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You'll have access to your preferred arsenal to carry out all Operations in whatever way you and your squad choose. [111], "All the long-range rockets have been destroyed," Chief of Staff Halutz allegedly told the Israeli government, "we've won the war. Previous level Another leaflet urged Hezbollah fighters to stop bleeding and fighting for Nasrallah, who sat safe in a bunker, to stop fighting against Lebanese national interests, and to return to their homes and families. The only combat loss was a CH-53 transport ehlicopter that have just unloaded troops and was struck during take off by a Chinese QW-1 light SAM ", "Defense establishment favors Rafael tank protection system", "Hezbollah missile hits Navy ship off Beirut coast", "Missile, Not Drone, Hit Israeli Warship", "INS Hanit Suffers Iranian Missile Attack", "Middle East Crisis: Hezbollah-Israel conflict wrap", "After the bombs, environmental calamity", "Lebanon Oil Spill Makes Animals Casualties of War", "Nature falls victim to Hezbollah rocket attacks", "UNESCO Mission reports on war damage to cultural heritage in Lebanon", "Israel–Hezbollah War Endangers Archaeological Sites, Ecosystems", "Israeli strikes deal major blow to Bekaa's working class", "Israeli warplanes plunge Tyre into darkness", "Material damage to private sector put at $200 million", "Reconstruction alone estimated at $7bn in Lebanon", "Old Feud Over Lebanese River Takes New Turn", "Lebanon: 7 Media Workers Injured in 48 Hours of Fighting", "Reporters Without Borders in Beirut to express solidarity with Lebanese media", "President Bush and German Chancellor Merkel Participate in Press Availability", "Interview with Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the Middle East", "U.S. [303], Following the UN-brokered ceasefire, there were mixed responses on who had gained or lost the most in the war. [152], While the Israeli government initially held the Lebanese government responsible for the Hezbollah attacks due to Lebanon's failure to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 and disarm Hezbollah, Lebanon disavowed the raids, stating that the government of Lebanon did not condone them, and pointing out that Israel had a long history of disregarding UN resolutions. "The fact Israel went to war before it decided which option to select and without an exit strategy, all these constituted serious failures of the decision making process." Between half and two-thirds of Hezbollah medium range rocket capability was estimated by the IDF to have been wiped out. This decision had immediate repercussions in that subsequent decisions were limited mainly to a choice between a) "a short, painful and unexpected blow on Hezbollah" and b) "to bring about a significant change of the reality in the South of Lebanon with a large ground operation,[occupying] ... the South of Lebanon and 'cleaning' it of Hezbollah." [402], The 2006 Lebanon War is the subject of two feature length films, both of which were screened at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. By the fourth day of the war the IDF ran out of targets, as all the 83 targets on the list had already been hit. [194], IDF Maj.-Gen. (Secretary-General of Hezbollah)

According to Israeli journalists Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff the operation was "Israel's most impressive military action" and a "devastating blow for Hezbollah". The war time instruction to media stated that "The Military Censor will not approve reports on missile hits at IDF bases and/or strategic facilities. [220][21][22] 5 tanks were damaged beyond repair ('lasting vehicle kills'), 22 tanks received armor penetrations, and 52 tanks suffered some form of damage.

An Israeli airstrike also destroyed the runways of Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport. France, then leading UNIFIL, also issued criticism of the flyovers, which it interpreted as aggressive.

[236], Israeli bombing also caused significant damage to the world heritage sites of Tyre and Byblos. "This offensive did not result in military gains and was not completed.

Spec Ops Missions will require you to switch up your playstyle depending on the situation and objective. Useful for surviving waves of enemies during the mission, Equips the team with Stopping Power Rounds. 1,191 (Amnesty International)[38]

"[112], According to military analyst William Arkin there is "little evidence" that the Israeli Air Force even attempted, much less succeeded in, wiping out the medium and long range rocket capability in the first days of the war. Nabih Berri Interact with this weapon rack to select a different loadout.
[210], Two Hezbollah commanders were killed in battles around Wadi Hujeir/Wadi Sulouqi. [399], On 4 August 2010, a clash on the border occurred when the Israel military tried to remove a tree from between the border and the border fence on Israeli territory.

The Helicopter can be found on the roof of a red brick building.

The German Defence Ministry said that the planes had given off infrared decoys and one of the aircraft had fired two shots into the air, which had not been specifically aimed.

[206] Two Hezbollah commanders were killed in an Israeli air strike in the Old City of Bint Jbeil July, 29. After the attack on Haifa, however, Hezbollah made no attempt to cover this fact. [123], Northern command had prepared a list before the war on potential Hezbollah targets, identified by the Israeli intelligence, to be struck in case of renewed hostilities. It further stated that in spite of "flexibility by Israel beyond the framework of UNSC-Resolution 1701, implementation of the resolution's humanitarian aspects has not yet been possible.

This operation requires players to infiltrate an airport to capture objectives, board a plane to steal its cargo before jumping and fighting Al-Qatala forces on the ground. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction.

Further, the report states that the media unreasonably centered on the question of the loyalties of Arab-Israelis in the North instead of focusing on inadequate provision of services by the state.

The resolution, which was approved by both the Lebanese and Israeli governments the following days, called for disarmament of Hezbollah, for withdrawal of the IDF from Lebanon, and for the deployment of the Lebanese Armed Forces and an enlarged United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in the south. Operators have a unique character model, customisation options, character dialogue, and backstory. [331], According to the Winograd Commission report, the Second Lebanon War was regarded as a "missed opportunity" and that "Israel initiated a long war, which ended without a defined military victory".

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