korean War began within days after the crash, so the country's attention shifted away from this tragedy. Archive Shipwreck explorer and author Valerie van Heest has joined forces with popular author Clive Cussler, trying to figure out what happened to Flight 2501. The ultimate hope is that one day the plane will be found, but until that day comes, more victims of the tragedy can rest in peace knowing that after 65 years, they have finally been found. Northwest Airlines flight 2501 crashed in Lake Michigan on June 23, 1950. Helm was quoted in the article saying, "There was a terrific electrical storm raging at the time. Her new book "Fatal Crossing" is out from In-Depth Editions. “I’ve been able to deliver what the families tell me is closure for them. By the next morning, it was obvious something had gone terribly wrong. Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 was a DC-4 propliner operating its daily transcontinental service between New York City and Seattle when it disappeared on the night of June 23, 1950. The aircraft was at approximately 3,500 feet (1,100 m) over Lake Michigan, 18 miles (29 km) NNW of Benton Harbor, Michigan[3] when flight controllers lost radio contact with it soon after the pilot had requested a descent to 2,500 feet (760 m). Download the 13 ON YOUR SIDE app now. Frazier and Smith researched the plane crash, and quickly learned that Holland author Valerie van Heest had written a book about the ill-fated 2501 entitled Fatal Crossing. Helm gave his account to a South Haven newspaper of what he saw from his Benton Harbor home on June 23, 1950. Their work is tedious, requiring long days on the lake, but van Heest and her group of explorers hope these new findings serve as the map to the wreckage, which has been resting somewhere in the deep for 70 years. Cussler ended his involvement in 2013, but sent his side scan sonar operator back to Michigan in 2015, 2016, and 2017 to follow some leads discovered by MSRA. The site had long been unmarked, until cemetery sexton Mary Ann Frazier and her mother, Beverly Smith, working on a genealogy project, found it. It is known that Flight 2501 was entering a squall line and turbulence, but since the plane's wreckage underwater was not found, the cause of the crash was never determined. It was 63 years ago when Northwest Flight 2501 took off from La Guardia in New York on a non-stop flight to Minneapolis. Along with her team of researchers and divers, van Heest started searching for the remains of Flight 2501 in 2004. "I always wondered what happened to the human remains that washed ashore on the beaches of South Haven," said van Heest, co-founder of (MSRA) Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates based out of Holland, Michigan. Top Docs Actual picture of NWA Flight 2501 before it crashed into Lake Michigan on June 23, 1950. "We're grateful we've been able to provide family members with what caused the crash, but I also know how much finding some of the wreckage would be that final bit of closure.". The 55 passengers and crew of three were lost. That crash has become one of the great mysteries of the Great Lakes. The curious mother-daughter duo wrote down the plot location and decided to visit the burial site to see if it was marked, but when they got there, they realized it wasn't. Permission to descend was denied by the Civil Aeronautic Authority because there was too much traffic at the lower altitude. A similar service was held in 2008 in St. Joseph at another grave for remains that were recovered further south in Berrien County.

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