ori and the blind forest mount horu walkthrough

Syberia 3. Before entering Mt Horu, you should have 100% in all areas, 8/9 Map Stones, 11/12 Spirit Wells, 12/12 Health Cells, 14/15 Energy Cells, and 39/45 Secret Areas. Float on down through the shaft, and take the next branch to the right. Assuming you took my advice and didn't spend any skill points during your first playthrough on Easy difficulty, you'll unlock Elite here. Return all the way down to the first main room of Sorrow Pass. Mount Horu is inaccessible until Ori obtains the Sunstone from atop Sorrow Pass. In the first part of the pathway, you'll see one of the green rolling/exploding enemies (we'll refer to these as Exploders). You'll find Secret Area #42/45 here, as well as Map Stone #9/9 to place the final fragment you obtained in the top-right branch, and unlock World At Your Feet. See the Overworld Maps A&B on the maps page to assist with exploring the overworld. Hold to float back up the current, and bash downward off it again. Make sure to keep an eye out for torches that you can light using Light Burst to finish off the map exploration, as these are easily overlooked. There are no secret areas in here, just a gamut of orange energy balls whose projectiles you must bash off to reach the upper-right corner. From there, you'll need to float back down to the left, using Bash to deflect their projectiles at them in sequence, destroying all of the enemies on your way down. Top ... Mount Horu. Large sections of the mountain are cut off by streams of molten rock, which are fatal should Ori touch them. After exiting Misty Woods, drop all the way to the bottom of the Valley of the Wind. Complete the whole game without using an Ability Point. Place Fragment #7 into it, then head right and open the door with the four Keystones you've collected. There is, however, a rather tricking Spirit Energy orb in the upper-right corner of the room. Earn all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree, Earn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree, Earn all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree. Go up through the opening and to the left, looking for another alcove in the ceiling where you'll get Secret Area #35/45 and find a lever to hit, which opens the barrier to Ability Cell #26/33 up above. Continue to the end of this room. Exit here and head straight across to the left branch on this level. Unknown, "Nibel's source of warmth, all its glory has burned. As the pair are about to use Kuro's Feather to reach the Tree and reunite Sein with its former home, Kuro seizes them both from the sky and severely injures Ori with her talons. Assuming you've gotten the previous 44, you'll unlock No Stone Unturned. For any you haven't, you can grind them out wherever you wish. From the start, toss a Light Burst projectile straight up, and jump up to bash off of it to reach Secret Area #30/45 up above you. This will allow the water to pour through into this room and lower the water in the cavern above. She resolves to set things right and takes Sein back to the Spirit Tree. To the left is a Map Stone and to the right a Spirit Gate.The only path is down through the water. From there, it's a race to the left before the lava jets destroy the platforms, and up again to reach the upper ledge where you'll drop a boulder to disrupt the lava flow again.

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