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I got the first pair as a batch at the start of the year, and then when I broke them, I got some replacements. Had he gone first we would have cheered you on in the same way. And congrats on the hike! I like to think that the greatest value from my running is the lessons learned I can apply to life. Bob is the person I had run from in the Cheviots during the Spine, thinking his headtorch was Jayson in pursuit. Has cutting edge at right angle to shaft (approx 9″). got here via a Dave Roche tweet.. But like most people I have a job and a family. It still amazes me how much our bodies can be pushed, but the second it knows things are over, it’s done. It had a plant in it of all things. Unfortunately the portion past Hadrian’s Wall is a bit of a slog for me. John and Bob would meet us in the hills with more water. Fitted with Grade A Hickory shafts Due to the special nature of this tools use, different length handles can be … If I blink too long I’ll faceplant on my next step and pass out wherever I happen to be. It took me 19 days with a break in the middle for injury, so to some extent I was just glad I could complete it at all. Cutting edge parallel to shaft. We turned to do the out and back up the Cheviot, just as Mike Hartley had done. There’s no telling how much time I had spent thrashing about in there. I just needed to stay awake, and somehow manage to get some calories here and there. So I could do better. As I had continued to feel worse and worse, and the gut problem grew, and I could feel myself slowing down, I continued to move between checkpoints on time. Smashing that route twice in succession! Please note that ALL hammers apart from the 2.5lb Pennine style are temporarily out of stock as of end of May, sorry. I was still moving well and trying to take in even a tiny stream of gel and other basic calories, but it wasn’t enough to be sustainable and I still didn’t feel like it was actually going anywhere in my system. I highly recommend avoiding the situation at all costs. 4.3 out of 5 stars 67. I actually found the opposite – ultrarunning fits better around family and work than triathlons (although that was long distance triathlons). I’ll focus on building my bike fitness while recovering from the running impact. Such a great write-up and amazing run! Road support – Nicki Lygo, Sharon Dyson, Kim and Jayson Cavill. I went largely by feel, and was pleasantly surprised to find that my feel continued to match my target schedule checkpoint after checkpoint. They were doing work on the dam and there was a diversion of about 1.5 miles. I used a Coros Vertix that was loaned to me for the attempt. I don’t see gaiters in the UK nearly as often as in the US, probably because there’s less sizable debris (rocks, sticks, etc. I had to keep moving. Please note that I do have relationships with many of these companies. So I went into the Pennine Way knowing it would demand an incredible amount, but that the difficulty might still prove to be too much. The dreamer in me, rather than the planner, loves the magic of that 60 hour threshold. I was faking short distance tri on 3-5hrs a week and mostly started because of an accumulation of running injuries, had to do all the cross-training anyway.. Yup, that makes perfect sense. It’s a glimpse into the world and approach of an elite ultrarunner which I’m fascinated by, even if I know it won’t be a level I can ever aspire to, but having said that there’s always something in your write-ups to think about and apply in my own more modest running and racing in the fells. I truly believe that we are all capable of so much more than we believe we are. Great write up of what is an incredible achievement. I felt like I was driving towards a cliff with nothing that I could do. But in any case the personal challenges are always out there. I can’t say I won’t be back on the Pennine Way, but I think I do need a break from it. Road support – Nicki LygoPacers – Tim Budd, David Beales, James Ritchie, Suzy Whatmough, Carol Morgan, Mark Rochester, Steve Rhodes, John Knapp. In most things, we are so far from the edge of our true limits that we’re not even within sight of where they are. The Northern Walling hammer is hardened steel with the sharp end at 90 degrees to the line of the handle. But still the nausea was there, and this close to the finish I dared not over-consume. But this person is also a number of years older than me so if he does break it I still have plenty of time to get the last laugh. My stomach continued growling as if nothing were there. If you consider purchasing anything I would greatly appreciate those links being used – if I’m lucky it might even provide enough to cover the costs of hosting this website. I started out at the very beginning with my usual strategy of Hammer gel flasks plus a bottle of Perpeteum leaving each support point (Hammer is now available in the UK), supplemented with a variety of homemade and store bought normal food. I’m really glad you found this, and thank you again very much for letting some random disheveled looking guy hop in your tent for a bit. The human race as a whole could learn a lot from your approach to not just running but life as well. Lane Farm, Crooklands, Good luck! The Pennine Way record had stood since 1989 at 2 days, 17 hours, and 20 minutes. With better weather I could have done better. We are also able to plan, design and build small-scale stone building projects such as summer houses, garden rooms and cabins. I ended up with two small toe blisters, neither of which I felt while running. . Axes, Logsplitter, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CARRIAGE COSTS FOR WEHA PRODUCTS ARE NOT CALCULATED IN THE CHECKOUT – PLEASE RING FOR CHARGES. Just as we reached Top Withins, the inspiration for Wuthering Heights, we got a fly-by from two Chinooks. At the bottom of the descent, Sharon Dyson awaited with another roadside palace. I arrived at Byrness ahead of schedule. It seems to stretch on endlessly, through nondescript rolling moorland and overgrown boggy forest paths. Honestly the thought never entered my mind. But it was worth it. A Ha-ha is