persona 5 royal brutal cavalryman weakness

Finish off the avenger with Psio and other elemental spells. Have Ryuji buff Morgana's attack. You will need to shop twice to achieve this, and each delivery takes 3 days. This is a short area with a few bosses. Joker should have the SP Adhesive, Makoto the +2 Ma accessory, Yusuke the +2 St, and Morgana the +2 Lu if you have it. He summons weak enemies to help him. This is an extremely long palace, but you can still finish it in one day. (Large Green Robot) (Weak: Psy/Curse).

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When only the mouth is left, pound it with magic. Joker will have to wipe out the small guys with bless and quickly. Guts Level 2 (Go to the movies, read Pirate Legend, drink coffee at the diner, etc. There are more efficient ways to make him, but doing so would break the rules this guide is following. At low health, the boss will use Desperation and sacrifice defense for a massive attack buff. You should also have a Null/Repel Phys persona, and some way to deal electric or nuke damage. It might take a few tries but you should notice a pattern with who he'll attack during the 2nd and 4th rounds after charging. First, make sure you register your Matador and Orobas personas. The exploits listed below will NOT be used against The Reaper so he may fight at his full strength with his complete arsenal of skills. User enters a dodge stance, negating the next enemy shot or rapid move.

The Ultimate Video Game Libary Since 2017, For those of us playing on hard we could use any advantage we can in a fight. Corporobo MDL-? From there you can choose an All-Out Attack or, after a certain point, you can choose to Talk.

As stated at the beginning of this guide, I don't recommend it if you want to preserve the game's challenge. Devil Children With Giri's Reflect Phys, the boss will be doing most of the damage to himself. Don't use Eiga because he's strong against curse. Corporobo MDL-AM x4 (Weak: Electric/Nuke). You'll see him as Raphael because you've fused him before.

If you still haven't found the Stone of Scone treasure demon, there is a Ruby treasure right behind the boss. At this point in the game, you'll notice that many enemies take too much effort to kill. Just like the last boss, take out the small robots quickly or you're gonna have a bad time. Buy "Silk Yarn" and "Tin Clasp" to have 2 of each from the Second-hand Shop.

This part of the fight really isn't that hard. You should have the High Counter card from a Mementos Request, use that to fulfill the twins' condition. Hit him with Akechi's strongest bless spell and baton pass to Morgana for a powered up Garula. The best enemies to negotiate with for money are Melchizedek and Lilith. He will use a lethal combo of Marin Karin (Brainwash) and Mapsiodyne and will use two attacks per turn.

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