pathfinder illusion spells

I understand there's a chance to save, but as written it feels like an insanely powerful, multi-target disable with infinite duration. Think of the times in stories where a sage has said: "You are not who you appear.

Emotional components replace somatic components in psychic magic.
That kind of spell is the exact reason why I place limitations on the source material in my campaigns. Transmutation Spells.

Where do I draw the line and say "they figure out it's an illusion"? Is there really nowhere in the Core rules that specifically says these disbelief saves are made on each round of interaction? Also, remember burden of proof isn't on you to prove your players' interpretation of the rules is wrong, it's the other way around. Essentially you can't be a push over DM when it comes to illusions and your player needs to be creative at ALL times while using an illusion if you say they throw something at the illusion and the player docent describe how he causes the illusion to react he failed to maintain a convincing illusion duh... First, the reading saying that it happens only once is invalid. The wording "react appropriately" is a bit confusing.

If you cast Silent Image, and then walk around a corner, then you don't know that an arrow's been shot at your illusion, and therefore can't cause it to react appropriately. Spells, like the rest of magic, fall into one of three major types: arcane, divine, and psychic magic. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. "Hah, your puny lava no hurt Thog! "React appropriately" seems really vague. "If interacted with". [2], Complex spells can take a considerable amount of time to cast and cannot be interrupted. So by that definition, things like pits would be impossible because they are none of those things. Last session one of my players cast Major Image. But that's a little cheesy, so maybe you do that after a few rounds of flailing when you get tired of it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. How to do a simple calculation on VASP code?

Does Detect Magic reveal illusion spells? We're saying if someone conjures the visage of four Large dragons (doable with the minimum level of the spell) and the dragons are attacked, they'll stick around simply because I illusion the arrows to bounce harmlessly off their scales? I think that falling in a illusion of a pool of lava should count as a proof the illusion is fake, just like going through a wall would (but seeing someone else going through the lava pool or the wall would not). Even if it can why won't it directly help out. Is using major image for something similar too powerful? You as the GM have to figure out when the npcs interact with it. Knowing most players, they will first suspect a trap or a hidden escape, or that something valuable is there. FOR POSTERITY: The conclusion is that creatures DO get a Save for every round they directly interact with an illusion. Suggestions for braking with severe osteoarthritis in both hands. Is it okay to send a thank-you-for-teaching to a professor who taught a course a few semesters ago? As a person I love spells that have me use cryptic wording and the like, but from a GM standpoint it's a nightmare trying to debate this kind of things with MinMax players who grasp at every straw of power. The base-spell Silent Image states, Saving Throw - Will disbelief (if interacted with). If the lava is supposed to be hurting them each round, but isn't, then it's a save each round. And I can't exactly reference an expansion book as RAW when I don't let the players use any of the other contents of the book. A pit won't work against a lot of mobs.

The other thing to keep in mind is that per the CRB's own rules on disbelieving Illusions: A character faced with proof that an illusion isn't real needs no saving throw. You might not be able to cause the illusion to react appropriately if you can't see it, for example.

While scary, the npcs would have instantly realized they aren't being injured. [3], To cast a spell with material spell components, the spellcaster must be able to touch or hold a required ingredient or focus. The result was almost every enemy in the encounter doing nothing but flailing around for the entire combat because (having failed their save) they believed they had fallen into a pit of lava. Where to repeat in this Jingle Bells score?

[2], To cast a spell with thought spell components, the spellcaster must envision a specific mental construct. The only saving grace for this one is that you won't often catch more than one enemy in that 10 ft square. Some must be physically aimed, much like a crossbow, at a target within the spellcaster's vision[3] or affect an area or radius rather than a specific target. It's be better as an intimidation tactic.

Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Use MathJax to format equations. The second round tells you the number of auras. @Fering you're mostly right, I was thinking of something else. Consumed material ingredients are often related to a spell's function; for instance, the fly spell requires a feather from an avian creature's wing. Register! A comprehensive list of all official Illusion spells for Fifth Edition.

[3], Spellcasters keep material components close at hand for easy access, often in a well organized, belt-bound pouch. A level 2 spell like create pit or web can take multiple enemies out of an encounter if they fail their saves. Role-playing Games Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for gamemasters and players of tabletop, paper-and-pencil role-playing games. So the person who falls in the Lava hears the bubbling, feels the intense, burning heat and smells their flesh searing off their bones. I'm running a game and my players entered a room which was under the effect of a Mirage Arcana spell to make the room look nice. You also can't make 4 dragons. Is possible to Chain-Activate Pearls of Power? Concentrating long enough with detect magic would indeed reveal that magic of the illusion school had been used, and what area it covered. Some can be made permanent through the application of the permanency spell, while spells whose effects last longer than an instant can be dispelled via the dispel magic spell or dismissed by their caster.

Spells are closely tied to magic items.Magic items require their creators to know certain spells, and some items—particularly potions, rods, scrolls, staves, and wands—can store and be used to cast or reproduce spells and spell effects.

You can't make the arrow bounce off.

Is using major image for something similar too powerful? Spellcasters who are unable to hear are more likely to fail when casting spells with verbal components.

Or "hmm, this wall is projecting an unusual aura. (October 16, 2015). 231 School illusion (); Level alchemist 1, arcanist 1, investigator 1, magus 1, mesmerist 1, occultist 1, psychic 1, redmantisassassin 1, sorcerer 1, wizard 1 Casting Casting Time 1 standard action Components V, S Effect Range personal Target you Duration 1 minute/level Saving Throw Will disbelieve (on hit, see below); Spell Resistance no But this encounter didnt have any means to protect the illusion. Not the actual arrow, obviously, but an illusory arrow? @Fering You could ask that as a question, but you might not need to after. Thog is invincible!" Detect magic would reveal the presence of magic, in most cases, but not the exact illusion being used. If the spell is really only limited to one "item", what does it mean by "visual figment that cannot extend beyond four 10-ft. cubes + one 10-ft. cube/level"? I really hate these ambiguous rules that leave effects and results up to interpretation rather than a specific mechanical trigger.
[3], To cast a spell with verbal spell components, the spellcaster must be able to speak an incantation in a strong voice. @Fering you might try having a stronger aura over the illusion, if it's actually important to hide it. If I'm right, and these spells allow for new saves every round, could someone please provide a link to where in the RAW this is explained? Maybe they'll be twice as wary because they think the illusion is hiding traps or monsters, when its actually just making the place pretty. Does the Detect Magic spell detect any external divination spells? Pathfinder Design Team. Last session one of my players cast Major Image.The base-spell Silent Image states. However, it wouldn't automatically grant knowledge of what had been changed to look like what. Anything that proves the illusion is fake automatically breaks it for the creature. Enlarge (tra) H: A creature grows in size.

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