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Their background check process is finally coming to and end but it's been very annoying and stupid in my opinion and even that makes me want to end the process all together. They know you better than you know yourself. Was it a good experience? However, keep in mind that security clearances can only be obtained through current and prospective employers. Degrees in foreign languages and computer science are also very valuable to anyone who desires to be hired by this organization. That's why I'm very divided on whether it's worth me doing it. I'm a CMPE student and I'm currently part of another internship. Browse career fields and view sample jobs. If I wasn't the option to work for the NSA would be easier, but with my situation working for the NSA will be a pain in the butt to figure out. Just list skills but not talk about specifics? ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … A good opportunity for new grads are the Pathways programs, which are designed to get new grads into civil servant positions. This is an individual moral choice no one else can help you with. Constantly check back for new listings, or set up email alerts. I'm not one to lock myself down and feel like I'm stuck with a company, so I'm only interested in the short term experience. More posts from the internships community. That’s up from... As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives, the demand for information systems security experts grows, and with it, the need for online Ph.D. information security programs. The e-QIP form is extensive, and takes about 6 hours to fill out completely. Had someone call me at the worst time for a phone briefing interview and I wasn’t by my phone to answer. So not American, but my experience with similiar organisations in other countries is that it's a good launching platform for a career in that area. It's a large government organization and like any large government organization has bureaucrats. The security clearance process is very complicated, costly and time-consuming. This was posted by a temp account, it could be someone trying to identify NSA interns. I was supposed to have an interview with them but decided not to go because I already had an offer from another company with better pay. Update your resume beforehand, and have a new cover letter printed and ready to go. my subreddits. I'd say that's pretty average for a software dev position straight out of college. The clearance is hard to get and takes a long time, so industry values it greatly, so it's common for people to leave after a year or two and earn 2 or 3 times as much in industry. NRO, DOD, NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, DIA all require background checks and a minimum clearance that can take some time to get and all of your work will be highly compartmentalzed where senior staff who have decade + experience will be responsible for getting right teams together. I guess it's too much to ask for someone actually in the NSA to respond since I guess that's not allowed (though I've found a few posts online, but only a few which is why I posted), though I have probably not been too conscious of the rules. Education: College Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Graduate Students Academic Field: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Cybersecurity, Political Science, Criminal Justice, English, History Students will gain hands-on work experience while building knowledge and skills in fundamental aspects of the NSA mission.

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