a dry stone retaining wall that is sunken in a ditch. The Jigsaw features Quick release tool-less blade change Variable electronic speed control Sturdy adjustable base for accurate cutting Models 4350CT have been developed as the successor models of 4340T series models. But I viewed it as a bit of an insurance policy. Congratulations John, another awe inspiring achievement. But now the risk equation had flipped – earlier on if I didn’t sleep enough I might crash and fall apart, now if I did get sizable sleep then I might be able to make it to the end on that single charge. I was always looking ahead to the next checkpoint and focusing on not losing time against that portion of the schedule. Add to that the fact that Mike had nearly impossibly dry surface conditions for his attempt, and I had to wonder whether this was something I was capable of at all. Data, graphs, goals, time in the bank.. love it. This new built house was given a unique, bespoke cladding using a local stone. Most people I’ve spoken with assumed that I would view the Grand Round as the bigger challenge. I subconsciously tapped into my emergency reserves and began moving forward with the same resolve – fueled by desire yet dispassionately robotic. I am continually amazed and impressed with your determination and it is inspiring. Cumbria UK LA7 7NH. 3.5lb Scottish Dyking Hammer. We arrived at Torside Reservoir in about 2.5 hours, half an hour up on my schedule. Hi John, huge congratulations to you for this immense achievement. I fell into it face first with my feet hanging out the front. His team combine stone work with extensive horticultural knowledge to transform any area. Haha thanks Jake. . 78. I remember seeing you for the first time in ‘The Barkley Marathons’ with Gary Robbins and thinking to myself – this bloke is so determined. Without that the record wouldn’t have existed or had significant meaning. My team and I processed the stone to create this dry stone look and installed it, leading to a finish of the highest quality. Which is more demanding: running a marathon or running 100 meters? No matter what the conditions throw at you, you just “suck it up” and get the job done. It was like a mirage in a desert, but real! I knew I couldn’t afford to give away that “free” time though, and we set off on a solid pace descending towards Horton. Unfortunatley, there were no products matching your criteria. We’ll see. An excellent read from start to finish. Which is more difficult: completing a marathon or running a sub 10 second 100 meters? What had before seemed like a quick trip again seemed to stretch on endlessly. The insight and knowledge shared In your reports is appreciated by all of us that put on a pair of trainers and try to run less slowly up hills. Wow I’m tired, this really sucks, but I can keep moving. A rare Jurassic-era fossil of a fish dubbed “Lazarus” is expected to fetch up to £50,000 at auction in Sussex next month. Pennine style has cutting edge at right angle to shaft. Pleased we could help in a tiny way by being there with our ‘trailside palace’. I did short distance tri for many years since it fit better around family and work than ultras, but I’m hoping to get back into the mountain runs sometime if the injuries ever stop.. I would love to do better. I’ve shared my thoughts and experience with this person as best I could, but his comment that really struck me the most was just “thank you for showing that this is possible.” That single response to me sums up everything that these collective achievements are about. You continue to inspire, John. Who knows. I don’t believe I have any pictures from Middleton. About 6 hours in the weather also really turned: wind, rain, and clag all picking up with quite a bit of sloppiness underfoot. Let’s hope we can keep them going and build on them for the next generation! With regards to all the stats and details – one simply cannot get enough of them… Well done!! I read it all out to my husband as we sit drying in our motor home after a very wet day in the Cumbrian Hills! Richard has many years experience planning and landscaping gardens. I believe many who have attempted the Pennine Way have underestimated the unanticipated difficulties the trail can bring and how much those can accumulate over such a long distance. That’s Fell Running whether you are British or American. This year I've managed to break four of my 2 1/2lb Pennine hammers, including two in one day! Cutting edge parallel to shaft. 35SD16. As mentioned before, I had faith in my legs. To do this, I would have to use every tool at my disposal. The exact dates for the Grand Round are still tentative, but I’ve decided I’d like to complete the full challenge from start to finish within 40 days. I was thrilled to work with them on a film they’re producing on the Pennine Way record and I’m eagerly anticipating its release already before I even know the outcome of Damian’s attempt. I ran to the toilet, and for the first time sat down. I was exhausted, sleep deprived, and my muscles were shot, but nothing hurt. So I continued on as night fell for the first time. Hope you can get to doing whatever you love most soon! In this case I did not want to be involved in a Quixotic effort, and I especially did not want my supporters to be wasting their time in futility. We climbed Pen-y-Ghent just as twilight started to show on the horizon. When I do these types of events my sleepiness manifests itself in one of three ways: I have yet to figure out why and when these phases happen. Well, with data of course! The Faithfull Walling or Masons Hammer has one large striking face and the other end ground into a long tapered horizontal chisel end that is used for dressing stone. They were amazingly comfortable and did very well on the terrain. Weight: 1130g (2.1/2lb) Nothing would satiate it. We made our way to Tan Hill Inn, where fortunately it was much more pleasant than during the Spine, when Winter Storm Brendan had arrived just as I approached. Another. Ry was replaced by Jayson Cavill. But it’s incredibly dangerous to make plans that actually reflect that dreamy vision.

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