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No more travel time. To further require some maintenance, plants should die if placed in ungrowable conditions for too long (2 cycles in a row) or in very extreme conditions, but drop a seed. from the smelter) and then cooling it down again. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I consider it more like organic farming. It really shapes how you build if you want to use them. I actually shut down my mushroom and bristle farms because I had too many calories in the fridge, mostly from meat and wild pinchas, with the occasional pepper bread and omelettes. Yes, wild plants are free food, but there will come a point in your colony development where wild sources just can't keep up. So it is possible to cut wild growth rates in half (or equivalently, double wild production) if one has the fertilizer and builds a greenhouse around the wild plants. The Farm Tile is available after researching Meal Preparation. Or from another perspective... how would a newer player (...). They all have a height of 1 and can be planted in all kinds of Pots. You can then specify to irrigate, and further to fertilize, for extra growth rate. Plants have a range of conditions they require to grow. The same way old players did when they messed up - start new asteroid. Obviously, the high-value plants are the ones to preserve: Pincha and Sleet. Just you don;t have to make 999 storage compactors with 1 kg limit and seed selected. This results in wild plants and I've used it to have a wild wheezewort in my powerplant. Illumination: Some plants prefer to have a strong light source, while others enjoy soothing darkness. Of course ppl can preseve plants as some kind of preservationist roleplay game or simple laziness too, I went the preservationist way once in a particular map where the starting biome was literally surrounded by drecko habitats, complete with balm lilies and pinchas. I try to leave wild plants alone when I can,  but if it's in my way too much then it gets dug up. More like just reward =). © Valve Corporation. Any ideas? Dupe effort, certainly not tedious player effort. Yes, I do preserve plants, but it's one of those "if I'm reasonably able" situations. Thimble Reed and Waterweed are the only plants that will grow in liquids. Likening wild seed planting to matter duplication bugs/exploits is quite a stretch when it comes to developer intention. Similarly Chilliness can spread by air exchange or heat spreading towards colder regions. Some of them also feed on specific type of gas. It can grow Mealwood, Bristle Blossom, and Sleet Wheat. The cracks on the dirt tile is bugging me to be honest. If optimal planning was obvious from the beginning, for first timers, this would be a really boring game. Temperature in your farm is very much affected by the environment temperature. Thanks for pointing that out! Decorative plants do not grow and do not drop seeds. During my early base, I'll leave wild mealwood to grow. If wild plants in flower pots would just grow and satisfy the corresponding room requirement, while not producing anything, sure why not. They are all made of Genetic Ooze. Please be aware that the content of this thread may be outdated and no longer applicable. Using a Planter Box decreases growth time compared to natural growth, but requires additional care. I guess "wild planting" may enter the realm of "you can use an infinity bug, if you want to." For those who do not know, wild plants do not consume any resources and essentially provide free produce for those willing to wait (4 times as long as domestic plants). It's not random, its because a seed fell to the ground or you dug up seeds or you were carrying it and it was dropped. You can create sand tiles by boiling polluted water. The algae goes briefly to 135C or so and nicely melts into dirt. You can however use sweepers, it's particularly handy with pincha peppers. And 2 duplicant interactions every ~32 cycles isn´t that bad for a wild growing pincha pepper plant. but imho, sure the wild plants don't need resources but they do need dupe's travel times, I mean one dupe to harvest then other dupe to haul. Who would build around wild plants in the starting biome when that is the most valuable space (due to its centrality)? You need to sacrifice your build freedom, decor and movement speed to be able maintain natural plots for later expansion, and if you mess up or rethink it there's still a way to bend the game to your will.

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