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Armed with the required basics, a Microphone and his mother’s MacBook laptop, Matt Ox started recording and uploading songs Online. In 2018 he also released some songs like “Tesla, “hopscotch” “$$$” which he collaborated with XXX Tentacion. Maybe you know about Matt Ox very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in 2020? He uploaded most of his tracks on SoundCloud but later deleted them all after realising they weren’t as ‘flawless’ as he would have wanted them to be. Matt started writing his own raps at the age of 8 years old, drawing his inspirations from singers like Eminem, Marilyn Monson, and Kendrick Lamar because he listened to their songs and also the exposure, he got by visiting the studio with his uncles. In one of his interviews, he confirmed F1lthy was his manager, but when asked whether he was part of his crew ‘Working on Dying’, he said NO.

Despite being creative, Matt was never a big fan of academics. 1: His mother Laurel Grau was only 15 years when she gave birth to him. Matt OX is new in the music industry and has achieved little financially. Lil Uzi Vert - "That's a Rack" (produced with Oogie Mane) Internet Money - "Somebody" (featuring Lil Tecca & A Boogie wit da Hoodie) (produced with Taz Taylor) Bandit (Juice Wrld and YoungBoy Never Broke Again) 2020 Trippie Redd - A Love Letter to You 4 (Deluxe) 1. He, however, said a lot of music was to be expected this year with a lot of collabos with ‘Working on Dying’ crew. Matt Ox signed with Warner Bros Records in 2017; he has released many songs with this label, the first song being ‘youngest … But after the release of his hit single, ‘overwhelming’ and other popular tracks, we expect to see his net worth increasing. The song was a viral hit and was viewed like 25 million times on YouTube. Its sound engineer was none other than F1LTHY. Matt also promotes various brands and sells t-shirts. All that has contributed significantly to his current wealth. Matt OX was born on 13th December 2004 as Matthew Grau. He is just a young boy at his early teens.

These tracks were very significant to his Rise to Fame in the Hip-Hop world. A post shared by ㄖ乂 (@mattox) on May 13, 2019 at 5:09pm PDT. Over the few years he has been in the music industry, he has excelled and released a lot of songs and even got signed with big Music labels that have lifted his career to a whole new level. The stage performance with Keef no doubt earned him his accolade. 4: He has been planning to drop his own Debut Mix-tape before the end of 2018. Not even his tough childhood has stopped him from becoming great. He has also collaborated with top-notch artists like Chief Keef and managed to be signed by big music record labels like Warner Bros Records. Matt’s artistic ability and the deals he has in place his Net Worth might skyrocket in the future, and he might even be worth a million dollars in the future or more who knows. He net worth has been growing significantly in 2018-19.

For instance, his mother was only 15 years when she gave birth to him. Matt OX later appointed F1lthy as his own personal manager. Matt’s career kick-started at the age of 12 years old when he released his first song ‘Overwhelming’ featuring Oogie Mane instrumentals. It is good to note that his childhood hadn’t been a bed of roses. In addition to that, he lost his father when he was only two and a half years old. He is homeschooled and began pursuing hip hop at the age of 11. He has a number of sources of income. If you are a great Hip-Hop fan, you are likely to have come across Matt Ox trending rap videos. 2: Matt Ox continues to release his own singles from time to time.

His single mom, Laurel raised him after his father committed suicide a short while after Matt’s birth.Despite being creative, Matt was never a big fan of academics.

If you do not know, we have prepared this article about details of Matt Ox’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts.

The morning after Matt Ox's first LA show I woke up early and met up with Matt, his mom, his manager, Chxpo, F1lthy and Oogiemane at the shop for an interview. He has grown up in Lawncrest neighbourhood of Northeast Philly. That’s because even before his father died, he couldn’t do that due to mental illness. The greatest achievement is becoming an accomplished rapper at such a young age, and he has released several songs and albums.

It was after this release that he met F1lthy who introduced him to his crew, ‘Working on Dying’ which had other famous producers like Oogie Mane and Forza. His height 1.58m tall, and his weight 54kg. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start. He’s also been in the studio with Lil Yachty and Lil Pump ! With the mentor-ship from his uncle who was a small-time video producer, he was able to learn the various basics of music recording from his uncle’s recording studio. He has taken to homeschooling since his busy career won’t allow him to attend regular school. It was not a straight highway to his success. His source of income is primarily the sale of his music and live performances. The young viral rap star has been to the studio with various Hip-hop superstars, Lil Yachty and Lil Pump included! Matt Ox is a young Rapper who gained expansive fame after the release of the song” overwhelming,” which he featured another artist. ‘Athlete’, ‘Yeah yeah’ and ‘Deposits’ are some songs he has recently uploaded. But the real breakthrough was in May 2018 when he dropped his track ‘overwhelming’. Matt Ox was already writing his own songs at the age of 5.

With more than 25 million views on YouTube, the song got instant-hit status. A Boogie wit da Hoodie net worth: A Boogie wit da Hoodie is an American hip hop recording artist and record producer who has a net worth of $5 million. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, he’s been associated with the Working on Dying crew and producers/mentors F1lthy and Oogie Mane. All we can do is wish him the best in his endeavors. That’s because it went viral to the extent that it garnered 24 million views on YouTube. With $120 from his job savings, he bought his first microphone and started using her mother’s MacBook Pro laptop record his first songs. He concluded his 2017 with other songs, “Yeah Yeah,” Deposits “and “Athletes.”. A pastor is a person who performs religious acts, offers spiritual guidance, directs various operations of the church, and a few more tasks. His other source of income is YouTube views. His interest in music became clear at an early age. 2: His father suffered from a psychological disorder and committed suicide when Matt was 2 years old. On Jan 2017, Matt released his first album ‘Single Penny.’ Today, he has done collabos with various artist rappers such as Lil Tracy, Chxpo and Swami Mags. The phenomenal 12-year kid is taking the Hip-hop industry by storm with his songs recording over 10M plays on Sound Cloud. 3: Matt OX took approximately 10 minutes to write the ‘overwhelming’ song lyrics.

His hit by the title Overwhelming went viral on YouTube. It is hard for such young talent to go unnoticed. These published stories have contributed to his spread of fame. Matt Ox Net Worth. In his lyrics, he describes how his life was in Philadelphia. His mother seeing the great potential supported him until he was old enough to consider music as his career. Basically, it is his mother who has taken care of him throughout his life.

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